Peter Joemel Advincula

There has been much ado created over Bikoy and his “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos before the mid-term elections not only because of its timeliness, but more so because it was intended to humiliate President Duterte and his family, and discredit his accomplishments that has sustained his popularity.

Overall, it was a cowardly ploy as it involved a young and innocent member of the family.

If one looks at the video keenly, the Machiavellian plot can only come from devious people who are well heeled, in position of power, overly irate and whose ultimate goal at this point in time is to make Duterte a lame duck president by creating a stigma that even the much talked about prospect of her daughter, Sara, succeeding him in the presidential election of 2022 will fizzle put.

That one Peter Joemel Advincula, a former convict facing estafa and illegal recruitment charges, surrendered to seek police custody only showed how scared he is and that confessing the truth is the only way he can be saved from being silenced forever.

Realizing that there was a manhunt for him after a warrant for his arrest was issued and realizing further that his Bikoy videos did not make a dent against Duterte’s senatorial bets, he simply followed his survival instincts that the best way to continue living is to surface and redeem whatever is left that is redeemable in him under police custody.

After the resounding defeat of the Liberal Party’s Otso Diretso candidates, who were suppose to be the direct beneficiary of the controversial videos, Advincula realized too that he was damaged goods – useless and ineffective for the political interests that he was being exploited for.

It was nothing short of miscalculation for the conspirators who hatch the vicious storyline in the videos. They were not smart enough to prevent the exposure of Bikoy’s true identity, but the latter instead is now poised to identify who the malevolent people are behind the Bikoy videos.

There is a need therefore for an in-depth investigation probing into the sinister Bikoy videos. Advincula, the self-confessed Bikoy, simply do not have the motivation for going after the Dutertes considering who he is, a felon, but it is his being a felon that made him a perfect catalyst for the plotters to fulfill their evil desires against the Dutertes.

The burden of proof now is on Advincula. The only way he could redeem himself is to come out with irrefutable evidences that would show who, where, why and what made him Bikoy in the videos.  Unless he does this, Bikoy’s goose is cooked.


Voting wisely

How I wish the preponderance of millennials voting on May 2019 senatorial election will gather their acts together this early and try to find time in knowing who were elected senators in the past by the Filipino people.  

Perhaps they can go as far back as the Fifth Congress when then Senator Ferdinand Marcos was the Senate President.

The reason why I am suggesting this idea to the millennial generation is so they could make early assessment on who were the candidates preferred by most Filipinos in the past to study and enact laws in the Senate.

Most of all my intention is for the millenials to compare who the past senators were as individuals against those presently serving in the Senate, those who are seeking re-election and the numerous new faces that are running for senator in the coming May elections. I am particularly referring to our current crop of politicians who uses their popularity and/or notoriety to further their own political and personal interests rather than those of the country and its people.

This comparison is the only way that the voters, collectively, will be able to determine if, indeed, the current senators running for re-election, the ex-senators who want re-elected and the new candidates all possess the character deserving of our trust.

What I am trying to say and emphasize here is that there has never been a time such as today, and in this generation, the urgency to admit and accept the importance of voting wisely for the good of the country and the Filipino people.

By voting wisely, and I mean voting intelligently, one finds satisfaction that, after deep and careful consideration,  the choices for senatorial bets are deemed to be adequately qualified and competent to legislate the laws of the land based on their educational background and relative experiences.

That he or she must also be articulate, reputable, responsible, and conscientious, to mention a few excellent qualities of a high-ranking public servant.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of some of our present senators and more so of many of those running for the elective office.

It does not mean to say also that just because they are the favored candidates of President Duterte and her daughter, Sara, that they have to be voted on for the reason that we are strong supporter of the Dutertes. Following our leaders blindly will only make us complicit.

This is where prudence and utmost caution is necessary among the voters because while we are aware who the undesirable and rouge politicians are, we do not have control over those trying to play political patronage and political gamesmanship.

Simply said, it is incumbent upon us the voters, that includes now more of the millennials, to carefully and earnestly separate the chaff from the grain in every election time for it is the only way that we can be sure that our future and the future of those that will follow us shall always be in good and reliable hands.


Duterte’s baffling statement


President Rodrigo Duterte and President Xi Jinping

Two years into his presidency and I can say with candor that I remain an avid supporter of Rodrigo Duterte.

I always seem to understand what he is trying to say, given his colorful language, the emotion,   and the tonality he puts on it

But Duterte’s recent statement, however, saying, “The assurances of [President] Xi Jinping were very encouraging… ‘We will not allow you to be taken out from your office, and we will not allow the Philippines to go to the dogs,’” is somewhat baffling to me.

In short what Duterte is trying to tell the Filipinos in particular, and the whole world in general, is that China’s leader, who finds himself elevated to the status of president for life, following the removal of the country’s presidential term limits, does not want Duterte ousted as the country’s leader.

This is definitely an instance where I can’t seem to fathom Duterte’s trend of thought.

Now, why would China say that and who are the people alluded to that would try to destabilize and oust Duterte? And why would the Philippines be going to the dogs?

Certainly, Duterte continues to have high trust and support rating from the Filipino people in his governance of the country and I don’t see any reason, therefore, why he is entertaining the thought of being ousted.

Or could it be that the close relationship now between China and the Philippines, especially with the absolute presence and militarization by China of the South China Sea (SCS), have made the two allies unite against one common enemy which is the U.S.?

There is no doubt that China’s military aggression in the SCS does not sit well with the Americans and the latter frowns upon the fact that the Philippines is not raising a hell of a lot more about China’s incursion in the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Duterte had blamed the US instead for the current maritime tensions, saying they failed to stop China’s building and arming artificial islands in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.

That is very true and there is nothing much the Philippines can do.

China has established their dominance in the region and nobody, but nobody, could make them move out from that strategic place.

Perhaps this is the only reason why Duterte is being assured of his continuance in office because of his seeming fealty to the Chinese leader. Perhaps an assurance also that after him another Duterte could take over with China’s help.

Sara Duterte?

Just asking.