New nose for mutilated Afghan woman


Remember Ayesha, the 19-year old Afghan woman whose photograph without a nose was featured on the cover of Time magazine and whose story sparked an outpouring of sympathy because it also highlighted the plight of women in Afghanistan?

Not only was Ayesha’s nose chopped of by her husband, but her ears were cut off, too, when she was caught trying to escape from the fiend. This atrocity committed against her made her the poster girl of Taliban oppression.

She related her story then, saying, “When they cut off my nose and ears, I passed out…In the middle of the night it felt like there was cold water in my nose. I opened my eyes and I couldn’t even see because of all the blood.”

Ayesha survived this ordeal and managed to reach her grandfather’s house. She was brought to an American medical facility. From there she was flown later to the US.

Thanks to the Grossman Burn Foundation that paid for her surgery in Los Angeles, Ayesha has now a prosthetic nose and doctors hope to give her a more ‘permanent solution’ that may involve a reconstructive procedure of rebuilding her nose and ears using bone, tissue and cartilage from other parts of her body.

Ayesha recently received the Enduring Heart award at a benefit for the Grossman Burn Foundation for her remarkable endurance.