Robredo UN message slanders the Philippines


Vice President Leni Robredo

Some Filipinos might think that Vice President Leni Robredo was doing the country a big favor when she video-taped a message, supposedly coming from the Office of the Vice President, and sent it to the 60th annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria.

I actually wrote about this already and you can read it at this link

The reason why I am writing about this again is simply to show you another interesting link that also criticizes the way Robredo painted an image of the country under the Duterte administration generalizing the belief that the Filipinos now feel “hopeless and helpless” because of the president’s bloody war on drugs.

This link is a good read and an excellent rejoinder of Robredos’s scandalous remarks:

Many Filipinos, however, think that Robredo’s slander was short of saying that the Philippines is in bad shape and in dire need of help, which is just actually the opposite of where we are today – in the verge of growing and developing faster and optimistic of the future, thanks to the unconventional leadership style of Duterte.

I consider therefore the entirety of Robredo’s message as fake news, at best, and, at worst, a self-serving communication that she is trying to take advantage of because of her sinking credibility and her inadequacy and ineffectiveness as vice president.

Unless Robredo can prove that the extrajudicial killings are state sanctioned and the ridiculous “palit-ulo” scheme exist, then she has got nothing but alternative facts.

That there is now a plan to impeach her because she derided the Philippines in the international scene is good news.

I will not doubt that she is also being used and manipulated by her party mates to advance their political agenda, but the Filipino people had had enough of their inept and corrupt political culture that the change and reforms Duterte is implementing in government is a very much welcomed development.

I am just including here the video Robredo sent for your information and evaluation.

Lascañas and Matobato are ventriloquist dummies of Trillanes


Self-confessed killers Edgar Matobato and Arthur Lascañas.

I wonder what impression the others have on self-confessed hitmen, former Special Police Officer 3 (SPO3) Arthur Lascañas and Edgar Matobato, but for me I see them all as Sen. Antonio Trillanes’ ventriloquist dummies.

In his ardent quest to oust Pres. Rodrigo Duterte from Malacañaang, Trillanes has been moving heaven and earth searching for testimonies  and smoking guns that will convince the populace that the man they have overwhelmingly voted for president is corrupt and a killer as well pretending to be a righteous person.

This of course coming from an ambitious man whose career in the military was cut short, thank goodness, because of his own narcissistic approach to life which can easily be observed glaringly the way he talks and carries himself.

Until Duterte came along, Trillanes thought that his notoriety coupled with his grandstanding in the Senate during the height of the corruption probe of the Binays would make him a shoo-in in the vice presidential election of 2016 placing him just a heart-beat away from the presidency if he wins.

Divine Providence made sure Trillanes won’t get his wish with Duterte’s entry in the presidential race and the rest is history.

Now Trillanes is and has been on the warpath against Duterte and for a reason – the spoiler of his political dreams and aspirations has to be avenged.

Not being able to prove that Duterte has billions of pesos in the bank as he alleged, Trillanes, with the assistance of Sen. Leila de Lima, made sure that he would go hammer and tongs after Duterte on the latter’s dark past with the much ballyhooed Davao Death Squad (DDS) when he was still the mayor of Davao City which reportedly killed over a thousand people.

This Trillanes made by coddling and using both Matobato and Lascañs as his main witnesses to nail Duterte on the cross.

Despite the questionable credibility and utter inconsistencies of both witnesses, killers in their own rights, Trillanes continues to believe they have the testimonies, the goods, the smoking gun that will finally unmask Duterte, as criminal.

But of course Trillanes has to believe and be convinced by the detailed account of his witnesses for after all both Matobato and Lascañas are his ventriloquist dummies, which means that he is the source of what needs to be heard by the public.

And it pleases no one’s ears but his!

Better for CBCP to urge faithful to pray

Archbishop Socrates Villegas

Archbishop Socrates Villegas

Anytime the Catholic Church, through the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), comes out with pronouncements, either in the form of a homily or a pastoral letter, strongly criticizing state matters it always frustrate many people, including myself.

Lately, CBCP president Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas released a pastoral letter once again blasting the Duterte administration’s war on drugs and the resultant extrajudicial killings happening during the campaign.

Villegas seemed to be bothered by the fact that despite the violence and excessive killings, most people have been reacting indifferently to it and rather feeling oblivious at the terror they are witnessing.

Thus, the pastoral letter was written and sent out to all churches so that every Tom, Dick and Harry of the cloth shall make it their responsibility to remind their respective parishioners to get involve and be more vocal against the extrajudicial killings happening almost every day that are being attributed to the police.

Villegas implied in his pastoral letter that if the members of the Catholic faith continue to act like the three wise monkeys that embodied the proverbial principle, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”, then they are just as guilty as those perpetrating the crime.

This is what bugs me and frustrates me because I think the CBCP is over-dramatizing the situation and playing to the sentiments of the people who, otherwise, are thankful that the drug menace, criminality and corruption are finally being addressed seriously and imperatively by a strong-willed president who has the political courage and the moral ascendancy to move this country forward and improve the quality of life of every Filipino.

I have said this before, and I am going to say it again: Let the political system run the state and the clerical or religious functions run the church. Let no one meddle in somebody else realm. Each is governed by its own laws and power and it is simply imprudent and discordant to encourage and advocate the members of their respective realms to go against one another.

I understand that the people belonging to the church and state are all citizens of this country and as such have the same rights and privileges under the constitution. Individually, each can voice out his or her opinion.

But it is totally different when we talk about the church and state as entities.

The state is about governance of the country and its people.

The church is about governance of the soul of people, which can be made better by prayers and other religious/spiritual activities.

That is how distinctly separate they are.

Duterte’s war on drugs

I came across this video and found it as the truth more than the negative imputations hurled at President Rodrigo Duterte who has promised to wage a relentless war against those involved in the proliferation, pushing and using of illegal drugs. I am re-posting it for anybody interested to watch it, learn and appreciate what the government is doing for the Philippines and its people.



Duterte charting an independent foreign policy for Philippines


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Being a proud leftist from the very beginning, and after emphatically declaring that he was the president of a sovereign state that has long ceased to be a colony and that he was nobody but nobody’s servant except the Filipino people who trusted him with the presidency, perhaps Rodrigo Duterte foresaw that the just concluded ASEAN summit meeting in Laos was a gathering of leaders that would dramatically change his perspective with regards to the country’s relationship with the US.

Duterte made the emphatic statement before he embarked on his first foreign trip to attend the meeting but what made it controversial and got the attention of the other ASEAN leaders was when he spewed expletives, of which he known for, at US President Barack Obama and UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon if ever they will ever bring to fore and confront him about the deaths, alleged extrajudicial killings and human rights violation resulting from his war waged against illegal drugs, criminality and in the country.

It was in this context that Duterte was warmly received by the leaders of the ASEAN member-nations and borrowing Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella’s description, with Duterte “The tone of conversation between the nations seems to indicate that they recognize his influence, they recognize his political will, they recognize his firmness, they recognize his resolve.”

From the looks of it alone there is no doubt Duterte has made an impressive debut in the international scene and has gained outright the respect and admiration of his peers for being a fearless politician and leader who knows his law, can stand his ground and has a mind of his own.

What better proof it is than seeing the character of the person himself when, at the East Asia Forum of the ASEAN where President Obama, among others, attended, Duterte veered off from his prepared speech and instead pulled out and showed a picture of the killings of American soldiers in the past with him saying, ‘this is my ancestor they killed. Why now we are talking about human rights?’

This unconventional, unorthodox and bizarre act by Duterte made everybody in the room “quiet and shocked”, as described by one delegate.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, as an English idiom says, and it was simply and unequivocally Duterte’s way of telling Obama, and the likes of him, to stop flaunting their ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude by meddling and telling him to conduct his crime war in the Philippines ‘the right way’, when the whole world knows that even to this day the Americans are not doing in their own country what they are preaching and cannot even stop Russia and whatever government is left in Syria from killing and displacing millions of its citizens.

Duterte’s keen observation of the ASEAN and its goals have made him realize that the collective strengths of the member-nations can make this organization a game changer and a force to reckon with in the future.

Unlike the Philippines, the other nation-members of the ASEAN, which used to lag behind, have developed and progressed sans the close ties which our country is known to have with the US since we gained our independence.

Thus, the ASEAN summit has opened up the eyes of Duterte that a nation’s growth and development does not necessary mean that we have to hold on always to the coat-tail of the Americans, as we had been pictured to have been doing all these years in foreign policy matters, but rather pursue an independent foreign policy, as Duterte himself declared upon his return from the summit meeting.

What this means is that the Philippines will no longer be influenced by the decisions of the US on how to go about in our international relations, as we were in the habit of following their wishes since time immemorial.

I think so much water has flown in just one direction for a long time under the bridge with the US-inspired foreign policy that pursuing the flow in another direction under Duterte’s independent foreign policy might yet be a boon for the country.

An independent foreign policy is not really a new deal. In fact that is what the Constitution requires the country to do in order to protect its national sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as promote its national interest and right to self-determination.

That Duterte is our president now and has been able to project himself in the international stage as a competent leader from this part of the world is something that we Filipinos should be proud of.

That the Philippines will host ASEAN in 2017 under Duterte’s watch is even a greater honor for the country, for in having a theme, “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”, one can expect that Duterte will bring ASEAN to a higher level making it a formidable alliance of proud nations charting their own destiny, acknowledged and respected and, like Duterte said, ready and able to take its rightful place in the global community of nations.


Much ado about the Duterte-Obama, Duterte-Ban clashes


US President Obama, President Duterte, UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon

US President Obama, President Duterte, UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon

Like myself many were really looking forward in anticipation the scheduled meeting between President Rodrigo Duterte and US President Barack Obama during the ASEAN summit in Laos, this after Duterte allegedly called Obama a son-of-a-bitch.

But did Duterte really cursed Obama, which resulted with the latter cancelling their bilateral meeting, or was it just his manner of speaking when emphatically expressing a point when his iron-handed leadership is being questioned or perhaps blamed for something deemed atrocious?

“While the immediate cause was my strong comments to certain press questions that elicited concern and distress we also regret it came across as a personal attack on the US president,” a statement released by Mr Duterte said.

Regrettably what sounded like an ordinary expression when one is pissed off was spun by the media as something roguishly directed to a person, which in this case happened to be Obama, when a reporter asked Duterte how he intended to explain the extrajudicial killings of drug dealers to Obama.

Worse even was when the swearing remark, ‘son-of-a-bitch’, which is commonly used by Americans, got spun and made to appear as ‘son-of-a-whore’. The latter undeniably sounds more obscene than the commonly used expletive by Americans.

What is ‘putang ina’ to Filipinos is what is ‘son-of-a-bitch- to Americans, used normally as emphatic exclamation.

This is how Duterte defended himself when blamed that it was his foul-mouthed tirade seemingly against Obama that derailed their historic meeting.

Was the aborted meeting lost opportunity? Maybe, for the Philippines needs the US for military assistance if and when, in the same manner that the US needs the strategic location of the country.

But does Duterte have any misgivings about the cancelled meeting? Not really because the need for one another will always open up an opportunity for both leaders to eventually sit down and talk sooner or later.

Meanwhile Duterte can have talks with other heads of state that are willing to help and assist and do business with the country. Besides, Duterte’s leadership seems to have captivated the imagination of the leaders of the ASEAN who sees the country as a bullish market for investment.

As to the equally anticipated clash between Duterte and UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon, well it was just as well that it did not happen despite the hype. Yes, they met and shook hands during the summit but nothing much was said about it. It went pffft! Perhaps Duterte tried very hard to contain his temper at the man he called “tarantado” (a fool).

Trillanes’ idiotic criticism of DU30’s ‘state of lawlessness’ declaration


Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Antonio Trillanes

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Antonio Trillanes

After a deadly blast that killed 14 people and wounded around 65 more at a popular night market in Davao City, hometown of President Rodrigo Duterte, the latter placed the country under a “state of lawless violence”.

And for legally good reason!

Duterte considered the bombing an act of terrorism and it was confirmed later when a spokesman of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) claimed responsibility for the atrocity.

Since this act of terrorism is putting the country in peril and the monstrous nationwide problem of illegal drugs and the recent rise in extrajudicial killings have descended into lawlessness as well, what more legitimate reason Duterte needs than to declare a ‘a state of lawlessness’ for the whole country.

For better information about what this declaration is an infograph is shown at this link:

Actually what made the declaration distressful to some by some measure is the fact that it was made by Duterte himself who is known for his firmness and ruthlessness of attitude and behavior.

But then Duterte assured the Filipino people saying: “It’s not martial law but I am inviting now the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the military and the police to run the country in accordance with my specifications,” further stressing that he will not be suspending the writ of habeas corpus.

No less than Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino, dean of San Beda’s Graduate School of Law, said there was no reason to be alarmed by the declaration of a state of lawlessness throughout the country, explaining that the declaration of a state of lawlessness empowers the president to seek the assistance of the Armed Forces and not just the police in controlling incidents of violence.

What this means is that there will be more visible law enforcement authorities in the streets either to conduct searches or set up checkpoints and all is asked is for citizens to cooperate.

I don’t think Duterte is doing this for any other interest than that for the best of the country and its citizens.

“I have this duty to protect the country. I have this duty to keep intact the integrity of our nation,” Duterte said.

It is just very unfortunate that people like Sen. Antonio Trillanes, who himself was once a mutinous soldier who led a failed coup against former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, is now belittling and criticizing Duterte’s move which is geared towards fighting illegal drugs, criminality, corruption and promoting peace, order, stability and security of the country.

“The declaration of state of lawlessness is not warranted at this time. What is needed is less big talking and more serious intel work,” said Trillanes.

What a sarcastic, if not an idiotic statement!

If competence, character and balls is what Trillanes is talking about then he should know that he just can’t compare with Duterte.

Trillanes should not underestimate Duterte. The latter, as president, has all the intelligence info he needs, far more greater perhaps than Trillanes could imagine.