Canvassing will make Marcos realize he is a loser


Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

At long last the eagerly awaited official canvassing of the presidential and vice presidential election results will be made.

But this is not affirming anymore that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has won because any which way one looks at it he has convincingly secured the presidency.

Rather this is more for the benefit of Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son and namesake of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, who, even when the election process was declared by many as peaceful and the result transmissions were surprisingly quick, could not simply accept defeat in the vice presidential race against Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

The canvassing is not even for the information of the Filipino people because they know for a fact that a Marcos vice presidency will not augur well for the country and that is why majority cast their votes for Robredo, not wavering in their support for the only candidate that had the courage to disparage at the infamous Marcos name.

Robredo, as everybody knew, was struggling at the very beginning of the campaign as opinion survey showed time and again for preferred vice presidential bet.

But God has His ways and started touching the hearts and minds of many Filipinos as she appeared more competent, more sincere, more honest and more sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the people among the candidates.

The reason why Marcos is contesting the result is because the vote difference between them is so small for his comfort that he has to ride on the initial complaint made by Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon of a protocol breach at the poll body’s transparency server in which a new script or computer command was introduced by without prior permission from the poll body. And what was the server script edit about? The Smartmatic official said the change was simply meant to replace the “?” symbol in the names of candidates with “ñ”. He assured that the vote results were not changed.

Even former Commissioner Sixto Brilliantes, who is lawyering for Marcos, admitted that this was a minor issue that did not in any way alter the number of votes cast.

But Marcos is making this a big issue, among other irregularities he and his lawyers are saying, which could only mean as cheating, but could not show any proof whatsoever.

Besides, I don’t think Robredo is the type of person that would cheat. The same, however, could not be said of Marcos.

That is the long and short about this whole vice presidential brouhaha concocted by a pretentious son who wants to instill in the minds of Filipinos that the Marcos regime was the golden years for us and the country.

Bullshit, you loser!!!

Robredo’s surge in latest VP SWS survey very encouraging


Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo

Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo

It looks like the Filipino people are now taking seriously the candidacy of Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, this after the Social Weather Station (SWS), in its latest pre-election vice presidential survey, showed she has now surged to the top.

What matters most actually now is the vice presidential race  and I have said this in my previous blogs: and

Hopefully, this trend will continue with more and more Filipinos convinced that Robredo’s intelligence, competence and likeability will serve the country well whoever wins the presidency.

Robredo’s surge and eventual election to the second highest post of the land, aside from being encouraging, also promises continued stability and growth for the country as she is there to protect what the country has achieved already and the prospect that she will be the country’s leader six years from now, God willing.

It looks like there is no stopping now Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s momentum in the presidential race. The same SWS survey shows him sustaining and in fact increasing his lead among the presidential aspirants despite spewing expletives and distasteful utterances.

More and more Filipinos, to include even the women folk, are opting for a change the way government is run, that to this day can’t seem to solve or at least minimize corruption, drugs, criminality. One administration after another has been voted in but the lack of political will from the leaders continue to manifest. Political expediency has become the norm and to hell with the populace.

Perhaps giving Duterte a chance to make a positive difference for the country can become an example as the way to run the government efficiently and effectively. A government that is indeed for the people.

Perhaps this is the start of it all and the turning point that will make our country truly peaceful, stable and progressive.

Not making Vice President Jejomar Binay win is a wise decision.

It is even wiser making sure that Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. loses in his 2016 vice presidential bid.


Season’s Greetings!

starsThis is one of those times when I gladly have to give up my seat to my grandchildren, who, no doubt, will take turns using the computer for their own individual entertainment when they come visiting us for the holidays.

It is a welcome respite, nonetheless, for it also gives me quality time to bond with my children whom I seldom see because of their respective work responsibilities and who are getting older themselves, while I find myself heading towards the sunset – still actively, as yet, thanks God! What makes the journey interesting to where humanity ends up going, one time or another, is that on the way I continue making our family recipe chorizo formulation and my own version of healthy bacon (free from nitrite preservative) that I call Pinoy bacon which has become a hit to my children and my grandchildren now. I keep myself busy also making cookies like Scottish short bread, German honey cookies, Oatmeal raisin cookies, Lemon bars, Chocolate crinkles, etc. My bread pudding gets good reviews because what gives it a twist are the red berry-like limoncitos growing in our backyard. My crisco-based empanadas are also in demand by family members. Well, talking about propping up an old image! Your indulgence, please.

Not sounding melodramatic about it all, the fact is that there is no other time of the year, like Christmas and New Year, when being together as a family has more meaning in our lives.

With that said, let me convey to you all my warm and friendly wishes for the Holiday Season and a Prosperous 2016!

Happy holidays!


santa doy bongoton

Aquino’s ‘tuwid na daan’ made crooked by cabinet members – Part II


Former Bureau of Customs Commissioner John Sevilla

Former Bureau of Customs Commissioner John Sevilla

The resignation of an educated, competent and professional Bureau of Customs Commissioner in the person of John Sevilla is indeed unfortunate, as it is tragic.

It took a long time to find an honest and courageous man to head the allegedly most corrupt department in government and when he was making headways against all odds, he stood down.

What does this mean to people who are doers and capable of towing the line of President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) ‘tuwid na daan’ (straight path), yet find themselves so frustrated that they have no other option but to quit, lamenting about the unfinished job they have started?

What this means actually is that one does not have to be an insider to be able to manage effectively an organization that is too known for its corrupt practices. An outsider can do the job just as well, if not better, for as long as he knows what it takes to run and clean up the place, if that was the mandate.

No less than Secretary of Finance Cesar Purisima, to whom Sevilla reports, made the following statements on the latter’s performance and resignation:

The numbers do not lie: as head of the Customs Reform Team, he has helped grow the Bureau’s collections by 21% year on year in 2014 versus 5% in the pre-reform period, transformed Customs to be one of the most radically open and transparent agencies in government, has made government regulation more efficient for doing business in the country, and has taken great strides to thwart graft, technical and outright smuggling by filing cases, alert orders and seizures against erring importers, brokers, and officials. The Bureau of Customs is the most improved national government agency in terms of revenue collection last year, thanks in no small part to the person who lead it.

Amid these results, I respect his well-discerned decision to resign. In a span of a year and half, he has shown us that what was then impossible is now possible. It is possible to hope that we can transform institutions, with uncompromising courage and integrity.

A product of Cornell and Princeton, Commissioner Sevilla has served the public well in his lengthy career in government. Even with his stellar record of 6 years as Undersecretary under 2 Secretaries of Finance in his belt, I think unleashing transformative reform in the Bureau of Customs will remain to be one of the pinnacles of his legacy in government. There is always a time when one has to rest and take leave: today is one such day for a fine public servant who has waged the good fight against corruption well.

So what went wrong?

Yes, you got it right! Politics got in the way.

Again reports are circulating that a member of PNoy’s cabinet and some people close to him had been trying to influence, nay pressuring, Sevilla to do things against his will.

The people mentioned here are said to be prominent members of the KKK, which stands for Kapartido, Kabarilan, Kaklase (Partymate, Shooting buddy, Classmate).

“Politics is in the atmosphere. I could feel strongly political factors are moving in the background,” Sevilla said

“In the past months, it was increasingly becoming difficult. In the coming months, it will probably be impossible to (fight politics),” Sevilla added, explaining his resignation. “I am saddened that I could not finish what I had started.”

Sevilla had earlier indicated that the bureau has been a milking cow of political camps for campaign fundraising, a situation he vowed to fight under his watch.

As usual, PNoy, when it comes to friends as suspects, takes on the proverbial principle of the three wise monkeys, that of “seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil”.

This is what makes ‘tuwid na daan’ a fallacy.

Refranes incuestionables (Unquestionable sayings)

1. vida temporal

(Everything in this life is temporary, that is why if things go well, enjoy them because they will not last forever. And, if things go wrong, do not worry, they won’t last forever, either.)

2. plan secreto

(Nothing happens by chance, basically things are planned secretly even if we do not understand them.)

3. el abrazo

(One day someone will embrace you so hard, that some broken parts in you will come together anew.)

4. familia

(The blood makes you a relative, but loyalty makes you family.)


Nadal still great even with “routines”

Rafael "Rafa" Nadal

Rafael “Rafa” Nadal

I am of course talking about my tennis idol, Rafael “Rafa” Nadal, a 13-time Grand Slam-winner, who, as of this writing, has won his quarter-final match and on his way to play against another tennis great, Roger Federer, in the semi-finals of the 2014 Australian Open. (Update: Rafael Nadal continued his domination of Roger Federer, creating more distance in their long rivalry with a 7-6 (7-4), 6-3, 6-3 win in the Australian Open semifinals Friday at Rod Laver Arena. Nadal’s record against Federer now stands at 23-10. Nadal will now be seeking his second Grand Slam title in Melbourne and his 14th overall against another Swiss, No. 8 seed Stanislas Wawrinka.)

But, what I am writing about and sharing the video later with you is how Nadal wins more games and losses fewer games with his “routines”.

Nadal calls them his “routines”, but a psychologist describes it as some form of an obsessive-compulsive behavior.

The “routines” being talked about here are the repetitive pre-service preparations that Nadal does behind the service line before he finally tosses the ball and hit it.

One may call it Nadal’s mannerism or habit, but he goes through an identical routine every serve, which includes choosing the ball, pocketing one of them, picking his butt, touching each shoulder, tucking his hair behind both ears and touching his nose.

Nadal has been observed to have his way of arranging his towels when seated or when distributing it to the ball boys for his use.

Rafa lining up water bottles

Rafa lining up water bottles

It has been noticed also that Nadal leaves his water bottles lined up with the labels facing a certain way every time he resumes playing.

Nadal also refuses to step on lines between points, and one Australian player told a story about how Nadal takes his shirt on and off repeatedly before leaving the locker room.

It is said that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental illness, one of the most common anxiety disorders.

I do not know if this is true with Rafa, but I would like to believe that those are just Rafa’s quirks and the rituals are prelude to his brilliant display of high quality tennis every time and any where he plays tennis.

(Final update: Stanislas Wawrinka made history by claiming his first ever Grand Slam in the Australian Open beating the ailing Nadal, 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-3, thus improving outright his world ranking from No. 8 to No. 3.)

The video of Rafa’s “routines” was taken during the 2013 US Open.