Realities of the times and the humor of aging


Sharing these images with you for some laughter — and truth!


Frases sobre el conocimiento de si mismo (Phrases about knowing oneself)



Translation: Those who choose the path of the heart , will never go wrong !



Translation: Everything that bothers you in other persons, are only the projection of what you have not resolved within yourself.



Translation: Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.  It is based solely on how you think.

la razon

Translation: With time everything will fall into its place.  Before then laugh at the confusion, live the moments and understand that everything happens for a reason.


Esta ultima ilustracion tambien creo que es sobre el conocimiento de si mismo. (This last illustration I also believe is about knowing oneself.  – Quierosaber)


Translation: Whoever drinks beer lives less… less stressed, less worried, less sad and less bitter.


Mas refranes sabios (More wise sayings)



Life is like an echo…
What you give, you get
What you sow, you reap
What you see in others, is your own reflection
Life is like an echo
You always get back what what you give.


It is not important how many sacred words you have read,
It does not matter how many you have said,
They are of no use if you do not act in accordance with them.


A good heart is the best religion.


When the last tree would have been cut,
the last river poisoned,
the last fish caught,
only then will man discover that money cannot be eaten.


If you have a problem without a solution,
why do you worry?
If it has a solution,
why do you worry?

Aforismos sobre la cerveza (Aphorisms about beer)

Encuentro algunos de estos aforismos sobre la cerveza en la vida de los que les gustan beber interesante y divertida (y veraz?) que yo no puedo sino compartir con ustedes los imagenes. Saludos! (I find some of the aphorisms about the beer in the life of those who loves drinking it interesting and funny that I could not help but share it with you the images. Cheers!)



Vodka + ice = damages the kidney

Rum + ice = damages the liver

Whisky + ice = damages the heart

Beer + ice = damages the brain

Wow…how much damage does ice make


The one who drinks beer live less…

Less stressed,

Less busy

Less sad and

Less bitter.


If I disappear, don’t put my

picture on milk cartons.

Put them on beer bottles, coz

if not, my friends will never see them.


The beer and the                                     The Corona must                             The Victoria must be

family in man’s life.                                 be the wife because                         lover because she is

she is number 1.                                the best of all.


The XX Lager must                                 The Sol must be the                          The Cahuama must be

be the daughter because                         mother-in-law because                    the prostitute because

she always gives one                                she is never liked.                              everyone uses her but they

the headache.                                                                                                           all deny it.





Refranes sobre ayer, hoy, mañana (Quotes about yesterday, today, tomorrow)

Permítanme compartir con ustedes algunas verdades que nos deben guiar en la vida. (Allow me to share with you some truths that should guide us in life.)


Many times in life, people forget what they need to remember, and remember what they should forget.


“For all kinds of evils / wrongs , there are two types of remedies: time and silence.”


Do not be afraid of the slow changes, only be afraid of remaining immobile / motionless.


Live without pretending, love without being dependent, listen without defending, speak without offending.


I don’t have everything I want, but I want everything I have. DO NOT ALLOW non-conformance to penetrate your soul filling it with dissatisfaction….. value what you have.


The authenticity of persons is not in their words… but in their actions.


Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.


Do not constantly think of the past because you can’t change it. Do not let the future overwhelm you, you don’t know if it will come. Enjoy and live the present, do not let it escape, because once it goes, it will never come back.

Lo que la vida te enseña (What life teaches you)


The joy of living

Joy is portable, bring it with you.


Do not climb mountains for the world to see you. Climb mountains for you to see the world.


If you don’t go, you don’t get there

If you don’t start, you don’t finish

If you are not, you are not there


My God!! Send money to those who owe me ..and hope “they will pay me.” !! So be it!!


Do not get tied down with the past nor in sad remembrances.

Do not re-open the wound that has already healed.

Do not re-live the pains and old sufferings.

What has passed, has passed!

From here on, put your efforts in building a new life, oriented up high, and walk forward, without looking back.

Do it like the sun that rises daily, without thinking what went on during the night.


The world changes with your example

Not with your opinion.


Life does not tell you anything,

It teaches you everything.