Robredo UN message slanders the Philippines


Vice President Leni Robredo

Some Filipinos might think that Vice President Leni Robredo was doing the country a big favor when she video-taped a message, supposedly coming from the Office of the Vice President, and sent it to the 60th annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria.

I actually wrote about this already and you can read it at this link

The reason why I am writing about this again is simply to show you another interesting link that also criticizes the way Robredo painted an image of the country under the Duterte administration generalizing the belief that the Filipinos now feel “hopeless and helpless” because of the president’s bloody war on drugs.

This link is a good read and an excellent rejoinder of Robredos’s scandalous remarks:

Many Filipinos, however, think that Robredo’s slander was short of saying that the Philippines is in bad shape and in dire need of help, which is just actually the opposite of where we are today – in the verge of growing and developing faster and optimistic of the future, thanks to the unconventional leadership style of Duterte.

I consider therefore the entirety of Robredo’s message as fake news, at best, and, at worst, a self-serving communication that she is trying to take advantage of because of her sinking credibility and her inadequacy and ineffectiveness as vice president.

Unless Robredo can prove that the extrajudicial killings are state sanctioned and the ridiculous “palit-ulo” scheme exist, then she has got nothing but alternative facts.

That there is now a plan to impeach her because she derided the Philippines in the international scene is good news.

I will not doubt that she is also being used and manipulated by her party mates to advance their political agenda, but the Filipino people had had enough of their inept and corrupt political culture that the change and reforms Duterte is implementing in government is a very much welcomed development.

I am just including here the video Robredo sent for your information and evaluation.

‘Balls’ of steel


ballsThat is what this gongfu (kung fu) master has literally – ‘balls’ of steel!

I thought man’s family jewels (testicles) were the weakest and fragile part of man’s body that would bring one to his knees with wrenching pain once it gets hit.

Every male, one time or another, must have experienced the excruciating pain felt following a direct hit! You can ask a boxer who has been at the receiving end of a low blow.

Until I saw this video I did not have the faintest idea that there was such a training that would turn this vulnerable part of man’s body into an unsusceptible ‘balls’ of steel or iron crotch.

Check this link out about Master Wei Yaobin and his followers and if you are a male person I am sure you will keep on grimacing at every blow that hits its mark!

But what i found painfully funny are the self-flagellations!

Reporters Without Borders’ stupid suggestion

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) is better known internationally as Reporters Sans Frontiers(RSF). For that matter it is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Paris, France that promotes and defends freedom of information and freedom of the press, and does consulting job also for the United Nations.

RWB recently came into the picture when President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, in one of his late night press conference, made shocking statements on a potpourri of issues which included his take on the killings of corrupt journalists and his perspective of the scandalous ranking officials of the Catholic Church – all done in Duterte’s trademark of uncouth language.

In the same press con he also tried to defend himself from the attacks of some media people about his seemingly act of sexual harassment when he wolf-whistled at one of the female reporters whose turn it was to interview him.

Obviously, Duterte’s action and statements did not sit well with media people, individually and as an organization, such that they wanted Duterte to apologize.

Knowing Duterte to be forthright and blunt and one not to apologize for what he believes are truth of the ills plaguing Philippine society, the RWB, acting as an umbrella organization, came to the rescue of Filipino journalists.

The act in itself can be considered praiseworthy, but the suggestion given by RWB to our journalists to boycott succeeding press conferences of Duterte, unless the latter apologizes for his is scurrilous and outrageous behavior, is simply stupid.

Filipino journalists know better than anybody else that this type of retaliation or revenge, if you may, against Duterte will not make him change his promise to make this country a better place for Filipinos. That journalists will not cover and write about him is the least of his worries. In fact he welcomes it.

To start with Duterte’s presidency is not about civility, tact and sophistication. Nor is it about dictatorship as others fear.

Duterte’s presidency is starting to be about toughness, brutishness and uncouthness as he is about to lead in fighting corruption, criminality and drug menace that is preventing the nation from progressing while many Filipinos continue to be impoverished because of the unscrupulous politicians and government officials we have working in the guise of public servants who takes advantage of their positions at the expense of the law abiding citizens and the unschooled and poor Filipinos. In so doing he is there to uplift and not oppress the lives of the people.

Duterte’s words and deeds, though seemingly uncultured, signify to the different levels of scum in our society that he means business. This is what is giving Filipinos hope for a better future under the fearless leadership of and exercise of political will by Duterte.

So let Duterte do the job he knows best how and let’s not fuck with him.



DU30 dealing with KKK better than dealing with corrupt politicians


Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte

The KKK mentioned here is far from being the acronym of Bonifacio’s revolutionary society Katipunan (Katastaasang, Kagalanggalangang, Katipuanan) when it was founded to gain independence from Spain through revolution.

But just the same, it is still a revolution of sorts in modern setting led by presumptive Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) to free the country from the clutches of wicked and unscrupulous politicians and government officials, who, through their example has been the cause of moral decay in many sectors of our society,

That DU30 has his own KKK ( Katropa, Kaeskwela, Kumunista) or casually translated as (Friends, Classmates, Communists) to rely on and help make his administration succeed in attaining the goals he passionately promised the Filipinos people he would do is a much welcomed development, except perhaps for the skeptics. But skeptics the country will always have.

Unlike in Bonifacio’s time where blood compact has to be made to signify loyalty and oneness of their cause and purpose, the people whom DU30 have chosen to fight with him in implementing prospective government programs and policies that will make positive changes for both in the country’s progress and of the people’s quality of life has only the confidence and conviction that only DU30 can make this happen now with finality.

The overwhelming victory that the Filipinos granted DU30 comes from the belief that if Singapore had a Lee Kuan Yew, hopefully DU30 would be it for the Philippines. Both are made of the same political fiber who wants to rule with iron hand in practically the same condition of diverse society with different religious beliefs and ideologies.

I am sure DU30 knows what he doing having been in politics for a long time and holding executive position and what is more important is that he has a clear vision for the country conforming at how the international community is evolving. Never has there been an opportune time such as now for his kind of leadership.

If DU30 therefore finds it convenient, valuable and constructive to appoint close childhood friends and classmates to help him run the government as Cabinet members, let it be and so mote it be.

If it is DU30’s desire to allocate four key Cabinet positions to leftists and communists, why go against it when it his prerogative as president to do so. We can only confront and denounce him later if it won’t work well for him. That is the people’s prerogative, too.

Everything comes at the risk of failure.

But, what is certain is that it is better for DU30 to take some risks in dealing with his KKKs than by dealing and having in his administration bootlickers, ass-kissers, political butterflies and other political parasites that are now trooping and queuing in Davao City to see him and be under his good graces for some appointments and other political accommodations.

No need to name names. You read about them and you see them on national TV. They are simply shameless, disgusting and repulsive individuals.


Pacquiao and his stupid gay couples’ remarks


Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao

If the backlash that boxing champion and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao is reaping is mounting by the day from both the gay and straight communities for his stupid and irresponsible remarks about the union of gays as “worse than animals”, I hope it continues and culminates in his defeat during the May elections where he is vying for a senatorial seat.

I have said it so many times in the past that Pacquiao does not possess the intelligence and the competence that will make him an effective lawmaker in the upper house. He has nothing to crow about his performance in the lower house, so what makes him think that he is now adequately fit to craft laws in the senate?

Pacquiao’s recent and most unfortunate remarks comparing gays to animals in their sexual orientation only shows how politically shortsighted he is and how socially idiotic his idea is about gay people.

It is very lamentable indeed that despite being a changed man, as he claims he is because of his religious fervor, he is showing instead utter bigotry by looking only at gay people’s sexual preferences and not on the overall aspect of gay individuals – their educational background, their achievements and the their contribution to society, etc.

As a boxer Pacquiao may have reached the pinnacle of his career many times over, but as a person and a member of the human society he has to learn to respect the oddities of the human being.

Even Pope Francis recognizes the existence of gay people in the world and never made judgment on their person as Pacquiao did adversely.

There is no doubt that Pacquiao’s knowledge and interpretation of the Bible is faulty at best, and at worst, superficial.

This is the same kind of acumen Pacquaio is going to bring to the senate if he wins – God forbids.

What a shame!

Humor despues de mucho barullo politico (Humor after much political brouhaha)

Compartiendo con ustedes lo que debemos tener como un respiro del mucho ruido sobre la locura política – especialmente en Filipinas.  (Sharing with you what we should have as a respite from too much noise over crazy politics – especially in the Philippines.)