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Like the ‘What’s up’ page I created for strictly family matters, I also made an ‘About’ page for any commentary I might want to add to what I have already blogged about, or simply to share my views with you of events or subjects I find interesting and worth talking about that is happening here and abroad.

It does not normally go directly to the subject being presently discussed, when clicked to read the whole thing, but rather go always to the heading  or salutation page which I find myself now and which you will find yourself also later once you feel like reading the most recent About post.

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  1. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:
    I really never thought I would come this far. It’s your time, effort, curiosity and comments that has kept me going. I get inspired and I never cease thinking about what topic to write next time that will keep the interest and enthusiasm up so quierosaber’s blog site will not only be visited and its articles read but that it shall also become a part of your day.
    Would appreciate very much if you can invite your friends too. Thanks.

  2. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:
    There is no doubt in my mind that the name “Erap” continue to make waves and make big news. Up until yesterday, March 6th, wordpress blog stats has proven that my latest blog on Erap surpassed, in readership rating, all other articles written in my blog site. Whether the reader loves him or loathes him, wants to remember him forever or hoping to be reading the last about him, I don’t really know. It beats the hell out of me thinking why he is so hot an item. I wish he could say what Gen. Douglas MacArthur said when he came to Cebu, old and fragile, in the 60s: “The deepening shadows of life casts doubt upon my ability to say, I shall return again.” I hope Erap will just fade away, never to return to politics and leave this nation in peace with a new face steadying the course of our destiny.

  3. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:
    You probably have noticed that my focus lately has been about China. I have nothing but admiration and awe for this huge and populous country. Their rags to riches story, as a country, since reforms were started in 1978 is undeniably remarkable. They have become an economic giant in their own right. Practically everything that is sold all over the world bears a tag made in China on it. They produce anything and everything. Whether their products are made using child labor or by those serving prison
    terms is not so much as material as the questionable quality being produced. It is scary. But more scary is the military might China has attained. They have been showing not only the sheer size of their armed forces but show-casing also the sophistication of their military hardware. China is power to reckon with now. Poor nations that won’t kowtow to their whims may get bulldozed. If they have no qualms bullying rich nations like the U.S., where will that leave us?

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:
    I won’t be blogging perhaps for a week starting April 2nd. Will be leaving for Zamboanga where I have to meet a couple of important people whom I have been expecting to see sooner or later. Going back to a place not by design but by fate.
    I used to buy tuna fish in GenSan and every time we passed by the coastal area of Zambo, on our way back to Cebu, what I noticed enticing about the place were the colorful bougainvillas seen from afar. It was only when I landed a job in Zambo a few years later, by stroke of fate,did I know that the place itself was more known as the city of flowers.
    But what intrigued me most about the place was its Chavacano dialect. For one who speaks and understands reasonably well Spanish, I was always left in quandary whether to mangle my Spanish or say it as it is correctly spoken, not minding of whether or not they understood me. Almost always they didn’t understand me when I spoke it correctly. On the other hand when I mangled it, people were bound to question, like when someone asked my wife, “cosa ese si Sir ma’am, Chino?”

    • Jorge L. de la Paz says:

      Interesting, I always wandered if I spoke Spanish,without any knowledge of tagalog, would I be understood without much dificulty by someone fluent in the Chavacano dialect.

      • quierosaber says:

        You know what, I was in Zamboanga City, in southern Philippines, where I worked for 9 years. People speak Chavacano there. It was funny because if you speak straight Spanish, they don’t understand you. You have to speak in broken or pidgin Spanish for you to be understood. Chavacano is a combination of Spanish-Cebuano, Spanish-Ilongo and Spanish-Tagalog. Unless you know the dialects used it will be hard for you to understand them too. It was easier for me understanding them, than them understanding me, because I have to think first how to bastardize my Spanish. But my wife who speaks Spanish, too, easily took the Chavacano dialect, just like my kids. I remember our helper in the house once asked my wife: “Porque man si sir cuando habla, daw Chino?” (Why is it that when sir talks, he sounds like Chinese?). By the way, I have a nephew living in Jacksonville that is married to a Cuban-Chinese girl. Both are doctors.

      • Jorge L. de la Paz says:

        Its interesting to know that the now Province of Cuba (Pinar de Rio) was originally called Nuevas Filipinas, and many filipinos came and worked and learned the tabaco industry. Coloquially any oriental in Cuba was called “Chino de Manila”, same way we call any Spaniard Peninsular “Gallego”.

      • quierosaber says:

        Interesting! Just like California is full of Filipinos today, so too was Cuba in those days, having the same colonizer, with travel facilitated by the Spanish galleons, and the tobacco plantation being the common denominator, thus the Nuevas Filipinas. Not very complimenting, but perhaps the dominance in number of Chinese anywhere, even during those times, generalized all Asians as Chinos. The name ‘Filipino’ came long after. Thanks for that little history.

      • Jorge L. de la Paz says:

        Yes, the term “Chino de Manila” should not really be used , What is considered colloquial to many in present culture was and insulting term known to all in in the 1800’s culture and to the educated people of today.Most of us due to lack of education or interest in history use terms that are truly insulting both logically and in origin. They are interpreted differently in geography too, For instance a Cuban may as a term of endearment use the term “Mi negro”, without turning any eyes, Say that In the United States and it will be very insulting as it should be.

        From my understanding many Chinese in the 1800’s arrived in different circumstances. Most of them who survived the treatment and voyage became slaves. They were trapped by deceit and work contracts which promised payment of any debt they owed,

        Although many originated from different areas, they all had in common that they arrived in spanish galleons returning from the Philippines, thus the term “Chino de Manila”. This practice was exacerbated due to the demise of the African slave trade.

        Love your Blog… Un abrazo from Miami, FL

      • quierosaber says:

        Gracias Jorge. Saludos y un abrazo desde Fiipinas.

  6. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    Quierosaber and family would like to greet everyone a Happy Easter!

    But what does this greeting really mean to you?

    A triumph of life over death? Of good over evil? Of wellness over sickness? Of love over hate?

    Christians believe according to scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after His death on the cross.

    But why is it that people seem to emulate more the humiliation, beating and the agonizing ways by which the Son of God was made to bear until He was nailed, tortured and made to die on the cross that fateful Friday over 2000 years ago?

    Why can’t people emulate instead the dying and rising from the dead?

    Because the last one can never be emulated, right? Wrong!

    Man can never be like Christ.

    But we can always be Christlike!

    It is not through self-flagellation and even the actual crucifixion of shameless penitents in full view of the curious public that will make us Christlike.

    It is not the suffering and the anguish that is important.

    What is significant is having risen from death, for Christ has demonstrated His power over death.

    Power over evil. Power over sickness. Power over hate.

    For didn’t the scripture said that, “Through his death, burial and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.”

    It is a great story of faith and belief.

    Believing in what you do not see. Having faith in the existence of a Supreme Being.

    Overcoming adversities simply armed with the strong belief in God.

    This is what will make us all Christlike.

    Happy Resurrection!

  7. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    You probably wonder why, even in About, am still writing critical of Erap.

    The reason is very simple.

    As an unpretentious citizen and a family man with nothing but a desire for easy and better life for every Filipino, so that we, all, can stand tall, proud, and respected by other nations, I don’t want this demagogue of an actor and disgraced President to continue prying on the affairs of the nation.

    He had his chance and he squandered it. So why can’t he just leave us alone instead of agitating further the feelings, sentiments and prejudices of people, especially the poor?

    This is where he is good at. He is an actor and he is using his talent to mesmerize people to the disadvantage of this country.

    Erap thinks the nation is a big political stage and we are all supporting actors being made to believe that he was a victim of grave injustice and that he is making a back, as the knight in shining armor, to liberate us from the ills of governance of corrupt officials.

    For somebody who shall always bear the stigma of shame, his posturing can be deceiving and continues to overwhelm many.

    He is nothing but an epitome of presumptuousness.

    But while Erap is a disappointment, what is more depressing, if not revolting, is having a group of seemingly distinguished individuals, “presidentiables” if you may, who are seeking the anointment and support of the ex-President.

    These President-wannabes ought not to be given a second look.

    You and I know very well that if any one of them is elected, it is just like electing Erap President again.

    Are we not ever going to learn the lesson of voting to office the right person so we can advance as a nation?

    Shall we always and forever have people all over the world believing that Filipinos belong to a nation of servants?

    Shall we just be complacent and contented about who we are and what we are while other nations in the region are moving past us?

    Indeed, the time has come for deep contemplation.

    It is only us, collectively, who can help ourselves determine our destiny as people.

    Either we continue digging the hole deeper or lift ourselves up to meet the beginning of a new dawn.

  8. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    Looks like I have given myself away already. Now you know whom I am endorsing and voting for in 2010 presidential race.

    I had been following other presidential aspirant’s actuation as public servants and Mar Roxas’ low profile but far reaching contribution in terms of his directional programs and government advocacy has always stood out.

    A scion of an illustrious and venerable statesman-forebears, he has a name and a legacy to uphold.

    He has kept his private and public life untainted.

    The wealth and fame of his maternal family has not change the way he carries himself.

    He is his own made man and he has shown and proven that he has the intelligence, the ability, the will, and the panache to unite and be able to lead this nation from the doldrums of poverty and disgrace to a nation proud and respected.

    Mar Roxas has all what it takes to be a great president.

    I only hope that what Korina Sanchez saw in him to make her fall in love, that you, my followers, may also see, enough to cast your ballots for him come 2010 presidential election.

    It is his maturity, his persistence, his love and his determination to make her happy.

    Is it not what this country needs also?


    Well, that is an assurance that whatever is inside the government’s coffer will be for the people.

  9. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    I have written a couple of blogs about the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, but, just the same, am mentioning it here again under About if only to underscore the importance of this measure to the Filipino people.

    Our burgeoning population can no longer be taken for granted.

    It is not as if the increase in population is directly proportional to the basic social services instituted by government, to the food produced by farmers, to the areas available for residency and to the income received by workers.

    It is very unlikely that increase in population will translate to economic growth and development and pleasurable life for everyone.

    It is for this reason that the need to pass the RH bill is as important as having an assurance that all Filipino families can eat adequately three square meals a day.

    It is not the Church’s moral responsibility to feed, clothe and give shelter to every Filipino.

    It falls on government to find ways to mitigate poverty and malnutrition in this country and improve health, life and living conditions of its citizens.

    One significant way of doing it is having an ethical population policy that will be advantageous to the nation and its people.

    The RH measure that continues to be enacted in Congress, for fear of a backlash from the Catholic Church hierarchy, is a bill that could spell better life and better living for all Filipinos.

    Unless we all stand up for the passage of this bill, not as a person with religious affiliation, but as citizen of this country desiring for a better future, then we shall find ourselves humanly deprived of quality life.

    This is unfortunate given the seriousness of the situation and the implications for the country if concerted action is not taken.

  10. quierosaber says:

    To all mother followers of quierosaber blog:

    A Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

    No words can fully express the feeling of appreciation and awe we have at how you manage to work as a mother and a housewife despite all the other pressing obligations you have outside of home.

    God, indeed, made you so special that with you, a house becomes a home and with children, it becomes heaven.

    A selected collection of inspirational quotes are shared here as a fitting tribute to the mothers.

    “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” – Tenneva Jordan

    “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

    “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” –

    “The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.” – Henry Ward Beecher, US Congressional clergyman.

    “By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author

    “Anyone who doesn’t miss the past never had a mother.” – Gregory Nunn

    “An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest.” – Spanish Proverb

  11. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    There are two things I would like to talk about on this page. They are all in my blog and the reason why am mentioning it here again is because of the way both subjects bothers me to the point of feeling helpless and exasperated.

    Firstly, I never thought I would be writing about ex-Pres. Joseph “Erap” Estrada again. I thought that he would just fade away into complete retirement, enjoy the sunset, take up painting or whatever it is that gets his fancy, and write his memoirs.

    I was hoping that Erap would turn his back from politics for good, leaving it to those whose real calling is public service and competent enough for the task.

    I was praying he would leave all of us alone and in peace.

    He has reached the pinnacle of his political career. What more does he want?

    If he wants vindication, if he wants history to speak kindly of him, then he must choose a path now that will lead him to that reputable position.

    Becoming a statesman, which I have suggested in my blog, won’t make him a lesser person. He will be raising his stature a notch higher and if through his efforts he can improve the plight of the poor in this country whom he makes himself so identified with, then glory and honor is his once again and he will be remembered fondly.

    But, the sad thing is that Erap want to run for president again, thus, making him instead a pesky politician.

    It is very revolting, if you know what I mean.

    Secondly, what am bringing up here is the recently much ballyhooed sex video scandal involving a macho plastic surgeon, Dr. Hayden Kho and a host of beauties, foremost of whom is Katrina Halili. Said videos have been uploaded in the internet that is now being feasted on by the whole world. In the process it has become the talk of the nation.

    My question is, why make a big deal out of this scandal? Why would Sen. Ramon Revilla, Jr., who took the cudgels for the “hapless” women, bring it up and deliver a blistering attack at the doctor, calling him names, as if their lewd acts are threats to the security of the country.

    What is even worse is that the privilege speech was made in the halls of the senate! I thought the senate floor was for legislating and not for grandstanding.

    Is this sex video scandal significant and seditious enough to be dignified and elevated to the higher legislative body, the senate?

    If all these women are over the age of reason and are all disreputable in their own rights, where is the beef? Doesn’t it serve them right? The irony of fame, indeed!

    As to Sen. Revilla, himself, I would say, “Look who is talking?”

    Do I hear the women right advocates protesting?

  12. Ay says:

    Way to go papa! I am always astounded with your blogposts. Very articulate and mind opening. I must admit, I sometimes lift some topic openers here for discussion with my friends and clients. Haha! But moreso, I like your site papa because I feel like I am at our dining table at greenhills,swapping stories, everytime I read a post.

    PS. I cant believe how that plant got to our backyard. I can believe though, that it smells as worse as it looks. =D

    Also, I got a stuffy nose and red eyes after reading your tribute to Lola Vicing.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks, Ay. That’s the least I could do for your Lola. Was hoping I could have it published for ma to read it and understand, while she can still comprehend and have fleeting moments of recollection, that we all appreciate and value the things she did and sacrifices she made for us. But, so far no takers.
      And, yes, it is at the dining table that we entertain ourselves, sometimes over glasses of red wine, with no holds barred stories. You know us!

  13. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    It has been quite a while since I wrote something on this page. Although my blogs contain some of the most recent events happening in our country, from presidential pretenders to sex video scandal to con-ass, etc., still I feel like another page is still needed, if only to vent out some more of my frustration, annoyance, irritation and whatever other feelings that tend to raise my blood pressure up.

    I wonder how we could really change the attitude of people and modify their beliefs, aspirations and priorities regarding what we want and how we want things to be done for this country.

    Wish there was a way we could program the minds of our fellow citizens to be able to distinguish what is good for the country and what is bad, who the clowns running for office and who are not, when we should be serious and when we should be laughing, whom to vote for an important elective office and whom to repudiate.

    It is high time now that we all get our acts together and turn this country around for good.

    I had been around so long that, in all candidness, I could say that we are not going anywhere politically, socially and economically, that as a matter of fact, we are slipping back faster than we are progressing as a nation.

    Until Marcos came into the political picture and held this nation hostage for nearly two decades of martial law, we were doing well.

    We had bright political luminaries who could have been potential leaders of this country, but whose ambition and fate got forcibly and disastrously altered by the dictator.

    Others died, some got maimed like the brilliant nationalist Sen. Jovito Salonga, and still many were silenced and lost their capacity and will to be in politics.

    During the despot’s regime, our military was so politicized that in its wake we had been sending to the halls of the House and the Senate military people, who, after shedding their uniforms, turned politicians to continue enjoying having the influence and power that goes with the job.

    People started electing movie and radio personalities, the famous and the notorious, all in the guise of public service.

    The legislative floors of Congress have become a big stage for showing off, for grandstanding, for clowning, all in their impeccable suits.

    We even have now a famous TV anchor whose familiar moniker helped him get elected Vice President of this country. This can only happen in the Philippines.

    Unless we all move together in synch and change our perceptions and direction as to where we are going so life could be revolutionized for the better, then we shall continue to be a nation of servants, of mendicancy, of mediocrity, of diploma mill, and order-bride.

    It is time we regain back our pride, our honor and dignity as a nation and people.

    Please, let us start passing the word around. Let us put back wise men for true public servants. Make the right choices. We can’t afford to be regretting anymore.

    Let us get this country moving earnestly forward again.

  14. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    Will somebody, please, tell me what has happened to this Amboy named Mar Roxas? At first I thought he was the most sensible there was among the presidentiables. He did well in getting engaged to Korina Sanchez, although doing it sooner would have been better so his marrying Korina wouldn’t be construed as the candidate’s secret weapon to win votes.

    Although his campaign identity as Mr. Palengke and Mr. Padyak are lacking in substance and credibility and does not mean anything to me, still I was planning to vote for him because of his own integrity and the integrity of the legacy that he is to protect as a well known member and leader of the remaining Roxas clan.

    But why, for heaven’s sake, is he interested in Sen. Panfilo Lacson to be his presidential running mate? Why is Roxas glorifying Lacson by saying that he “will be honored” if the latter joins his ticket as vice president?

    Why mix up his illustrious name with that of Lacson, whose name has been so soiled and whose reputation very much maligned for his alleged involvement in high profile crimes?

    There is no doubt Lacson is wise. Knowing and taking advantage of the Filipinos credulity, their affinity for the underdog, and their flair for the dramatics, Lacson run for the senate in the guise of being innocent and disadvantaged and in the hope of winning sympathy votes.

    And he did won, making the august body of the senate as his security haven.

    What does Mar Roxas intend to learn from Lacson? Or how does Lacson intend to help Roxas’ presidency, if ever?

    Surveillance? Wiretapping? Intimidation? Torture?

    Who is Roxas afraid of to have the likes of Lacson as a bodyguard?

    If Roxas won’t backtrack, he will surely lose his chance of becoming what his grandfather was.

    And history will not speak kindly of him.

  15. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    Am surprised at how many have visited and read my blog about the Titan Arum Plant a.k.a. Corpse Plant. Very interesting plant, indeed. Very exotic for someone who appreciates strangeness.

    I just do not know the profile of those who took interest in this plant or flower, whether they are students, teachers, or plain curious individuals, like me, who gets awed at something unusual, bizarre.

    For those who want to see more of it, you can take a glimpse at it in You Tube. There is a video of it which we (with son Chavi) uploaded under the name “bunga bangkai, titan arum.”

    You will notice, however, that unlike other titan arum specie, what we are showing is one without the phallus like inflorescence shooting up.

    The leaf you see beside the stinky flower in the video has grown bigger now, to about 3 feet. Its top is spreading wider. Beside it, there is another leaf now emerging from its tuber. Both are in their vegetative stages.

    When we will see the stinky flower appear again will continue to be a mystery.

  16. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    Failed to greet you, all fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day! on time. Just the same, the year hasn’t ended and better late than no greetings at all.

    Just as I did on Mother’s Day, here are some touching, inspiring, thought- provoking quotes about fathers that I am reprinting. It may come from me, but all may not be applicable to me. Certainly, I have my faults.

    Enjoy reading them!

    I don’t care how poor a man is; if he has family, he’s rich. ~M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter

    The greatest gift I ever had
    Came from God; I call him Dad!
    ~Author Unknown

    Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown. ~Author Unknown

    A father carries pictures where his money used to be. ~Author Unknown

    It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. ~Johann Schiller

    Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! ~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836

    One father is more than a hundred Schoolemasters. ~George Herbert, Outlandish Proverbs, 1640

    “Small boy’s definition of Father’s Day: It’s just like Mother’s Day only you don’t spend so much.” – Unknown

    The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them. – Confucious

    It is much easier to become a father than to be one. – Kent Nerburn

  17. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    I would like to say a few words about Cory. Not only that she is in her twilight years now, but more so because she is fighting an uphill battle against the dreaded disease of cancer and, at the moment, she is said to be gravely ill.

    If only because she was bold and courageous enough to lead the nation in liberating us from the tyranny of the Marcos regime, even when she was in pain after Ninoy was assassinated, I am asking you all now to offer a prayer that she may continue living with us.

    We could not thank Cory enough for making the Filipino race proud in her stirring show of People Power in 1986, which movement of peaceful uprising is being emulated now by the whole world.

    A plain housewife pressured to run for the presidency, which she admitted knowing nothing about, to continue Ninoy’s mission, clearly, she was ignorant of the pitfalls along the way.

    Being a very religious woman, she entrusted everything to God. She made it through, practically pleading God every day for His intercession.

    There seem to have been always a divine intervention for the countless coups d’etat staged by a batch of young, ambitious, chauvinistic military officers who belittled and underestimated Cory’s resolve to restore peace and stability in this country.

    She was meant to stay in power and finish her term, with all the institutions of democracy restored.

    This was her legacy brought about by a painful experience of losing a martyred husband and saving her own life for her country and people worth serving.

    What ever flaws she had as President and as a principled private citizen, thereafter, should be forgiven, for who is perfect among us?

    Let us pray for her.

  18. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    A few days back I wrote about the plight of the Uighurs.

    The Uighurs are an ethnically Turkic Muslim people who have lived in what is now known as the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) for over 4,000 years. Known as Eastern Turkestan for hundreds of years, Xinjiang is located along the famous “Silk Road”, beyond the Great Wall, the natural boundary of China.

    The Uighurs find themselves in a very similar situation to that of the people of Tibet. Like the Tibetans, Uighurs have endured decades of discrimination and oppression under Chinese rule. A religious and ethnic minority, they are routinely denied basic civil, religious and political rights.

    As Islam is perceived as the ideology underpinning Uighur ethnic identity, the government also represses most outward expressions of Islam.

    Actions that are strictly forbidden for Uighurs include celebrating Islamic festivals, studying religious texts or dressing in Islamic garb at state institutions, including schools.

    Uighurs are – almost without exception – the only ethnic group in China to be routinely executed for political offences. Since September 2001, China has used the US-led “war on terror” as an excuse to oppress Uighurs with impunity, persecuting many who have peacefully protested their treatment.

    Uighurs have been jailed for reading newspapers sympathetic to the cause of independence. Others have been detained merely for listening to Radio Free Asia, an English-language station funded by the US.

    Even the most peaceful Uighur activists, if they practise Islam in a way that the authorities deem inappropriate, risk arrest and torture. China regularly dubs Uighur historians, poets and writers “intellectual terrorists” and sends them to jail.

    I am writing about this here and taking excerpts from other articles about their plight because I keep on wondering why, until now, none of the renowned Islamic countries and Muslim leaders have come out denouncing this barbaric act of the Chinese government on the Uighur people?

    Why is it that when atrocity like this happens in poor countries, the Human Rights Watch, the Amnesty International and other loud-mouth human rights activists go agog and starts finding faults and criticizing the oppressive government?

    Is China too big, too powerful and too financially strong that it could influence the interference of some concerned nations or groups about human rights violation?

    Who is going to castigate China? Is there a God?

  19. quierosaber says:

    To all quiersaber blog followers:

    Once more I have to write about Mayor Tomas Osmeña on this page. His ways, his actions, as a mayor and as a person, are something to write about, if only to uncover what is behind his ever acerbic and cynical nature.

    For as long as Osmeña is the mayor and Gwen Garcia the governor, there will always be animosity between them. It is always as much a contest of ego-building as it is a competition of who has the better managerial prowess in running their own turfs. Their personal differences seem to be getting worse and, undoubtedly, irreconcilable by the day.

    But while Osmeña has been highly regarded by some political pundits as a good mayor, at least better than most, his persona, however, seem to be getting much in the way of his mayoralty approaches to Cebu City’s problems.

    His being confrontational with people going against his ideas is simply not helping him in good stead. Has he forgotten to be rational? Is it always going to be obnoxious to him what is nice to Gwen and those who sides with the governor?

    Perhaps, indirectly, it has still something to do with Gwen really, but why cause anxiety to others when they are simply expressing their opinion? All it needs is either a rebuttal or elucidation from the mayor, but please do away with hurling threats of persecution.

    Now Tomas is pointing his sights again on Mike Rama blaming the latter for his closeness to Joy Pesquera, a former city councilor and party mate for BO-PK’s woes.
    Or is this just an excuse for him to renege and name instead another Osmeña to run for mayor in 2010?

    After CCMC Director Myrna Go and DILG 7 Director Pedro Noval, who is in Mayor Osmeña’s cross-hair next?

    Is his physical condition and the fear of losing Cebu City and the South District and what will become of his SRP giving Tomas the nightmare?

  20. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    I just have to write this. It is for local consumption. It is about Tomas Osmeña, Mike Rama and Joy Pesquera. It is not that I love snooping at the affairs of other people, especially, that of Mike and Joy, but am simply amazed at how this local hullabaloo has turned bizarre.

    We all know how Tomas has been mean to Mike, the Vice Mayor. It started when the land swap deal with the province for the City’s poor families did not materialize because of Mike’s comments that seemed to have irked Gwen, the governor.

    Mike tried to make amends with Gwen, but in so doing, the former instead earned the ire of Tomas because Tomas thinks that his enemy must also be your enemy. For this, Mike received a good amount of “verbal abuse” from the Mayor.

    Then, came the heads of the different barangays in the city with their negative sentiments about Mike. Again Tomas made very unsavory remarks about Mike on this issue that made, for a while, his stay with BOPK precarious.

    But in all of these wrathful episodes aired by Tomas, Mike remained as meek as a lamb. He did not say a word contradicting Tomas. He was like a dog in a fiercer territory with his head down and tail between his legs. His consolation, if at all, is that Tomas never withdrew his endorsement for Mike as mayoralty candidate.

    But, is Mike a wimp? Is he the kind of leader we want Cebu City to have? Is he his own man or will he continue to be muffled and coerced? Will power be on him or will Tomas continue wielding it from behind?

    Of late, Tomas has turned his sights and ugly tirades on Joy Pesquera, who is Mike’s love interest. Joy has been blamed by Tomas for causing problems to BOPK and its barangay captains. Tomas has called her the “mastermind and guiding light of Mike.”

    Here is an intelligent woman who used to be a city councilor, aligned with BOPK, romantically linked with Mike, but who has been keeping her silence, all these times, yet being dragged into the mud and maligned by Tomas in public for he alone knows why.

    But the most important question is: Has Mike come to her rescue? Has Mike shown a modicum of anger in defense of Joy? Nah! Sacrificing a political career is too much a prize to give up.

    How I wish Mike was Joy and Joy was Mike!

  21. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    What this is all about is nostalgia. For a good reason I am impelled to write about it.

    The term nostalgia is a bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past that are often in idealized form.

    Backtrack to the years 1976-1980. After my stint with San Miguel Corp. in Mandaue City, then run by the Sorianos, I was hired as an Industrial Engineer by Purefoods Corp., for no specific position available at their processing plant at the time.

    Purefoods processing plant then was new, imposing, and built on a sprawling area at Tongkil, Minglanilla, Cebu. It had its own abattoir for small and large animals. But what made the plant so impressive and perfect were its state-of the-art facilities. It was the first of its kind in the country and to this day, I still have to see a horizontally integrated meat processing plant that can surpass the design and fluidity of its process flow.

    The plant was so new that even the warehouse where they kept their voluminous inventory of packaging materials, of all kinds and sizes, looked as if there was nothing but a mountain of plastics inside with no modicum of orderliness at all.

    My job was to sort them out and design racks and bins and any other which way where the packaging materials could easily be found and accessible when needed by the packaging people.

    By the time my job was done, I was already slated to go to Marikina in Manila, where the mother plant was located, for training at their processing plant.

    This was the start of my in-depth knowledge in meat production, the Purefoods way.

    Good manufacturing practice, quality, and product integrity. These were the mantras of all production workers. At no time were deviations permitted from its formulations. From the smallest cut of fresh meat to the whole hog carcass sold, from the smallest hotdog to the largest sausage, it should be the Purefoods way and should have the Purefoods taste.
    This was the way Purefoods was able to control the processed meat market share in the country.

    While for a time I was in charge of the Agri Procurement in Marikina, my dream, however, was to run the Purefoods processing plant in Cebu.

    My dream came true when I was moved back to Cebu towards the end of the 70s and became the Production Superintendent.

    The halcyon days of Purefoods have long been gone.

    This is what makes me nostalgic of the past. The plant, the people, and the joy of producing the Purefoods product.

    It never was the same again since then. The Minglanilla plant has long been gone. Ayala acquired Purefoods only to be sold to San Miguel. A lot of product lines have disappeared. I know for sure that their dry sausages are no longer being produced. Imports are coming in and a lot of local process meat entrepreneurs are abounding and competing with Purefoods products.

    After buying Purefoods out from Ayala, San Miguel is now spinning off and selling 49 per cent stake in its food processing unit to raise funds for investment in other businesses. Is this how insignificant Purefoods has become to this giant conglomerate?

    After knowing and contributing to what Purefoods was before, my heart bleeds on this latest development.

    Is the Purefoods brand going to the dogs? Will it find its glory days again? I doubt it.

    Now you know my feeling of nostalgia for this company. My only consolation now is that I was part of it when Purefoods was at its prime.

  22. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    I have written a tribute for Cory Aquino in my blog, but there are just some more thoughts about her that I want to write about. This woman so in captivated practically most of the Filipino humanity that in death she is emerging even larger than life.

    What is this Cory magic? What mystical energy did she have to have earned the citizenry’s love, respect, hero worship, reverence, and, in her death a prayerful, sorrowful and a tearful nation?

    Marcos thought Cory was “just a woman” and a plain housewife, at that, until he realized the woman he belittled and misjudge was God-sent from heaven to liberate the people from his oppressive clutches and sent him hastily packing and flying out of the country.

    For how else could it be explained if not that all that happened was divinely intended?

    The People Power Revolution which Cory led and aided by the late Cardinal Sin and the Catholic hierarchy was the vehicle for the country’s triumphant return to freedom and democracy.

    But what a price to pay!

    Thankfully, in Ninoy, a new Filipino hero was born.

    But it was Cory’s unwavering faith in God and her strong belief in what Ninoy said that, ‘the Filipino is worth living and dying for’, that made Cory’s presidency a success.

    It was her selflessness, her humility, her honesty, her sincerity and, above all, her genuine concern for the welfare and well-being of every Filipino, as shown in her words and deeds, that endeared her to us.

    Her courage was indomitable and became her shining armor used to unite the Filipino people.

    It was not the weight and authority of the presidency that she was pushing around, rather it was a show of her good and moral character, her sincere commitment to serve the people, in the best ability she knows how, and her deep trust in God, were the hallmarks of her presidency.

    It was her loving aura as the mother and protector of a new found democracy that made a whole lot of difference.

    Cory’s brand of leadership is what most Filipinos hunger for these days. This is why the nation laments her passing.

  23. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    After Cory Aquino, I just would like to write something about Aung San Suu Kyi. She is also one courageous woman, an icon of democracy in her own right and a Nobel Peace Prize winner worthy of adulation.

    Also, like the South African leader Nelson Mandela before her, another Nobel Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi has come to be seen internationally as a symbol of heroic and peaceful resistance in the face of oppression.

    For the Burmese people, Ms Suu Kyi represents their best and perhaps sole hope that one day there will be an end to the country’s military repression.

    Unlike Aquino, but more like Mandela, this moral leader from Burma has been lingering in detention, either in jail or house arrest by the Burmese dictatorship.

    It all started when in 1990, the military junta called a general election, which the National League for Democracy won decisively. Being the NLD’s candidate, Aung San Suu Kyi, under normal circumstances, would have assumed the office of Prime Minister. Instead, the results were nullified, and the military refused to hand over power. This resulted in an international outcry, but to no avail. Aung San Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest.

    It is said that Suu Kyi has spent 14 of the last 20 years in detention.

    Her latest sentence came after the American, John Yettaw, secretly swam to her house and spent two days there. She was convicted of violating the terms of her house arrest for giving shelter to the American.

    Critics say the arrest and continued detention were designed to keep her away from the public eye until elections scheduled to take place in 2010.

    But, in reality the trial was all a sham.

    Ms. Suu Kyi, for as long as she lives, will continue to be a threat to the despotic rule of Burma’s junta of hard-line Generals. There seems to be only two options for her: Leave Burma or rot under house arrest or jail, whatever pleases the junta.

    Senior General Than Shwe, 73, is the head of the ruling junta and controls the army.
    He is the most hard-line leader, strongly opposed to allowing any political role for opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

    And so the pain, anguish and suffering of this much-loved and respected lady from Burma continue. Monk power and people power, together, have been a failure so far in Burma.

    Meanwhile, the international community can do nothing but utter condemnation at the regime.

  24. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    You know what, I just made another milestone.

    Yesterday I wrote my 200th blog!

    I ended writing my first 100 on Octobe28, 2008. I said then that the next 100 will be long in coming and it was, as it took me 10 months to do it.

    But, regardless of the time frame, still I am happy to have done it and will continue blogging for as long as you are out there following it.

    How will my next 100 fare? I don’t really know. I wish I can foresee the future. But, it all depends on how events evolve in the international, national and local scenes.

    I just hope that what will interest me to write will also interest you to read it.

    What inspires me to write are the reactions I get from my blog followers.

    I know mine is just a small voice. But, once I let it out of my system and am able to vent out in writing my frustrations and can fully express my concerns and hopes, in the same vein that other bloggers are doing, then I feel good about it, as I know my small voice gets magnified.

    Of greater satisfaction is when you get your blog linked to someone else blog.

    It means your articles are appreciated and your mind still working.

  25. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    I just wrote a blog about Noynoy Aquino as a presidential bet in 2010.

    Am afraid I might be disappointing some followers who may think I am flip-flopping in my presidential preference from Mar Roxas to Noynoy.

    While both of them belongs to the Liberal party and while both of them are scions of illustrious leaders with names to protect and legacies to uphold, Noynoy, however, appears to have the advantage over Mar.

    Not only has the death of Cory exposed the inadequacy of exemplary leaders in this country but the belief and hunger for the same kind of leadership that Ninoy and Cory exemplified is what is clamoring and egging Noynoy to run and continue the good deeds and ideals of his hero-parents.

    This is what is giving Noynoy the immediate upper hand against Mar and Noynoy can be educated in the presidency in the same manner that Cory was, even as a plain housewife.

    My reservation about Mar Roxas lies on the fact that once he has Korina as wife, what would become of him? Korina is intelligent as she is ambitious. But, she has a very strong personality that tends to out-shadow that of Mar.

    I am not downplaying Mar’s intelligence. But, if he has been having problems deciding when to marry, who to marry and when to marry, then, this country will be having problems with him as President because Korina, I am afraid, will be making the decisions for him later.

    Could Mar be Noynoy’s vice-president? I doubt it.
    It’s a good tandem, no mistaking about it. But, will pride get swallowed? Besides, Korina has already indicated, though in jest, that what she wants is to become a First Lady.

    How about a Mar-Noynoy ticket? Still a formidable pair in my opinion, but, only for as long as Noynoy is there.

    What I am simply saying is let us not have a repeat of Imelda Marcos in Malacañang.

  26. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:

    What I shall be writing here is about the best news I had been waiting to hear in a long time.

    I was kind of expecting this to happen. In fact I wrote something about this in my regular blogging.

    This is about Mar Roxas’ declaration to withdraw from the 2010 presidential race in favor of Noynoy Aquino.

    We don’t only see Roxas sacrificing his personal ambition, but we see his greatness in doing our country a favor by listening to the clamor and feeling the pulse of the people at a time when we have to be united.

    We see in him selflessness and wisdom, civility and nobility, for giving up his own interest and granting the Filipino people the man whom they think and believe can lead them to political and moral victory.

    Not that Roxas has lesser moral values, but time and opportunity are on Noynoy’s side.

    Recent events have not only rekindle the memories of what Noynoy’s father, Ninoy, have died for, but it also brought to focus the memories of her late mother, Cory, on what she lived for.

    We saw in both of their deaths how meaningful their lives were for the Filipinos.

    Not that we think and believe that the son has inherited the courage of his father nor the tenacity of his mother, but just the same, he is the son that will surely show scruples and morality, the same traits that his parents exercised during their times. Noynoy will not let them down.

    We are at the cross-roads of history. 2010 presidential elections will be a crucial one. Either we defeat the evils of greed and corruption, of deceit and immorality, of insensitivity and indifference or we shall continue wallowing in dearth and poverty.

    The time is now! Hope all opposition candidates, who may have the means to fund a campaign, but who can’t surely win because of the divided votes for having too many candidates, will, like Roxas, withdraw their candidacy and rally behind Noynoy.

    Let us give our country and ourselves a chance. This could be the start of charting our own respectable destiny. This could be the example that generation, after ours, will have to follow.

    It is now time to reclaim our lost dignity.

  27. quierosaber says:

    To all quierosaber blog followers:
    You may have notice something new and different about the blogs am writing. It even has a picture accompanying each article.

    Well, you see, I always try to write something that would interest the readers and the only way I could find about it is to see what articles the viewers or followers read most.

    Almost always I have observed that my most read blogs are those considered as international events or foreign news and happenings.

    I think the viewers are right. But, the truth of the matter is that there is really nothing much interesting to write that he people doesn’t know already. Politics? Crime? Scams? Scandals? Show biz?
    What is aired over the radio, printed on the tabloids, and shown on TV during prime news hours is what you get. Garbage in, garbage out!

    The only interesting news that has been catching the people’s attention lately has been Noynoy Aquino’s entry to the presidential race and Mar Roxas’ sublime sacrifice, for country and people and the interest of the Liberal party, of giving up his quest for the presidency and supporting Noynoy instead.

    Mar showed wisdom and statesmanship. Wisdom, for acknowledging this early that his ego would have been bruised badly because the presidency will never be his at this time. Statesmanship, because his action was a display of political maturity.

    Hopefully there will be no more Erap to contend with and the religious leaders going into politics should start going back to their respective churches and continue with their soul-saving ways and collecting tithes.

    These are all dull, if not self-serving stories.

    I hope you all will get to like this new direction my blog has taken.

  28. quierosaber says:

    In one of my About comments, if you guys remember, I mentioned about my apprehensions of Korina Sanchez being a repeat of Imelda Marcos in Malacañang. That was the time of course when Noynoy Aquino was still out of the picture. And thank God, Mar eventually ceded the presidential candidacy to Noynoy.

    What I am simply driving at here is that I was never wrong in my reservations about Korina, if by stroke of lightning, she was to end up the nation’s first lady.

    While we are all aware of Korina’s outspoken behavior, what we seem to have downplayed the bad streaks she possess that comes naturally with being blunt- that of being swell-headed, superior, arrogant and cold-hearted.

    You must have heard of Korina’s outburst when one RGCruz, an active traditional journalist in the web wrote negative remarks against her in his Facebook account. Korina has been said to have written the ABS-CBN management asking for Cruz’s head! What influence she has, huh!

    This is how arrogant and domineering she can be that even to express freely one’s opinion is anathema to her. She does it well to others but she does not want others to do it to her. It is as simple as that. She has forgotten that she is a public figure and she is fair-game.

    Before this, I understand that Korina was also firing tirades at Inquirer columnist Conrad de Quiros, accusing him of vilifying Mar Roxas thru his daily column and this right after he gave way to Noynoy. Must have left bitter taste in her mouth losing her chance too.

    Then she trained her sights at Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, practically accusing the senator of “kawalang utang na loob.” This could have happened when Kiko threw his support at Noynoy.

    So, anyway, there you are. Who is next to be at the receiving end of Korina’s acerbic tongue? Only time will tell and we have until 2010 to see who get the next thrashing…. and the next!

  29. quierosaber says:

    The continuous heartrending news appearing on TV about the rain, flood and landslide victims are so emotionally draining that, perhaps, one is justified in questioning God, “Why?”

    I think, however, it is not for us to question God. But, surely, it is for us to question ourselves: What is wrong with us? What have we done?

    Before we attempt to answer the questions we are asking ourselves, let us try first to find an answer to this general question: Is global warming occurring?

    The reason why we have to find an answer to this general question first is because almost everybody has been attributing these catastrophic events happening to the country to global warming.

    Experts say there is no evidence, whatsoever, to support claims of global warming. They say anyone who tells you that scientific research shows warming trends – be they teachers, news casters, Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents or Presidents – is wrong. There is no global warming.

    On the contrary, scientific research through U.S. Government satellite and balloon measurements shows that the temperature is actually cooling – very slightly – .037 degrees Celsius.

    Scientists say changes in global temperatures are natural. There is no proof that temperature is affected by anything that man has done.

    In fact, they say, that recent severe weather has been directly attributed to a natural phenomenon that occurs every so often called El Nino. It causes ocean temperatures to rise as tropical trade winds actually reverse for a time.

    The resulting temperature changes cause severe storms, flooding and even draught on every continent on earth.

    Scientists claim it’s completely natural. El Nino has been wreaking its havoc across the globe since long before man appeared.

    What do experts say about the reports that the polar ice cap is melting?

    Well, yes it is, they say. In fact, it has been for about a million years or so. “We are at the end of the ice age in which ice covered most of North American and Northern Europe.”

    The truth is, someday humans may be able to take tropical vacations at the North Pole – and it will be perfectly natural.

    If it is natural, why then is the world being flooded with the dire predictions of global warming?

    Is global warming a hoax? This is still being debated until now and only time will tell if it is.

    So, if the heavy rains, flash floods and landslides are not resultant of global warming, but a continuing cycle of climate change in this country, why is it so devastating and catastrophic now?

    What we see around us may start answering the questions we are asking ourselves. But, questions beget only more questions.

    What is the country’s population now? What is the poverty level of this country? How is government protecting the forests from illegal logging? What is the government’s plan for the poor families living in natural channels that allow water to flow to the sea? What is government doing in regulating land use for residential settlements and commercial purposes? What is government doing in curbing population explosion? Why does government allow the Catholic Church to meddle in state affairs? What have we, collectively, done to the environment? Why do we keep on supporting people to run the government that have nothing but greed and personal welfare in mind alone? Why do we always have to vote for the wrong public servant, putting him or her in the wrong place every time?

    Think about all these questions because in reality we, ourselves, have only to be blame.

    It is about time we rise above ourselves and do well our duty of cooperating and following the laws of the land. It is only in doing these that we may be able to hold the politicians and the high ranking members of the Catholic Church hierarchy accountable for their actions.

    The separation of State and Church must be respected. We have enough measures to protect the environment, the country and its people. What is simply needed is for government to muster enough courage to implement the laws strictly no matter who gets hurt.

  30. quierosaber says:

    Would like to share with you this piece about
    Leptospirosis, as another flood menace.

    It looks like people now are not only terrorized by the rising water during heavy downpours, especially when coupled with an ill-timed release of water from dams, at how destructive it could be to lives and properties, but also terrified at what diseases could be lurking that could affect ones health.

    One of the diseases identified and feared now is leptospirosis and whoever is wading in the polluted water with skin-breaks on their body, touched by the dirty water, may be liable to contract this dreadful disease. Children frolicking in contaminated water runs a high risk of getting infected with leptospirosis, by accidentally ingesting the water.

    It has been reported that nearly 140 people in Metro Manila have already died of leptospirosis, a bacterial infection associated with rat urine that can lead to kidney failure.

    “We see clustering of leptospirosis cases in certain Quezon City and Pasig areas so we are alerting everybody against the flood-borne infection,” Dr. Yolanda Oliveros, DOH-National Center for Disease Control and Prevention director, said. “Clustering of cases can eventually lead to an outbreak of infectious disease if not immediately controlled.”

    “The incubation period of leptospirosis from exposure to flood and the bacteria from the urine of rats is actually 10 to 14 days so we are seeing the increase at this time,” Oliveros explained.

    The irony is that it takes an incident like flooding to happen before one realizes the gravity of a disease, such as leptospirosis.

    At least people are now aware how leptospirosis can be contracted and the DOH-CDC can provide preventive medicine for them.

  31. quierosaber says:

    I would like to share with you what I have found about a spice called turmeric.

    Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and is native to tropical South Asia. Like ginger, it comes in rhizomes and its rhizomes are said to be boiled for several hours and then dried in hot ovens, after which they are ground into a deep orange-yellow powder commonly used as a spice in curries and other South Asian cuisine.

    But, more and more has been written lately about turmeric because of its medicinal value.

    Turmeric’s active ingredient is curcumin, a chemical pigment that has been thought for some time now to have healing powers.

    It is said to be readily available in India as antiseptic for cuts and burns. Whenever there is a cut or a bruise, the home remedy is to reach for turmeric powder. It is also used as an antibacterial agent.

    In some Asian countries it is taken as a dietary supplement, which allegedly helps with stomach problems and other ailments.

    It is currently being investigated for possible benefits in arthritis, Alzheimer disease and even liver disorders.

    What cancer experts have found out lately, that is very encouraging, is that curcumin in turmeric is a potent-cancer fighting agent.

    New clinical tests have shown that the chemical curcumin can destroy gullet or cancer of the oesophagus.

    It’s thought that smoking and alcohol, among other things, can contribute to cancer of the oesophagus.

    It is said that around 7,800 people are diagnosed with oesophagal cancer in the UK every year and it accounts for around five percent of all UK cancer deaths.

    So there you are. Will do you more good to have a turmeric spice in your spice rack. For now we use it to impart color to potato salad.

  32. quierosaber says:

    It is very ironic, perhaps, that I am blogging about processed food being linked to depression when I, for one, is in the business of making processed food. Used to, I should say, although I haven’t stopped making the same for our consumption.

    A processed food is any food product that has undergone physical or chemical treatment resulting in a substantial change in the original state of the food.

    When I make pork tocino, corned beef, corned pork, chorizo, and bacon, there is no doubt the raw material undergoes a significant change from its original state.

    Natural substances such as salt, sugar, and vinegar are used as traditional preservatives. It is applied to meat and fish, for instance, to stop or greatly slow down spoilage, which means the loss of quality, edibility or nutritive value. But this, of course, is used when you are not considering a longer shelf life of what is being processed. These are the preservatives which, together with a natural food coloring, I use for my chorizo.

    When one is doing processed food for longer storage time or for longer shelf life, then you start using antimicrobial preservatives that may include sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, calcium propionate, and sulfites, depending on the food you are preparing.

    Any of these will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, and other micro-organisms. It will also prevent the processed food from being oxidized, thus causing it to be rancid or to be discolored.

    For processed meat, what is important is that is has got to be frozen.

    Well, we all know that anything in excess is bad.

    If some people ate all processed food day in, day out, definitely ones health is compromised. The sum of all the preservatives you take in from your food will just get into your system and this is unhealthy. But if you balance it with fruits and home cooked vegetables and other viands, I don’t see how this could depress people.

    You look at my children and my children-in-laws and they are all happy! I still have to see one of them depressed from eating my processed meat products.

  33. roommate says:

    might be depressed because of the extra pounds it adds to the wrong places , after eating so much processed food!

  34. quierosaber says:

    Great day for the country!

    Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao made the country proud by making history, tacking under his belt his seventh title in seven weight division.

    No boxing great has ever done this before. It took a fearless Filipino, oozing with grit and determination, to succeed where others have failed.

    There is really nothing more to add to the superlative adjectives that many have written about Pacquiao and his rise to stardom.

    He is not only the most exciting and the greatest boxer that has ever stepped inside the ring, but he now stands also as a global icon and a hero to the Filipinos.

    I just consider myself lucky to have been able to witness how a fledgling youngster, so raw, rough and uncultured, yet so oblivious, hardworking and determined, surmounting the odds to win practically every fight, captivating the audience and becoming the ‘darling’ of the boxing world.

    Just as Pacquiao’s style of boxing badly needed improvement and finesse, so much was needed also to make better his English so he could be understood clearly and do away with the use of an interpreter.

    Pacquiao’s partnership with the legendary Freddie Roach is the best thing that ever happened to himself and to his boxing career.

    Roach was the father that Manny Pacquiao never had growing up.

    Pacquiao was the son Roach wanted to have, but unsaid.

    Together they brought harmony and fluidity in boxing that sent opponents painting the canvas with their bloody gloves.

    Together they have showed the world how a powerful tandem of the East and West can put poetry to boxing that, since then, has invariably held the whole world in awe and admiration.

  35. quierosaber says:

    I have written a blog about Pinoy hero Efren Peñaflorida a few weeks back and it didn’t really move people based from the number of clicks it got.

    I wasn’t expecting, too, that many will be reading it because during the time that Peñaflorida was recognized as a hero by giant cable network, CNN, for his “pushcart education” program, thence, nominated as one of the 10 finalists to be chosen as CNN Hero of the Year, the whole nation was agog over Pacquiao’s fight against Cotto, which the former eventually emerged victorious.

    Sad to say that even government downplayed Peñaflorida’s success over the world boxing champion’s achievements.

    What a pity that a program implemented by a lowly person, impacting positively many of our impoverished youths, by bringing books to children in slums and on the streets and teaching them reading, writing and hygiene, is considered a lesser feat compared to a boxing superiority of a single individual that has only improved the status of his own personal life.

    Manny Pacquiao may have brought glory to our country by his boxing skills and has been singularly praise by the whole boxing world for his accomplishments, but Efren Peñaflorida is honored by the whole global population by making a difference in the lives of others.

    I invite you all to read my blog, Peñaflorida: CNN hero with a noble dream.

    I could not have written it any better.

    Congratulations to CNN Hero of the Year!

  36. quierosaber says:

    This is about the Marcoses and their glaring and shameless comeback in Philippine politics.

    Well, in reality, this is not news as the siblings Imee and Bongbong have been lording it over their bailiwicks in Ilocos since the family returned to the country after their infamous father died.

    Imee since then has represented Ilocos as a Congresswoman and after her term was over, Bongbong run and won the same seat until the present. The latter has also been once the governor of Ilocos.

    There are not much issues to be raised about the Marcos children. They have all been politically indoctrinated at a very young age and they have been doing good serving their constituents.

    The latest political development is that Imee will run for governor of the province in 2010 against her cousin, the incumbent governor Michael Keon.

    Bongbong, meanwhile, a very calculating politician like his father, feels that the time has arrived for him to run for national office and has become a candidate of the Nacionalista Party for senator under the Villar-Legarda tandem.

    What is distasteful and unpalatable, however, is that their equally ill-famed mother, former first lady Imelda Marcos, is making a dramatic entry into politics again, by running for a congressional seat in Ilocos Norte where she is predicted to win without sweat. The place continues to be a Marcos stronghold.

    Imelda claims she has been misunderstood all these years. That is a big BULLSHIT!

    Imelda’s theatrical rhetoric always makes me puke! Am sure many feels the same way.

    “My role as first lady was to be a star and a slave. To set the standard because mass follows class. And so I had to enslave myself so that everyone becomes a star,” she said.

    What a ridiculous statement and fucking baloney!

    We belong to the generation that became witnesses of their malevolent excesses in running this country.

    Imelda has a lot of explaining to do how she built The Cultural Center of the Philippines in record time and at what price in terms of people’s lives!

    This notorious woman, famous for her extravagance and wee-hour-in-the morning dances with George Hamilton, as well as being the owner of over 3000 pairs of shoes, will serve well this nation if she just remains in the shadows of her children.

    It should dawn on her now that the spot lights have finally dimmed on her.

  37. quierosaber says:

    This is about the overall health-view of Filipinos, that I would like to share with you.

    A national paper published a survey conducted by the Department of Science and Technology’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) saying, that “the nutrition situation of Filipinos has not improved from 2005 to 2008.”

    “There are more undernourished children and nutritionally at-risk pregnant and lactating women,” according to the FNRI survey.

    Putting it into numbers, it is said that about 2.8 million school children are underweight and 3.3 million are underheight.

    The survey also indicated that three out of 10 mothers and two out of 10 children experienced food insecurity because there was no food to eat or no money to buy food.

    “The food insecurity survey results are consistent with the results of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) hunger survey which showed an increase in the number of Filipinos who suffered from involuntary hunger,” said Maria Lourdes Vega, National Nutrition Council (NNC) Nutrition Officer V.

    The nutrition officer blamed the rise in hunger incidence as due to “uncontrolled factors” like the recent natural disasters.

    This “uncontrolled factors,” to my mind, is only a part and parcel of the nutrition problem the country is facing. The reason is that calamities, the most disastrous of which is flooding, does not happen all the time.

    But, what is uncontrolled and happening all the time are the birth of children every day in this country!

    Suffice to say that the main culprit of our nutrition problem is our being over-populated. There are just too many mouths to feed per Filipino family and yet, family planning is not being followed.

    I noticed that the problem of population was not mentioned in the survey, perhaps, fearing the ire of the church.

    How could a poor country with over 91 million inhabitants able to put on the table three square meals a day for every Filipino family?

    The country’s reproductive health bill, which aims to curve population growth, continues to be attacked by the church hierarchy for being against religious morals.

    The bill continues to linger in congress because most of the congressmen are afraid to support it for fear of losing the catholic votes, come election time.

    Meanwhile, poor children continue to die as their quality of life deteriorates and poor pregnant women continue to give birth to sickly children as they would rather give up a meal so the rest of her children can eat.

    Unless government will stand up bravely and come to the rescue of the people’s well-being by telling the church that enough is enough, the problem of malnutrition and early death among the poor will continue to be unsolved.

  38. quierosaber says:

    There is really nothing much to say about anything lately.

    There is more interesting news to blog from outside the country than from within.

    There is more to learn from what is happening elsewhere than what this country can offer.

    The media frenzy about the Maguindanao massacre seem to have subsided and the fate of the Ampatuans and their partners in crime are far from being resolved.

    I just hope the wheels of justice will continue to move forward until justice for the victims and their loves ones will be attained.

    But, more than anything, I pray that government will exert every effort possible to make sure the murderers are meted the gravest penalty there is that they so deserve and ensure further that the same heinous crime will not be repeated ever in this country.

    There is no doubt that in the succeeding months leading to the elections in 2010, the Ampatuan murder case will be overshadowed by the emotions of political fever engulfing the nation.

    Whoever wins the presidential contest must not forget the Maguindanao massacre. He owes it to the people to have an early resolution of the case so this country can move forward in peace and harmony, especially where Mindanao is concern.

    Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you all the very best in 2010!

  39. quierosaber says:

    This is about the recent U.P. study on lifestyle and reproductive health of young professionals in Cebu and Metro Manila published in the papers, exposing all sorts of sex practiced by call center agents, namely, early sex, unprotected sex, same-sex sex, and even sex, for the sake of having sex, with a colleague.

    This is an interesting study that came out about the same time that Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez made a sexy revelation on pork meat saying, “I didn’t know that eating pork improved sexual activity. It is much more gratifying to eat some grilled pork than to take Viagra.”

    She even joked that “it was all good” after she enjoyed some pork with her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner.

    Well, as we all know, pork will always be pork, whether it is roasted, barbecued, grilled or broiled.

    So, is the Argentina president’s observation has got something to do with the result of the U.P. study describing the excessive, if not uncontrolled, sex activities happening, especially among call center employees?

    Are these just mere coincidences of statements and events or is there relevance between the two?

    The questions are asked because we know very well how eating places and barbecue stands have been mushrooming along our streets making it easily accessible and affordable.

    Is it the irregular hours of their work schedule that forces call center agents to indulge in indiscriminate, unrestricted, and licentious sex as found out by the study or is their something in the pork they partake that makes sex gratifying and satisfying especially when done in total abandon?

    Shouldn’t the U.P. study be made to include also students in our universities? Just asking.

    Tocino, anyone?

  40. quierosaber says:

    I shall probably be writing about Pastor Apollo Quiboloy for as long as it takes, while his name buzzes the political scene, make the greatest difference in the May presidential elections and until the world acknowledges that, indeed, the New Jerusalem is situated in the Philippines.

    You see, never in the 25 years of Quiboloy’s existence and leadership of his Kingdom of Jesus Christ congregation has he been so visible, wondered at and sought after by politicians as it is happening today.

    All of a sudden he looms large, influential, righteous and yet narcissistic as he claims himself to be the appointed son of God!

    He affirms that he is in communion with God and whoever he is now, whatever glory he is enjoying now and whatever riches he has accumulated all these times, he is what has been in the name of God.

    It is the presence of the spirit in him, he says, which gifted him the favor to be able to talk to and hear God directly. Woe, therefore, to us mere mortals, made up of nothing but body and soul, for we are simply babes in the woods. But we may still be blessed with the same spirit as Quiboloy has, but, it all depends in our relationship with the Almighty Father.

    He admits that God has manifested to him on whom to vote for he is the one to lead the Philippines to be respected again.

    He deplored the fact, in front of the presidential candidates and other politicians who trooped to the Cebu International Convention Center very recently to join the gathering of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, that election for president come and go, yet we remain poor as ever, disrespected and slurred for what we are and who we are.

    So, pray, tell me: why can’t Pastor Quiboloy just name names so we can see ourselves, once and for all, lifted from the morass of poverty where we had been mired for a long time and progress and regain back the honor we have lost?

    If God has made the Philippines the New Jerusalem, as Quiboloy wants as to believe because God loves us, then isn’t it part of the process that we have finally found an anointed one who would show-case the new Philippines as well?

    Or is Pastor Quiboloy playing it safe and smart so he won’ be unmasked, as to his true nature, if his candidate losses in the May elections? Perhaps this could be the reason why he is not endorsing, overtly, a presidential candidate, but is instead keeping his card close to his heart.

    Meanwhile, everybody is left in awe at how, this once struggling preacher, has gone so far, grown so rich and influential, that to the presidentiables, his, is a mecca-of-votes congregation, with an estimated 4-million followers here and 2-million abroad.

  41. quierosaber says:

    I still couldn’t quite fathom what it is that makes for a good, interesting reading. Quite frankly, I am still quite wondering, too, the range or classification or group, if you may, of readers following my blogs.

    Am saying this because I wrote sometime ago about Italian dictator Benito Mussolini being once on the payroll of the British intelligence during WWI and at the time I wrote it, it only generated a few clicks.

    But, surprisingly, it is only very recently more and more people are reading this particular article. At one time this item generated over 300 clicks. But, still a great number continue to read it. What could be the reason? What is in this article, a history at that, that makes it interesting for readers? Who are reading it? What age group are reading it?

    On the contrary, when I wrote ‘Bears losing fur’ which earned me the blog of the day for achieving over 3000 clicks in one day, it immediately caught the attention of the readers.

    There is no doubt that I have aroused the curiosity of some foreign readers. This is attested by the fact that some of my blogs have been translated to other languages.

    So, again the question is: What makes for a good reading material? History? Current events? Animals? Science? New discoveries? Politics? People?

    I am asking this in the hope that I could further make more people visit my blog site and be able to sustain wide ‘readership.’

    I shall continue writing varied subjects that may enliven both local and foreign readers.

    Meanwhile, Quierosaber would like to thank you all for keeping me company and, in the process, inspiring me.

  42. quierosaber says:

    This is about Pastor Apollo Quiboloy again, he, the founder of the 6-million strong Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) religious sect and self-proclaimed ‘appointed son’ of God.

    This man is intriguing as he is amusing.

    Yet, presidential hopefuls troop to his kingdom nation in Davao asking for his blessing and endorsement so that the anointed candidate would be able to corner Quiboloy’s 6-million votes.

    How ridiculous and gullible can these politicians be to believe that just because Quiboloy claims to be the ‘appointed son’ of God and the new ‘redeemer’ that whomever he endorses will win in the coming elections.

    Am sure he doesn’t want to be labeled the ‘disappointed’ son of God.

    This is the reason why he has to play it safe. He has to condition the people’s mind by saying that his personal preference could still differ from God’s own revelation.

    But, I thought he had a direct line to God and whatever is revealed to him shall be followed?

    Pastor Quiboloy is actually being placed on the spot light now.

    He does not want to loss face when the political dust settles and people start questioning his authenticity as the ‘appointed son’ of God.

    Let us just remember that Quiboloy is from Pampanga and has not minced words in his support of President Arroyo.

    Among the candidates, Gibo Teodoro, the administration candidate who has been running under the slogan of ‘Galing at Talino’ has caught Quiboloy’s fancy. After all, that is who Quiboloy is, too – ‘Sobrang galing at sobrang talino pa.’

    Quiboloy says he is going to make his formal announcement on his endorsement on May 2, just one week before the election.

    But, of course! Isn’t this the safest way of predicting who will be getting the nation’s nod when everything has gelled and firmed up and the winner can now be clearly seen from the crystal ball?

    Quiboloy is taking us for a hypnotic ride. That is all there is to it.

  43. quierosaber says:

    This is about election 2010.

    This national and local event created milestones and a turning point – hopefully.

    Foremost is that it was the first automated polls ever made and for a third world country like ours embarking on it, it was pretty much a success.

    There were kinks here and there all over the country, but all were part of going through the process of birth pains.

    Like many others, I, too, had reservations over its overall favorable outcome, but we were all wrong.

    Hopefully, with all the problems aired, heard and seen over the radio and on TVs accompanying and surrounding the automated polls, Comelec should have recorded and documented them so that the next time around elections will not be as chaotic as it was pictured to be in many poll precincts.

    Among the bad situations persistently occurring during elections which should be addressed, henceforth, are the missing names on the voter’s list, the small voting places that easily gets crowded, and poor crowd control which could be attributed to a system and procedure flaw, both in managing people and process.

    Comelec has also to review if their decision to cluster as many as six precincts in one polling place had positive or negative effect on the process.

    While there may have been malfunctioning PCOS machines that contributed to delays in voting, this problem, however, pales in comparison to the inefficiency of those overseeing the electoral process in implementing systems and procedures and making inadequate and/or ineffective decisions.

    Solving all these problems will prevent many from being disenfranchised, for one reason or another.
    Having said that, Comelec should also be commended for their kind and caring treatment of senior citizens and those physically challenged. I take off my hat to you.

    But, the most discernible and appreciable change of all was the quick release of election results and the disappearance of allegations of tampered ballots.

    The historic use of the PCOS machine, hopefully, may also bring about a historic turn around of this beautiful country – the Philippines.

  44. quierosaber says:

    I was surfing the net and chanced upon Pastor Apollo Queboloy’s Sonshine TV channel where I saw him frothing with anger.

    Lingering further I realized that he was talking about insulting remarks or racist slurs against Filipinos.

    While this angered him no end, as can be clearly noticed in his facial expression, what surprised me, however, was his unchristian attitude towards the whole matter.

    He was referring, at that instant, about how our country was described by one (a Hongkong- national journalist) as a ‘nation of servants.’

    I remember I wrote a blog about this denouncing the man and his remarks and am aware that many others concerned Filipinos did the same.

    The feeling is that it is not a singular fault of anybody but a conglomeration of events, both political and religious, we call history that is now defining our character as a nation and as people.

    We continue to belong to the third world and we continue to have an inadequate and incompetent government.

    We continue to be the basket case of Asia and the laughing stock. But, we are still hopeful that one day we will get our acts together and with the help of God, lift ourselves from the morass of poverty and deprivation to rise up and become respected.

    This to me is the christian way of reacting – by praying and hoping and working towards that goal.

    Unlike the rest of us, what Queboloy, the self-proclaimed appointed son of God, has is hatred and deep vengeance against those that belittles us.

    While this may be a natural reaction, does one in Queboloy’s position as a Christian evangelist with followers all over the world have to show anger and haughtiness? Is this the example he has to show now to people who are paying him obeisance?

    He is extracting retribution from these insults by using his congregation’s affluence through his glib tongue and charisma, like, say, to buy a plane so that he could have Caucasians piloting it and the rest of the affluent world in awe as they see the brown Filipino on top of the world walking on a red carpet. (Queboloy flaunt walking on the red carpet.)

    It relishes him, he says, to hear people say he is the master of his new nation kingdom which he calls the New Jerusalem.

    Not because Queboloy thinks he has spiritual power that he consider others less of a person and less of a christian.

    He should remember that no man was poorer because you were richer and no man had less rank, influence, reputation or affection because you had more.

    Pastor Queboloy, I think, is the worst of all the bigots I have known.

  45. quierosaber says:

    This is about Quierosaber’s failed prediction of Sen. Mar Roxas winning the vice presidency.

    Who would have thought that a candidate running comfortably ahead of the pack and considered unbeatable for almost the whole length of the race would instead find himself eating the dust created by Mayor Jejomar Binay in his late surge to the finishing line?

    Doesn’t this remind you of the story about the rabbit and the turtle running a race?

    Mar was probably thinking that because of the wide lead he had in the poll surveys, there was no way the one running second could catch up with him.

    It was always Loren Legarda whom Mar was most particular about, but it gave him ease and comfort that she was practically not a threat at all.

    Binay was not even a moving blot in Mar’s radar. So why worry about the little black man from Makati who was even way behind Legarda?

    So race over! Right?


    It was complacency and the false sense of victory that got the better of Mar Roxas.

    He failed to feel the pulse of his party mates and the people around him if those supporting Noynoy Aquino were also unequivocally for him.

    He was presuming all along that everything was fine and dandy.

    Mar misjudged the ardor for acceptance. He could never have been more wrong.

    The yellow shirts of Noynoy could never accept Mar as one of them – he with the blue shirt.

    While Noynoy was building his own identity, Mar was projecting his own, too, to the consternation of the Aquino followers.

    And, yes, where was wife Korina Sanchez? Why, people have even noticed her aloofness by not seeing her intermingling with the Aquino sisters? Or did she think they were not worth her time?

    And you call this alliance of the Aquinos and Roxases harmonious? Holy?

    For the sake of the party and its dreams for a better future, Binay, a well known original Cory supporter, was easily the best option for the number two position in Noynoy’s administration.

    The Noybi alliance was more viable and acceptable.

    Time was running out and there was a need to move fast.

    Thus, the late surge happened, with Binay stunning Roxas along the way that at the end the latter even wants the null votes counted.

    It is not how moneyed you are.

    It is about how a good soldier you can become.

    It is knowing to empathize and solidify the partnership.

  46. quierosaber says:

    After 66 years and 555 blogs later I finally have my own website! Hooraaaay!

    This is, indeed, a triple milestone.

    Left it to God top bring me this far.

    Never ever thought I would spend much time sitting and writing when I am, by nature, a restless person.

    Perhaps age has finally caught with me and lucky to have time under my control allowing me to read and write, at my pleasure.

    And the website, wow, it will just make you do more!

    I would like to thank my wife, Paz, for her patience and perseverance and for being the great mother that she is to our children. I owe http://www.jessievert.com to her.

    I treasure the inspiration and support given me by our children, Iñaki, Angie and Chavi and their respective families.

    They are the reason of my existence.

    And so, let me invite the followers of Quierosaber blogsite to visit my website and be part of it, too. You guys will help me live longer.

    See you there!

  47. quierosaber says:

    For parents whose three children have spent their primary years at St. Benedict’s Education Centre (formerly St. Benedict Learning Centre), there is nothing more pleasing to our ears than hearing that the school’s choir has made Cebu proud.

    Winning gold medal in the contemporary songs category and a silver medal each for children’s song and songs of the religions, besting contestants from 62 other countries in the recently concluded 6th World Choir Games competition in Shiaoxing, China, is an achievement that speaks well of the school.

    What is even more amazing is that St. Benedict’s choir was formed only two years ago and perhaps, without experience and exposure on international stage, the kids have shown great confidence, courage and determination to bring home the bacon.

    But, this is nothing new about St. Benedict and its mentors.

    Then and now, the mission and vision of the school has not changed.

    It exists to make their pupils embrace the spirit of competition and turn them into achievers.

    The primary years my kids have spent at St. Benedict may be short, but the teachings learned during those early years have been deeply rooted.

    They have their own families now, but upon learning the triumphant return of their former school’s choir, they reacted with excitement, glee and pride.

    After all, it was an icing on their cakes, too.

    Congratulation to the champions!

  48. Louie Encabo says:

    Hello sir!

    Upon reading your blog, I cannot believe that I have not heard of a great writer such as yourself before! I usually keep track of the most inspiring bloggers I come across with.

    I am aspiring to be the type of blogger you are as well sir. To tackle the issues no one normally tackles. If you do have time please feel free to read my blog as well. 🙂

    P.S: I have RSS’d your blog! 😀 So I may be able to follow it more.

    the exiled blogger

  49. quierosaber says:

    I still can’t seem to concentrate fully on what I want to write about these days.

    My thoughts always seem to wonder and deviate towards how my 97 year-old (in November, God willing) mother is doing.

    To reach this age may be a blessing, as others wont to say, but if you are suffering from certain afflictions because of old age and senility is fast catching up, then it becomes a pitiful sight of sadness and helplessness.

    Mother has, sometimes, her moments of lucidness but at times also are bouts of instability, of confusion in both time and place.

    We are just so thankful that a brother, a retired doctor from Jacksonville, Florida, is here attending to her at home.

    He is just making sure that mother gets the assistance and care that would ease her pains and make life more comfortable and bearable.

    Our gratitude goes to three caregivers, cum house helpers, who have come to love mother like their own, and who works on rotation helping mother sit or lie down, whichever position she prefers being.

    A sister, a retired nurse, is arriving soon, too.

    Are we being mustered for the final call?

    We can see it coming, but only God can pick the time.

    It will be when He wishes it to be.

  50. quierosaber says:

    This is about my dotage mother who passed away on August 31, 2010 at the blessed age of 96.

    She would have been 97 had she lived a little longer for her birthday on November 10th.

    It was not meant to be for her tired mind and body said it all.

    We were with her all the time, especially my brother and sister, both retired doctor and nurse, respectively.

    We just made sure she was going to be attended to with all the care we can give.

    It was always encouraging to see her eat by herself.

    It started to be disheartening when it took somebody to feed her already.

    It became ultimately devastating when a dropper was used to feed her and an oxygen was needed to help her labored breathing.

    We knew then it was only a matter of time.

    The beautiful thing about mother’s death is that long before she passed away we, the children and grandchildren, were able to tell her how much we loved her and thanked her for the pleasant and unforgettable memories we all have of her.

    It was also our chance to ask for forgiveness.

    We all have our group and individual pictures taken with her.

    As days went on towards the end, the pictures also showed mother’s gradual deteriorating health.

    Took her a long time to let go and surrender everything to God.

    A priest had talked to her and we, too, have been telling ma not to worry about anything anymore.

    Mother was particularly anxious and concerned more about our younger sister, a retardate, who has been her constant companion all of Socorro’s 57 years of existence.

    It was most consoling for me when, after assuring her that Socorro will be in good hands and not to worry at all, she answered me, thus, “No me preocupo mas, Doy, porque he tenido buenos hijos.” (I no longer worry, Doy, because I had had good children.)

    I could just imagine now the happy faces of my father, Pepe, and brothers, Angel and Eduardo, as they welcome mother with warm, longing embrace – wherever they may be in God’s mercy.

  51. quierosaber says:

    This is about chicharon, contraceptives and a guy named Carlos Celdran. You will immediately notice that the only thing common to them is that they all start with letter “c.”

    Chicharon, either the plain crackling pork rind or the one with fat and little meat attached to the rind, is a delicacy anywhere you go in Cebu. Being a delicacy, it is something that is good to eat and may be expensive, thus, making it a choice food.

    A choice food may be good or bad to your health, depending on what pre-existing health problems you already have which doctors call risk factors.

    Now comes a member of Cebu’s provincial board who is proposing an ordinance of requiring nutritional contents and health warnings on chicharon packaging.

    I find this rather senseless, if not bland and tasteless, simply because the proponent suffered a stroke and the last thing he remembered was having a chicharon in his hand.

    Does this mean Cebu’s much sought after lechon shall also have nutritional info on its packaging?

    Eat at your own risk, I would say.

    Ever since PNoy declared his support for the distribution of artificial contraceptives to those needing and wanting it, he has been threatened of excommunication by the church. The church, however, denied it later saying it was reported wrongly.

    The crux of the matter is that PNoy is stamping his own brand of leadership and not kowtowing to the whims and caprices of the church with regards to birth control and population explosion. For this Pnoy is getting lambasted by the church hierarchy.

    People now are supporting PNoy in this very sensitive issue. We are now at the crossroads to finally decide whether to curb the population or to forever forfeit quality of life.

    I would say forge ahead Mr. President and show your ‘cojones.’ It is about time we see all Filipinos eating three square meals a day. This is the least of the rich religious order’s worries.

    Lastly, I have nothing but admiration for this guy named Carlos Celdran, he who disrupted the church services by carrying a placard with the name DAMASO printed boldly, protesting the Catholic Church’s continued meddling in the lives of Filipinos, including the country’s political affairs, but most especially with regards to birth control. This was simply a depiction reminiscent of the deplorable role played by the friars or padres during the time of Rizal.

    I would say, well done, hombre! Thank you for telling the prelates, enough is enough.

  52. quierosaber says:

    This is about the recent Supreme Court (SC) decision clearing Hubert Webb and company in the celebrated Vizconde massacre case for “failure of the prosecution to establish their guilt beyond reasonable doubt.”

    In the case of the freed convicts, they had to suffer 15 years in jail, practically throwing away a good part of their youth, only to hear that the evidences presented against them were not strong enough to convict them.

    As for Lauro Vizconde, who lost his wife and two daughters, he has all the reason to cry ‘foul’ and be outraged by the decision because it was as if another crime has been committed, even worse than what has befallen his family, for this time it was perpetrated by the honorable magistrates of the SC.

    To one, it was very much justice delayed. To another, it was awfully and miserably justice denied. These are familiar setbacks in our criminal justice system.

    Time cannot be turned back to retrieve the lost youth.

    But, what is worst is that justice continues to be illusory and redress is even harder to find now, for those who lost their lives and for Lauro, who in his advanced years, remains heart-broken and agonizing.

    So what must be done and done fast?

    Revisit the case again and make sure that Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and her department review where, why and how it got to this conclusion.

    Dig deeper and ask more questions. Find out where star witness Jessica Alfaro is and grilled her until she sings. She is solely responsible for having the perceived convicts languished in jail and giving Lauro Vizconde false hopes.

    Determine whether or not some NBI members, then, fabricated facts that Alfaro used in court as alleged by former Webb counsel Atty. Jose Flaminiano.

    Was there any bias that made it easy for former Parañaque regional trial court Judge Amelita Tolentino to convict Webb and company for the sensational crime?

    Resolve the case beyond reasonable doubt using the best legal and analytical minds of those searching for the truth in going over the testimonies and what is left of the evidences. Only then can we put an end to this case.

    Certainly this has been a mockery of justice. Let the country’s criminal justice system regain back its tarnished and battered image.

    Not for the Webbs and the Vizcondes alone, but, for all Filipinos.

  53. quierosaber says:

    The election of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino as President is about the best thing that has ever happened in 2010. What it did was usher trust, confidence and hope for the next six years that under his leadership good things could happen to the country and its people.

    I have written a lot of times in support of PNoy and the direction he is leading this nation. I like what I see happening in the country.

    He has taken a stand for the RH bill that runs counter to the ideas and belief of the Catholic Church and this has not cowed him. History will judge him favorably on this controversial issue.

    Now he has reduced the number of holidays that we Filipinos observe from 21 to 16. This is an audacious move that will do more for the country and people. It is good for business, the economy and the daily wage earners.

    Indeed, six years is too short for a good president, but we thank him for his commitment and determination in laying down a strong foundation for building a progressive nation that should be emulated, if not carried on, by whoever that takes after him.

    Happy holidays everyone! Wishing you all the best for 2011.

  54. quierosaber says:

    This is about how my blogging did in 2010. Would like to invite you to go to : https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?yib=2010.

    The info or statistics given was not bad at all. The reason why I am sharing this with you is because you are part of the equation.

    Success is never a one way street. Along the way there are people like you – curious, inquisitive and wanting to learn more about anything of interest and this is what makes accomplishment and achievement possible.

    Thank you all for making quierosaber blog a part of your day.

  55. quierosaber says:

    Wonder how long corruption in our armed forces has been going on.

    Corruption in our country is nothing new. There have been a lot of corruption cases in the past which became the object and subject of house and senate investigation.

    The question is that it didn’t surprise us then that it happened, considering who were involved at that time. We had the inkling that they were already corrupt officials in government. It was influence and power that made corruption flourish. It was like putting fish in the water. It was the most natural thing to do – swim and breathe in the water.

    But, to be able to hear and read about the enormity of corruption involving top brasses in the military that has been hugging the news lately, it simply is mind boggling, to say the least. And , we are not talking about millions of pesos, but, millions of dollars, too!

    Mind boggling because it is simply inconceivable that it could happen and be tolerated in an institution where, almost always, the top brasses come from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

    PMA, the premier military school in the country, is where cadets are taught the fundamental objective of character formation which is achieved through the Honor Code and the Honor System.

    This system is a unique system which is administered by the cadets themselves. Through the Honor System, the cadet binds himself to the Code which states that: “We, the cadets, do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate among us those who do so.”

    Does this mean that this code that, supposedly, had been deeply entrenched in the heart of every cadet, becomes worthless and meaningless once they get to their ultimate ambition of becoming a General?

    What a bummer!

    What pains me is that while these unscrupulous Generals are living a life of ease, splendor, and abundance, the ordinary soldiers continue to be poor, living in uncertainty, and the ones putting their lives on the line for peace and stability in the country.

    Surely, it wasn’t like this before.

    I have the feeling that these all started during the Marcos’ dictatorial regime. In order to be assured of the General’s support, the despot was mollycoddling and accommodating his top ranking officers until it became a practice loose enough to be transformed into corruption.

    In between then and now we had the misfortune of having perfidious leaders.

    The rest is history.

  56. quierosaber says:

    This is about the silver anniversary of EDSA 1 people power revolution that the country is celebrating today. How fast time has gone, indeed.

    Twenty five years ago the whole family was in Zamboanga City. The kids were small then. I don’t know if they understood the significance of this day.

    The protests happening in Manila and the ultimate uprising that toppled the Marcos dictatorship, driving him out of the country, was perhaps the greatest highlight of our lives in Zambo.

    We were monitoring the events on TV very attentively, both at work and at home.

    We felt the angst of the people participating in the peaceful revolution for, after all, they were up against a mad man crazed with power who had at his disposal the might of the armed forces that could be used to unleash against them.

    The collective prayer of the Filipino people, however, coupled with the constant singing of the song Bayan Ko that stirred patriotic emotions and the longing for freedom and self-worth was what galvanized the sentiments of the people against the tyrant Marcos.

    It overwhelmed the soldiers forcing them to join the people in the streets raising their hands showing the Laban sign – an extended forefinger and thumb forming an “L” – that symbolized fight for freedom against tyranny.

    The rest is history.

    Twenty five years have passed, but the exhilarating moment of that memorable day never ceases as it comes back, year after year, when it is celebrated and shown on TV.

    The images continue to be vivid, and to this day, it gives me goosebumps.

    But overall, what is enthralling and fulfilling for us, who experienced this momentous event, is that the country’s peaceful people power movement became an inspiration and an example for other nations, like, south Korea, South Africa, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Mongolia, to name a few in the past, and, very recently, in the Middle East and Arab countries, in their struggle for freedom, democracy, human rights and human dignity against oppressive and autocratic regimes.

  57. quierosaber says:

    The devastation that Japan suffered in the wake of a powerful 8.9 intensity earthquake and a monstrous 30-ft tsunami that followed is going to be a topic of conversation by all peoples all over the world for a long time.

    It was a fury unleashed by nature, the likes that most of us have never seen in recent history.

    The destruction was so immense and mindboggling, both in lives and properties, that it only showed how inferior and fragile man and his works are against the wrath of nature.

    The magnitude of the earthquake was scary and destructive enough, but to face the onslaught of giant waves coming one after another triggered by the seismic activity made it more traumatic.

    Now there is a grave threat of meltdown in their nuclear power station housing a reactor where the cooling system failed to work because of the massive quake.

    If the radiation leak becomes excessive and will not be contained soonest, then, all in all, it will be a catastrophic event of an unimaginable proportion.

    But, as Japan rose to be an economic power after being leveled to the ground during WW II and after they have rebuilt the country from a series of historic earthquakes in the past, so will it be back proudly on its feet again and resume its place in the world order.

    It is the Japanese character, mentality, discipline and tenacity that will make them always a people and a country to reckon with.

    We can only pray that if a powerful earthquake happens again under the sea, where the Pacific Ring of Fire is located, that it should not be deeper than the 24 km that hit Japan on March 11th causing a 30-ft wave.

    The powerful and deeper the earthquake is under the sea, the higher and more ferocious the generation of waves will be that island nations lying on the ring of fire will be all in danger of being easily reached and thrashed.

  58. quierosaber says:

    Not until Japan’s crippled Fukushima Dai-chi nuclear plant started leaking radioactive material did we start hearing about the unit used in measuring the ‘dose’ or amount of radiation received by man, which is in millisieverts.

    This may just be a trivia to most, but for us, whose family name resembles that of Rolf Maximilian Sievert, the man whose name has been coined to measure the quantitative radiation inflicted on an individual, it is something special and fascinating.

    Not that we lay claim to be a part of his clan, but knowing that we are just the third generation Sieverts in the Philippines, having descended from the Sieverts, who originated from Germany, thence to Spain, the tale simply astounds us.

    Neither do we claim sharing the same brilliance that the medical physicist Sievert, renowned for his work on radiation dosage measurement, possessed. Far from it, but we are proud of who we are and everyone’s humble achievement.

    I am reprinting here information taken from Wikipedia about Rolf Sievert, for those interested to know.

    Professor Rolf Maximilian Sievert (6 May 1896 – 3 October 1966) was a medical physicist whose major contribution was in the study of the biological effects of radiation.

    Professor Sievert (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈsiːvəʈ]) was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He served as head of the physics laboratory at Sweden’s Radiumhemmet from 1924 to 1937, when he became head of the department of radiation physics at the Karolinska Institute. He played a pioneering role in the measurement of doses of radiation especially in its use in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In later years, he focused his research on the biological effects of repeated exposure to low doses of radiation. In 1964, he founded the International Radiation Protection Association, serving for a time as its chairman. He also chaired the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

    He invented a number of instruments for measuring radiation doses, the most widely known being the Sievert chamber.

    In 1979, at the Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures (General Conference on Weights and Measures or CGPM), the SI unit for ionizing radiation dose equivalent was named after him and given the name sievert (Sv).

  59. quierosaber says:

    I am probably one of those able to heaved a sigh of relief after Rep. Eduardo Gullas declared, emphatically, that he was not for the destruction of the trees lining up along the sides of the Naga-Carcar road.

    The trees have been part of our childhood, when, during summer, a visit to my mother’s ancestral home in Sibonga, Cebu was always the highlight of our vacation.

    Arriving in Cebu by boat, what made the next leg of our land trip glorious for us kids, riding in the old, smelly Autobus, was our exuberant anticipation that we will soon be passing under the cool, thick canopy of the acacia trees along the Naga-Carcar road.

    We were always awed by it and it was an experience still etched in my mind today. Even when I was working with a seaweed production plant located south of Carcar, passing through this road always brought back memories.

    Like the heritage homes in Carcar, which Gullas described as “priceless treasures of the city” and wants them preserved, the countryside landscape, where these huge, century-old acacias are found, is an invaluable and irreplaceable environmental heritage that ought to be cared for and maintained.

    The beautiful, shady trees not only signals that one is within the environs of Carcar already, but it defines the history of the city itself with the presence of many imposing heritage homes, not to mention its Spanish era church with beautiful frescoes. .

    That the trees can attract tourists to add to the economic prosperity of Carcar City is simply a bonus.

  60. quierosaber says:

    I don’t know how many times already have I written about my support and the need to pass the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. But, I won’t tire writing and repeating my stand until it sees the light of day and the poor and disadvantaged couple will be free to choose the type of birth control measure they want to follow without being made to feel guilty by the Church.

    Never has their been an opportune time such as today for the passage of this bill, when we are nearing to be 100 million people in the Philippines and this population issue continues to be a negative factor in our development as a nation.

    We could not have chosen a better time, when no less than President Benigno Aquino has stuck out his neck on the Catholic Church’s chopping block just so its passage will finally start alleviating the plight of the poor Filipinos.

    How narrow minded can the Church be, when even the highest official of the land is threatened with excommunication for simply trying to implement wiser population control management.

    The more that it is time to pass the RH bill into law so that the Catholic Church in the country should stop interfering in the political affairs of the country. These supposedly servants of God does not seem to realize that blackmailing politicians who might be in favor of the RH bill during election time is a sin, any which way you look at it. As if the nation is dependent on the rich Catholic votes.

    I don’t think they are doing God a favor, but, certainly, they are doing a disfavor to the poor, struggling Filipino family whose only dream is to have adequate roof over their heads, three square meals a day on their table, clothes on their body and access to education.

    It is, therefore, much welcomed news to know that Sen. Panfilo Lacson also supports the RH bill as a way to curb poverty in the country, but not as a means to promote abortion.

    “Finding ways to curb our monstrous population growth rate, which has been a major part of our poverty problem, is one sensible approach in poverty alleviation. Advocating population management is not being anti-life. In fact, it is pro-country and pro-people,” Lacson said.

    It is time for all our national legislators in Congress to adopt a selfless attitude towards service for country and people and do away with advocacy that may just serve their own selfish interests.

    But, more than ever, it is time for the Catholic Church to leave the governance of population management to the politicians.

  61. quierosaber says:

    This territorial spat over and about the Spratly Islands is driving me nuts, perhaps out of frustration.

    It is just so frustrating and depressing to think that in the 50s we were second only to Japan. Our government was respected, the peso was strong and the country had all the potentials of being a model nation.

    Six decades later and look where we are? We have become the basket case of Asia.

    How I wish we continued to have political leaders that worked for the well-being of this country rather than served for their own selfish interests.

    But then if you look at it, it is not really the fault of the political leaders, as much as we have the Filipino electorate to blame for voting nincompoops and the undeserving to public office.

    Politics became a business and corruption a pastime.

    The rich became richer, the poor, poorer.

    The development of the nation stagnated and what flourished has been the population which has been adding to the county’s economic woes.

    We are rich in natural resources and this is what we used to export before, but now we are more known for exporting labor abroad.

    How I wish we were half as strong as Singapore and Taiwan are now, both militarily and economically. These island nations were nobodies six decades ago. Now everybody is in awe at how they have managed to build so strongly their defenses for the security of their nation.

    While we, we have only now awaken to the miserable reality how weak we have become as a nation. What we think was ours in part is now being claimed by China in whole and we can fight them only with rhetoric while they continue bullying us with impunity.

    This is the most pathetic situation we are in now. We have so become dependent on American help and support that this time we may not have it. Times have changed.

    No amount of “carrots” dangled by the Philippine government will ever change the direction China is having toward exercising jurisdiction over the Spratly Islands.

    What is needed if diplomacy won’t work is a stick to stop them.

    Alas, we don’t have it.

    China is all over the world looking and buying resources to fuel their economic and military machines and be able to sustain their growth and development.

    The Spratly Islands’ resources is for their taking. Make no bones about it.

  62. quierosaber says:

    I still can’t imagine at how laughter yoga or “Lyoga” can be a toll for relieving stress and improving ones health.

    I can imagine both, but separately, doing the body good, but, together?

    If doing yoga exercises try to liberate us from shame about our bodies, why rob more salt on that wound by laughing forcibly on something that isn’t even funny?

    Isn’t there a saying that says, laughter is the best medicine?

    But this is not the kind of stupid laughter or induced laughter that is beneficial to the body. We are talking here of a hearty laughter that is not only advantageous for the body, but also for the soul.

    Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind and done by the nimble in body to improve ones being, from bodily health to self-realization. It needs concentration.

    Hearty laughter, it is said, is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.

    They say that in Laughter Yoga, laughter is a tool and not an emotion.

    The tension-releasing laughter exercises are combined with stretching exercises, rhythmic clapping and chanting in unison.

    That in the studies conducted, our bodies release a cocktail of hormones and chemicals that have startling positive effects on our system as we laugh. Therefore, stress is reduced, blood pressure drops, depression is lifted and your immune system is boosted.

    But, isn’t this clearly referring to a hearty laughter rather than an emotionless laughter?

    Doesn’t one feel better every time we give an honest, jolly laugh?

    Does one find satisfaction with a make-believe laughter?

    A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book, says an Irish proverb

    An unexcited and unemotional laugh called “Lyoga” is foolishness.

  63. quierosaber says:

    I have written about Mideo Cruz and his “politeismo” art in my blog ‘CPP art show turned awry, closes.’

    I wish I was an artist myself or at least a connoisseur of arts, such that when I see one I could immediately see what is in the artist’s mind.

    But is Cruz’ “politeismo” exhibit so exotic and sophisticated that one needs to have a keen eye to see whether or not the artist is fastidious and his art refined, to be appreciated?

    Or was it simply a matter of choice, that even a grade school kid can tell whether what is depicted as art is good or bad, religious or sacrilegious, tasteful or vulgar, obscene or decent?

    It was the artist’s lack of sensitivity and intuition that, no doubt, has put him at the center of one of the biggest controversies in the Philippine visual arts scene.

    No matter how articulate his explanation may be in defense of his art style, the fact is that harm has been done and pain has been inflicted already.

    “I wanted to provoke people into thinking. I titled my work ‘Poleteismo’ which loosely translates into ‘many beliefs’ or ‘many deities.’ Throughout history, humanity has grown to create new gods and these are not always religious figures but concepts and objects. Some have taken to worshiping money; some see politicians as godsend. People create idols and these idols whether or not they’re deserving of idolatry or worship affect our lives and how we function and see the world,” he said.

    It was not just any god or idol he was characterizing and debasing. It was the world Christian’s

    If Cruz thinks that a phallus is a symbol male of superiority to be venerated, why didn’t he just paint the picture of his own father or of himself, both individuals created in the image God and spare God his foolishness? He could have included the image of his mother and adorn her with condoms and what not?

    I simply wonder how his parents would have reacted if they were made the indecent subjects of Cruz’ “politeismo?”

    Man needs God. God does not need man.

    That is the difference between Cruz and his elk and those afflicted by his trash art.

  64. quierosaber says:

    The way my generation remembers it, November 1 was All Saints Day and November 2 was All Souls Day.

    Whatever the distinction was or is, the fact remains that, besides being holidays, people look forward more to celebrating All Souls Day than All Saints Day.

    It was by practice that Catholics attend mass every November 1st because it was declared by the Church as a holy day of obligation. Perhaps, as the feast connotes, it was more in commemoration for those, who in the afterlife, have become martyrs and canonized as saints because of their exemplary lives – sacrificing and giving up their lives for the will and glory of God.

    Simply said, this holy people got it made already.

    It was more customary during our time to give emphasis to November 2, it being the day designated for commemorating the dead.

    November 1 was for people to go to church to pray for the canonized saints that have made it to heaven and are in full communion with God.

    November 2 was for people to flock to the cemeteries to give their dead company and to pray for them, in the belief that they may be able to follow in the footsteps of the canonized saints in entering heaven. It is a day to remember our beloved dead, especially those who passed in the recent past.

    The celebration of All Souls Day developed after the idea of purgatory grew in popularity. Because not all the dead were being honored on All Saints Day, another day was set aside on which those souls still in purgatory could benefit from the prayers of the living.

    But times have changed and now we seem to be adapting, celebrating and enjoying a pagan festival with its focus on ghosts, witches, warlocks, goblins, skulls, horror, death, and the supernatural etc.

    They call it Halloween and is normally celebrated the night before All Saints Day. Why this celebration that appears to be almost completely incompatible with the tenets of Christianity is being incorporated in our solemn observance of the All Saints and All Souls Days and tolerated by a Christian dominated country is still hard to fathom.

    What is it that we are actually celebrating in Halloween?

    What is the whole reason behind dressing up in silly costumes and going trick-or-treating?

    Halloween is just one over-rated “holiday” and celebrated for the wrong reasons.

    But, why are we celebrating it? Because everybody else does!

    So there you go. Happy Halloween to all!

  65. quierosaber says:

    I am writing about memory lapses because I just read about this guy, Charles Petraske, 34, who lives near Albany and who drove his hybrid Hyundai Sonata to midtown early in the morning to participate in the recent 26.2-mile New York City Marathon.

    He parked his car in a garage and left his ticket on the dashboard. In a small pocket of his running shorts, he stuffed $40 and a key before boarding a charter bus to the Staten Island start line.

    After finishing the grueling race, he hailed a cab to take him back to Bryant Park. But when Petraske, still sweating, looked around, nothing looked familiar.

    He just suffered a memory lapse in what could be considered a motorist’s worst nightmare.

    “Dude, where’s my car?” he has been asking.

    The only thing he remembered was parking near a scrolling billboard displaying ads for Coke Mini, New York State Lottery and MasterCard.

    In my case I was asking, “God, where am I? What am I doing here?”

    I knew I had to pass that way with my car for something I wanted to buy because it was the nearest route from home, but all of a sudden the place looked unfamiliar. It was as if I was transplanted to another place and got lost.

    It was really fucking crazy! Was I losing my mind? It was scary, too.

    I had to close my eyes, put my head on my arms, which was then resting already on the steering wheel and pondering what is happening. Good that I was still able to park the car on the side road when it happened.

    After awhile I raised my head, squinted at the surroundings and little by little I started to realize where the heck I was!

    I did not proceed anymore to where I wanted to go. I made a U-turn and drove back home.

    To describe it mildly, a memory lapse is when you think of something to do, but when you go to do it, you go “What was it that I am going to do again?”

    I know I have my senior moments, but they also say that memory lapses are experienced by people of all ages. So, for now, I will just say that this is a normal age-related cognitive changes rather than an onset of a type of dementia. For as long as your judgment remains unimpaired, you are okay – unless somebody tells me otherwise.

    What is more embarrassing than to look for your reading glasses only to be told that it is propped up on your head! Or when you look for the same, when it is just clipped and hanging on your front shirt!

    As to Petraske, he had to call his wife, who drove into the city to rescue him.

    Out of options, Petraske called Cemusa, the firm that runs the ads displayed on city bus shelters.

    Based on his description of the ads he remembered, Cemusa immediately located his garage as the Park n’ Lock on West 31st Street near Madison Square Garden.

  66. quierosaber says:

    It is about that time of the year again when we wish everybody merriment in celebration of the birth of Christ.

    But, wouldn’t it sound unbecoming, ungodly and hollow to wish those undergoing pain and misery brought about by typhoon Sendong that caused destruction to lives and properties?

    How could one say Merry Christmas to those afflicted when the stench of death is still very much in the air and the sight of incalculable devastation still lingers in the surroundings?

    How could one say Merry Christmas to those thirsty and hungry, and no structures they called home, to go to anymore?

    How could one say Merry Christmas to those suffering in the cold of the night, to the sick and to the many impoverished, who go to sleep hoping that when they wake up in the morning all was just a bad dream.

    How could one say Merry Christmas to the unfortunate when they no longer have what it takes to be merry about?

    On the other hand, how can one be happy during these holidays thinking about the disaster that took the lives of many love ones and shattered the world of the living?

    How can we enjoy the holidays over the misfortune of others?

    I find comfort that in our own little way we were able to help indirectly the survivors of the savage Sendong.

    But, where I find relief more is in my ardent prayers for those who died terrible death and for the living who have suffered and continues to suffer. May God in his infinite mercy will grant peace to those who perished and to those given another lease of life – strength and ease in rebuilding it.

    What I am simply saying is that in celebrating, let us keep it simple and subdued in deference to those who are grieving and hoping that those blessed in wealth will continue to be compassionate enough sharing their graces with those afflicted, even knowing that time could never ever be turned back.

    So instead of the traditional greeting, I would like to wish every one a Compassionate Christmas and a Hopeful New Year!

  67. Tsinelas says:

    Your optimism is contagious.. Thanks. Please keep writing.

  68. quierosaber says:

    Like the drama of the impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada, a leader of the executive branch of government, years back, we are again subjected to another grand impeachment spectacle, this time about the leader of the judiciary branch of the government in the person of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    As people, whose past time includes following closely the tussles in the political arena, we are once again glued to our seats every time the live coverage of the trial is aired.

    Also, we are once again entertained by the well-dressed political and civic animals called prosecutors and defense attorneys inside the august chamber of the senate impeachment court with their individual talents and antics.

    While the accusers are trying to nail the alleged offender on the cross, the defendants are, likewise, busy freeing, the accused. The tug-of-war sort of thing using legal lingos, throwing distrustful eyes at each other and flinging hands for emphasis that tends to mesmerize the audience and viewers.

    I hate when man’s intelligence is insulted by lawyers who brazenly insists that white is black even in the face of mounting evidence showing the culpability of the person in question. But, that is lawyering for you.

    So what is new?

    But, at the end of the day, what is important is that the people will be satisfied with the decision of the senator–judges, where he who breaks the laws of the land is punished and made to feel that crime, indeed, does not pay, especially for public servants trusted by the people.

  69. quierosaber says:

    This is about the reportedly 6.8-magntiude earthquake that hit a narrow strait between the heavily populated island provinces of Negros and Cebu around lunchtime, yesterday, with aftershocks nearly as strong causing further panic throughout the day.

    I am writing this because, luckily, I seemed to have been moving ahead before the quake struck and had been asking the question, “What if,” since then.

    Around 10:30 a.m. I was with my dentist having my molar tooth jacket fixed. The dental clinic was on the second floor. Just makes me wonder now, what if the quake struck while he was doing my tooth? Would he have panic, too, like the rest of the citizens and left me reclined on the chair? I know I would be worried more about my tooth and worry more, perhaps, about my wife, Paz, who was left alone at home and who has history of being scared even by a slight jolt.

    After my dental appointment, I took a taxi and went to where I left my car, which was at the basement parking lot of a 4-storey Robinson building in front of the old Chong Hua hospital. Again, with my bum knees, what if, and how could I be able to move fast if push comes to shove?

    As soon as I had my car, I went to my gastroenterologist at the second floor of the Borromeo building, situated at the back of Cebu Doctor’s hospital, to pick up my Nexium discount card. Once more, I say, what if?

    From there, I was feeling hungry already and I decided to head home. But, since I had my Nexium card already, I stopped by BTC’s Rose pharmacy located underground to buy it and other medicines and went inside the grocery store for some fruits for making into juice. Again, what if?

    Finally, I was on my way home. Since I wasn’t able to buy mango at the grocery store, I decided to stop by a small store, which is about 200 meters away from the house.

    When I turned off the car, I noticed the alarm was sounding. It surprised me as it never happened before. I turned it back on and after a while, turned it off again. Then I got out and went to the store.

    As soon as I reached the store, which was just across the road where I parked the car, the storekeeper commented: “Kusoga adtong linoga oy! (How strong the earthquake was!).” I asked, when, and he replied, just moments ago!

    The more I thought about Paz. I raced home and, unexpectedly, Paz was there opening the gate already. She was so excited and catching up her breath, explaining to me what has happened.
    Apparently, what she did is that instead of getting under the table, as Earthquake response 101 is taught, she still managed to change her slippers and went outside the house. I was kidding her, saying, why do that? What if the street opens up and you are swallowed in, where will I find you?

    Anyway, as we were listening to the radio and how the quake created a pandemonium among the citizens and a nasty traffic jam on the roads, I could not help but thank God, for helping me do the things until the last minute before the quake finally overtook me.

  70. quierosaber says:

    This is about Jimmy Sieczka, a young American, who has gained about 5 to 10 minutes of fame by uploading a video on YouTube that went viral. Why viral? Because the SOB had fun bashing the country, specifically Cebu, where his video was mostly taken explaining his twenty (20) reasons why he dislikes (‘pisses me off’ is the term he prefers using) the Philippines. And the whole world got curious about it!

    What got my goat about this video is not about the truth that he was exposing to the whole world about the country, with Cebu as an example, but the manner by which he was so arrogantly bashing the place and the profanities he let loose in doing it.

    Sieczka is said to be connected with the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu (Bigfoot studios in Mactan?) and has been living in Cebu for over 3 years now.

    If this stuckup American has lived in the country that long, then there must be some things also that have made his stay here pleasant and worthwhile.

    I mean, it cannot just be all bad. There must also be some good things about the place or else why should government be competing with other countries in boosting tourism if we didn’t have something to boast about?

    Yes, the truth hurts, but like any other developing country we are undergoing birth pains in getting to where we want to be.

    This is precisely why the government is fighting corruption in all levels.

    Politics in this country is synonymous to corruption and the sad thing about it is that politics is getting to be a vocation or a hobby, if you may, by the rich, the famous, the notorious, and even the members of the military to the disadvantage of many struggling Filipinos.

    We could not even trust the judiciary branch of government now.

    All these weaknesses translate to poverty, which the Filipino culture, in some ways, has to be blamed, and when the country continues to be poor then you are bound to see the things that Sieczka describes as ‘f**kingly’ upsetting.

    So, more than the sites and sights that pissed off Sieczka in his video, he should have been knowledgeable enough to discuss politics and corruption in this country, which are the real issues.

    But then again, are Sieczka’s ‘dislikes’ a monopoly just seen in the Philippines?

    As Filipinos we have our own idiosyncrasies that ought to be respected as much as we recognize and appreciate the peculiarities of people from other countries. So let us be. If these are repulsive to Sieczka, then he has no business coming, much less staying.

    This asshole must be dreaming, as he is ignorant. He should pack his gears and head off for India, China, and even as far as Timbuktu, for all I care.

    And, also, are there not ugly, despicable sights in America, a very advanced nation? You have even the biggest rats in NY, for christ’s sake! What a hypocrite!

    C’mon now!

    ( You can view Sieczka’s video from this link: http://www.watchpinoytube.com/videos/other-videos/36089/20-reasons-i-dislike-the-philippines-by-jimmy-sieczka.html )

  71. paz says:

    Will share with you an apology written by “An American in Cebu” , which was featured in the Opinion section of Sun.Star Cebu’s March 18,2012 issue :


    As an American living and raising a family in Cebu. I would like to apologize for the filthy mouth American in the video that was written about in the Sun.Star,

    While I certainly agree with the points I read about – as do most Filipinos, after watching a portion of the video, I was simply ashamed and turned it off. The use of the filthy language demonstrated not only a lack of intellect, but a genuine lack of respect for others. The type of ghetto black rap language has become all too common in many circles in the US, but certainly not condoned by the average American.

    It’s a shame that the truthful and valid points of the message should be marred by the appearance and vile language of the messenger.

    I would suggest that he first clean up his image before speaking his mind.

    Everything that I heard and read is constantly talked about among all foreigners here, but I sincerely hope Filipinos will not think that all Americans (foreigners) are like this man.

    Again, on behalf of all decent Americans (foreigners) living here, I apologize for this man’s shameful /vile language.

    An American in Cebu

  72. quierosaber says:

    I have written a number of blogs already about the ongoing Philippines-China standoff resulting from a territorial dispute of who owns the Scarborough Shoal in the northern part of the South China Sea. We refer to it as Panatag Shoal, while China calls it Huangyan Island and claims it as part of their territory.

    In reality, the shoal is very much closer to the Philippines than it is to the nearest China island. But, the problem, however, is that China claims the shoal based on historical grounds, while our claim is anchored on the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS) findings that the shoal belongs within the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

    This simply means to say that, even from China’s historical perspective, its claim includes almost the entire South China Sea, well into what the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea recognises as the 200-mile-from-shore Exclusive Economic Zones of other claimants.

    Isn’t this simply absurd?

    The preceding is merely giving you an idea on how the dispute came about.

    What I am sharing with you below is a reprinted article by Hrvoje Hranjski from the
    Associated Press bearing the title: Philippines-China standoff could spin out of hand

    Looking at the map above, it seems rather clear — especially regarding the Scarborough Shoals — that this area belongs in the Philippine “exclusive economic zone” under UNCLOS definitions. China is claiming a very large area as “territorial waters”.

    China’s claim includes almost the entire South China Sea, well into what the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea recognises as the 200-mile-from-shore Exclusive Economic Zones of other claimants.

    It started like many other minor confrontations over the specks of isles dotting some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. But the risks in the latest flare-up over a South China Sea shoal are much bigger than the territory itself.

    Armed vessels from the Philippines and its much more powerful neighbor, China, have faced off for two weeks at the horseshoe-shaped Scarborough Shoal. Either side could miscalculate — and consequences could bear down on the whole region, and drag in the US too.

    Here’s a look at the key players, issues and what’s at stake:


    The Philippine navy says it caught Chinese fishermen poaching, and on April 10 two Chinese vessels moved in to protect them. The fishing boats slipped away, leaving behind a tense standoff with each side hoping the other will pull out first.


    The shoal is among 200 islands, coral outcrops and banks spread over the South China Sea, with rich fishing grounds and other resources. The biggest of them are the Spratlys, claimed all or in part by the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam.

    There have been sporadic shootouts at sea in the past few decades — China-Vietnam, China-Philippines, Taiwan-Vietnam and Philippines-Vietnam — with navies sinking ships and fortifying disputed islands. A major clash in 1988 between China and Vietnam killed 64 Vietnamese soldiers. China took over the Philippine-occupied Mischief Reef in a surprise mini-invasion in 1995.

    Then in 2002, all parties agreed to a status quo.

    It largely held. Until now.

  73. quierosaber says:

    Much of what we think and know about islands forming part of the Philippines dates back to the Spanish colonial period, starting in the 1500s, where people of authority were given the task of overseeing the mapping of islands imperial Spain has conquered.

    Thus, it shows that after having been under the Spain for 300 years, the Philippine government has, since that time on, acknowledged the territorial integrity that the map portrayed, in the same way that the Spaniards claimed it to be part of the main island they have come to colonize.

    Such maps even became the standard references for explorers and travelers.

    One map in particular is called “Mapa de las Islas Filipinas” (Map of the Philippine Islands) and this is the map now that is used as evidence in our contention against the Chinese government that the Scarborough Shoal or Panatag Shoal belongs to us.

    During the Philippine-Spanish Friendship day on June 30, there will be more maps than anyone could imagine to be exhibited. It will be called the “Three Hundred Years of Philippine Maps,” featuring maps of the archipelago from 1598 to the American colonial era.

    It has been reported that in one of the 134 original maps conceived, an engraver by the name of Nicolas de la Cruz Bagay made an inscription at the bottom of the map describing it as an ‘indio tagalo.”

    But the problem is, no matter how many maps there are, how could you convince China, which has a recorded history of civilization of nearly 5000 years that such claim we are having now on the Panatag Shoal is true, if not legal?

    China’s claim on the Panatag shoal or even the whole of the South China Seas is based on history and, so, how could anyone dispute their claim when even the existence of the Peking man who lived 400,000 to 500,000 years ago only proves that they have been around for eons?

    It has been an uphill battle for the Philippines in claiming areas what we believe is ours, but beyond all these, it is about their enormous population that their resources can no longer sustain that is making them stake their claims anywhere and everywhere especially knowing that none of their neighboring countries nor the aggrieved ones are going to mess around with their economic and military power.

  74. quierosaber says:

    This is about the contentious issue of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. I have written enough of this, I guess, as my main blogs. But, what I have here now is a reproduction of part of an article written by Nina Somera, a Filipina who supports the RH bill, which was published at Rappler.com. She is post-graduate student of Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines. She lives in Thailand.

    The following excerpt explains very well why Flilipinos should support this responsible parenthood bill and forcefully ask Congress to pass it into law.

    “The Philippine Congress is set to vote on the reproductive health bill. As in the last 16 years, the day can render the bill as a political threat due to the enigmatic but non-existent “Catholic vote” and therefore dispose of it as just another pile of papers.

    But Congress can also make history by breaking free from a modern frailocracy (meaning, rule of the friars), acknowledging poverty in the faces and bodies who endure it, and therefore making sense of democracy.

    More importantly, it can make a difference in the region as it gives reproductive justice a chance to inform governance.

    The RH bill is all about our right to self-determination – how we would keep our bodies free from risks, harm and violence; how we would like to bear and raise our children and keep them healthy and safe; how we can define our gender identities and engage in relationships, without compromising our sexual and reproductive well-being.

    It is about access to conditions that can facilitate the exercise of this right – ensuring the availability of correct and complete information about our bodies and a suite of sexual and reproductive health services – all of these in accordance with international human rights standards.

    The RH bill is what a majority of poor couples, especially women, have been demanding. It is also what several social movements and experts have been advocating.

    In the last Social Weather Station survey, 70% of Filipinos said they are in favor of the bill, discrediting the “Catholic vote” bait.

    The RH bill is about the state, exercising its role as a primary duty-bearer to prevent the deaths of 11 mothers each day, unplanned pregnancies, deaths of children under two years, and the many other harsh consequences that hit the poor, women, and girls the hardest. The RH bill is about reproductive justice.”

    Reproductive justice

    “Reproductive justice has begun as a critique of the framework of choice in women’s access to sexual and reproductive health services, particularly among African-Americans and minority women in the United States.

    While women may assert their choice to have an abortion, their access remains circumscribed by the availability of public health services, their income, immigration status, and support networks.
    In such a context, the choice framework becomes more of a white, middle-class privilege.

    Reproductive justice insists that for women to access their sexual, reproductive and health rights, they must be given the “enabling conditions” which can facilitate such access.

    Further, it extends to movement-building and strengthening. As Loretta Ross of “Sister Song” describes, “Reproductive justice is no universal solution, but a fresh approach to creating unifying and intersectional language with which to build bridges.”

    Seeing the RH bill as reproductive justice does not romanticize the thousands of women who have died and their children who have suffered in the absence of their mothers. Instead, it makes sense out of the tragedy and in turn, engenders chances of a better life for the next generation.”

  75. quierosaber says:

    This is about Senator Antonio Trillanes and the great disservice he has done to this country, which until now continues to be a hot issue,

    I can’t seem to run out of negative adjectives describing this man as an individual, a soldier and a politician. A common denominator that I have seen in this brash, inconsiderate, presumptuous, reckless, maladroit and tactless persona, whether as an individual, a soldier, and a politician is the word “apology”. It is foreign to any of them.

    Never has he been heard saying ‘I am sorry’ or I apologize’ to people or entities he has done harm or disrespected – including elders. Remember the late Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes whom he callously rebuked a few years back when the latter was implicated in the military payoffs and who later committed suicide?

    Trillanes is just so puffed up that he thinks he is over and above humans to err.

    For this proud and unapologetic creature, refer to this link for some insight: https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2010/12/23/trillanes-and-dolphy/

    Also for a better perspective about Trillanes – so you won’t commit the mistake again of electing him to the Senate in 2013 – please refer to this link:

  76. quierosaber says:

    This is about Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old, Pakistani girl who became an instant hero to both young and old all over the world for her bravery, candor and determination in standing up and speaking against the oppressive Talibans in her native Pakistan and in Afghanistan for her and the countless other young girl’s right to education.

    As early as 2009 she already had written an anonymous diary for BBC Urdu about life under the Taliban, who had banned all girls in her area from attending school.

    As a brief review about who these Islamic extremists are, the Taliban emerged in the early 1990s in northern Pakistan following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

    A predominantly Pashtun movement, the Taliban came to prominence in Afghanistan in the autumn of 1994.
    It is commonly believed that they first appeared in religious seminaries – mostly paid for by money from Saudi Arabia – which preached a hard line form of Sunni Islam.

    The Taliban’s promise – in Pashtun areas straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan – was to restore peace and security and enforce their own austere version of Sharia, or Islamic law, once in power.
    In both countries they introduced or supported Islamic punishments – such as public executions of convicted murderers and adulterers and amputations of those found guilty of theft.

    Men were required to grow beards and women had to wear the all-covering burka.

    The Taliban banned television, music and cinema and disapproved of girls aged 10 and over from going to school.

    It was for this reason that Malala Yousafzai took the cudgels for the youths in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan and started criticizing the Taliban’s brazen disrespect and violation of human rights, especially towards the young girls thirsting for education.

    Unfortunately, it was also for this reason that Malala nearly met her death when a Taliban gunman boarded the van in which she was travelling from school, asked for her by name before firing three shots at her.

    She was in critical condition until she was flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in London for better treatment, additional care and extra safety after the Taliban vowed to try again to kill her.

    Doctors said the bullet entered above her left eye, went down the side of her jaw damaging the skull on the left side, went through her neck and lodged in her scapula above the left shoulder blade. Fortunately, the bullet grazed only her brain.

    Needless to say that while her skull needs to be reconstructed, Malala has regained consciousness, has been able to communicate by writing and on her way to recovery.

    What a remarkable comeback!

    Allahu Akbar!

  77. quierosaber says:

    Before this, I wrote about Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl, so mature for her age, who miraculously survived a bullet wound in her head that was meant to silence her forever, but who instead became an instant hero to both young and old all over the world for her bravery, candor and determination in standing up and speaking against the oppressive Talibans in her native Pakistan in demanding for a young girl’s right to education.

    In contrast, I am writing about Cebu’s elected Gov. Gwen Garcia who despite her ripeness in age and perceived intelligence is showing immaturity and poor sense of judgment that could only be brought about by her delusions of grandeur.

    It has been nearly a month now since she held herself hostage in her office in protest of her
    six-month suspension by the Office of the President, which found her guilty of “grave abuse of authority” in usurping the appointment powers of the late vice governor Gregorio Sanchez Jr., a sanction she dismissed as “illegal” and a “power grab” by the Liberal Party.

    As if she has been deprived of her day in court, she continues to defy this lawful order by padlocking herself in her own office, thus, making her an object of curiosity by many.

    To her dismay, however, but to the alacrity of many, Acting Gov. Agnes Magpale is delivering the services expected of the Capitol without problem.

    Gwen’s delusions of grandeur in who she is and what she does, to the extent that she even thinks that she is above the law, has not only immensely eroded her credibility and reputation, but even pundits are questioning whether or not the screws in her head are tightly fastened.

    Now with the approaching Cebu Sinulog festivity, she is acting as if she is in dilemma whether or not she will leave her office and dance in the streets carrying the image of the Sto. Niño as her offering.

    But, who is she fooling?

    How could there be a dilemma when part of having delusions of grandeur is to be the biggest star in the Sinulog grand parade!

    Devotion, my foot! What devotion?

    Her participation is nothing but a vainglorious display of herself wearing a gown done by a high-fashion designer and basking in the glory of media attention!

    As certain as night following day, this will be Gwen’s last hurrah as governor and once she steps out of Capitol to join the parade, that will mark her final exit from her office.

    Going back after will only confirm how crazy and delusional she has become.

    Pit Señor!

  78. quierosaber says:

    This is about Pope Francis, who I seem not to have enough despite a couple of blogs I’ve written about him.

    I can’t seem to get over wondering how different he is from his predecessors in my 68 years of existence.

    I thought tradition and formality will remain for any cardinal elevated to the papal throne, but not this time with Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio who took the name Pope Francis.

    His appearance, demeanor and sense of humor easily tells us that he is the people’s pope, and as a Jesuit, his training signals that a responsible pope has been installed to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

    Even as a cardinal and archbishop of Argentina, Bergoglio is known to take the bus to work, kissed the feet of AIDS patients, prayed with former prostitutes, lived in an austere apartment and cooked his own food.

    How unlike so many cardinals that have come and gone, even in our own country, who enjoyed living in stone mansions and have chauffeured cars and chefs.

    These are characteristics of a man that is clearly sending a message to the whole world that his papacy is veering away from the trappings enjoyed by past popes.

    Pope Francis’ approach to the papacy was first marked when he turned down the red velvet cape that Benedict wore when he was presented to the world for the first time in 2005, choosing the simple white cassock of the papacy instead.

    Rather than wear the new golden pectoral cross he was offered after his election, the new pope chose to keep the simple crucifix of his days as bishop.

    Pope Francis refused to mount the platform previous popes stood on to receive the cardinals, one by one. “I’ll stay down here,” he told Vatican staff.

    “He met with us on our own level,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York commented.

    During dinner, according to Dolan, the cardinals toasted him, while receiving back a toast from the new pope, saying, “May God forgive you for what you’ve done.” This was in reference of them going “to the end of the Earth” to find him. What sense of humor!

    His different style was also noticed when the 76-year-old pope celebrated his first mass in the Sistine Chapel. Whereas other popes use Latin and discourses long messages in Latin, Pope Francis had a far simpler message in Italian that lasted 10 minutes.

    In just a few days, Jorge Bergoglio has shown that as Pope Francis he will be the kind of approachable, down-to-earth man that people yearn for in a spiritual leader.

    He did this, when as Cardinal Bergoglio, he built altars and tents in the squares of Buenos Aires, and held Masses with former prostitutes and homeless people in the street.

    This is what prompted him to say that how he wished he had a church for the poor.

    Francis has been likened to the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmund Tutu. He smiles easily and appears to walk comfortably through the world.

    Who could show more humanity than Francis himself, when, on his first full day in office, he left the Vatican to visit Rome’s main church, the Santa Maria Maggiore basilica, and then stopped by the hotel where he had stayed before the recent conclave to pay his bill.

    But what really endeared me to this man of God is his compassion and love for his fellowmen, regardless of religious affiliation, that went to see and hear him, when he said to them:

    “I told you I would willingly give you a blessing. Since many of you do not belong to the Catholic Church and others are non-believers, from the bottom of my heart I give this silent blessing to each and every one of you, respecting the conscience of each one of you but knowing that each one of you is a child of God. May God bless all of you.”

    What a show of humility!

  79. joanabagano says:

    Hi! I’m quoting you for an article on Noli de Castro. How do I introduce you?

    • quierosaber says:

      A concerned citizen who wants those serving in government to be true to their roles as public servants and perform their selfless best for country and people.

  80. quierosaber says:

    This is about a report coming from Australia saying that a man has died after being trapped in a commercial freezer.

    Apparently, the man was a forklift operated and was probably maneuvering inside the freezer that was set at 19 degrees Celsius when the equipment tipped over.

    Somehow, he wasn’t able to get out after staying inside for at least 30 minutes until he was found by co-workers who were probably looking for him.

    He was brought to the hospital in critical condition, but did not survive.

    The reason why I am writing this is because it has brought back some chilling memories that made me shudder reading it.

    Not until you have experienced the same thing will you know how traumatic it is to be caught inside a commercial or an industrial freezer set at very low temperatures.

    This happened to me when I was running the tuna loining and canning plant in Zamboanga in the 90s.

    The plant had over 100 MT capacity freezer always full of tuna fish caught by the fleet that were stored in 1 MT boxes piled up to the ceiling for our daily production use.

    Part of my job was to see that inside the freezer was clean and orderly for the forklift to have easy accessibility in either removing out boxes of fish for thawing or stacking the metal boxes.

    In one of those visit/inspection, the freezer door limit switch mal-functioned. It opened up for me to be able to get in and close it, but when I switched it on for my exit, it did not work.

    Good that I had my bump cap and my heavy-duty jacket on.

    But what really sets in is that eerie feeling of being alone, helpless and hopeless. Was I now in the threshold of death?

    You start praying for your safety, but at the same time you start cursing at your maintenance people, especially the electricians, for doing a lousy job.

    I took a piece of frozen fish and started pounding the door just in case some soul would hear it. But, unless somebody enters the anteroom, which was connected to the main door, then nobody would ever hear you.

    I never prayed so hard in my life. It made me stay calm even as I could feel my moustache getting iced from exhalation. But, I also never spew so much expletives and thought about what I would do if I ever get out.

    I was not moving anymore as I didn’t want to waste energy. I just wanted to have a functioning mind throughout the ordeal. I was just waiting for a miracle to happen.

    After a good ten minutes the door opened and a forklift came in. I was so relieved, but my appearance was probably so scary that the driver was just staring at me and perhaps wondering what was happening, until I told him.

    I am just thankful that it did not happen when workers were already off-duty.

    Yes, I sure raised hell at the engineering people immediately after I got out.

    Indeed, it was a close call, but I made sure nothing of the same will happen again.

    Made sure also that an alarm can be heard and/or seen from the outside signaling that a man is trapped inside.

  81. nosenadajeff says:

    That must have been one scary experience and I’m glad that you’re alive to tell about it.I’ve been in quite a few walk in freezers and it has crossed my mind more than once,what happened to you.For all the complaining that some folks do about cell phones…..I think they are a life saving invention in many cases.I was glad that I had mine with me on the day that I got stuck in an elevator.

    • quierosaber says:

      Believe me it was! But more than feeling defeated and resigned to my fate, I had this anger at myself borne out of frustration for not thinking and anticipating this kind of incident. I did not regret that it happened to me since it was my responsibility anyway as the plant manager. Anyway, this incident only worsened my claustrophobia. That is how traumatic it was. I felt uneasy reading that Australian news and writing about it is my way of relieving myself.

  82. quierosaber says:

    This is about the Reproductive Health (RH) issue which, after long and contentious debates, was passed by Congress and signed into law by the president for implementation but, for one reason or another, its implementation got stopped by the Supreme Court (SC).

    A status quo ante order (stopping the RH law) was first made in March 2013 and the SC was suppose to give its decision on July 17th, yet in lieu of the decision another extension for the implementation of the law was ordered.

    The SC heard oral arguments last week on the RH Law. There are currently 15 different petitions challenging the law’s constitutionality. A second round of oral arguments is scheduled for July 23.

    I do not know why there are so many arguing the legality of this law. My understanding of this law is that it teaches married couple responsible parenthood so that they could be able to manage well their family. It does not simply focus on the number of children one is capable of having, according to ones means, but more especially on improving the quality of lives of poor Filipinos.

    Now, what is wrong with that? What is wrong with family planning instituted by government with the desire end of being able to adequately provide food on the table, roof on their heads, clothes on their backs and education to improve their lot in the future?

    This, undoubtedly, is what every poor family wants – to have a choice,

    To have unbridled sex by poor families, because we have been told by the Bible to go out and multiply and made to feel guilty by the priests, is the worst thing to continue happening.

    This is the reality that is happening in the country today. If you are not convinced with what you see in your own place, read the papers and look and listen to the news over the radios and on TVs. The poor are getting poorer and the irony is that they are the ones with the most number of children that are almost always sickly, malnourished and uneducated, living in squalid environments.

    The RH law will try to change this for the better.

    The RH law will try to make poor parents, responsible parents.

    The RH law will continue to treat abortion as a crime and responsible parents understand that abortion is a crime.

    Yes, controlled population growth is a result of responsible parenthood brought about by the implementation of the RH law, but with a positive twist: an improved quality of life of the poor Filipinos.

  83. quierosaber says:

    This is more about the trickery that Janet Lim-Napoles and her collaborator-lawmakers excessively pulled upon the Filipino people and their hard-earned money with no mercy at all.

    This is deception at its horrid best participated and allowed to flourish for so long by no less than government officials and public servants with no qualms at seeing that the marginalized in our society continues to wallow in poverty for as long as they keep on enriching themselves and able to build up a dynasty of thieves.

    A friend sent this and I am sharing it with you.

    Janet Lim Napoles had strong ties before with the late Emilia Boncodin, Dept. of Budget Management (DBM) Secretary. Emilia was the one that kept Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO was approved and to which senator or congressman it belonged.

    Gringo Honasan is a dear friend of Janet’s husband, Jimmy Napoles. It is not surprising that when Honasan was interviewed, he said that he does’nt know the Napoles family.

    During the coup in Cory’s time, Jimmy Napoles was riding a tank on the way to Camp Crame when the tank was hit by a mortar. Jimmy was operating the .50 caliber machine gun and the soldier driving the tank died during the blast. Jimmy survived and was jailed along with Honasan. If you can get clear photos of Jimmy Napoles online, you will see that part of his face and arms show burn marks.

    Their wealth started to build up during the late 90′s when they engaged themselves with mayors based in Zamboanga to use them as a front for a Foundation that will implement projects or deliver farm materials. With connections at COA, they were able to arrange “completed projects” without delivering anything. They established JLN group of companies sometime in 2000 and they moved to their new office from AFPOVAI to Discovery Suites on the 25th floor.

    During the presidency of GMA, they were able to develop deep connections with more legislators in congress and numerous senators. What JLN Group Of Companies, together with their sub-company, Jo-Chris Trading (named after their eldest child, Jo-Christine “Neneng” Napoles), does is that they use their foundations as the implementing agency for the funds of congressmen or senators. You see, congressmen and senators have budgets from the President’s Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or the “pork barrel.” But these politicians do not have direct access to their funds and they can never touch it. So what the politicians do is to create a project (common one is “fertilizer distribution” to farmers) and will ask the DBM to set the budget. Then, there will be a public bidding held by the Dept. of Agriculture (DA). The outcome of the bidding is already fixed and it’s Napoles’ foundation that wins. The fund or SARO will be released through Janet’s foundation and the congressmen/senators will ask for 60-70% of the whole amount. So if the project is 10M, Janet will give 60-70% of that. Usually Janet’s nephew, John Francisco Lim, is the courier of the money and meets the politicians or their runners in Podium or at a parking lot. The money is stored in plastic bags or paper bags.

    So, whatever is left from the budget, 30-40% goes to Janet Napoles. Janet usually has the check she gets from the DBM encashed at Landbank in Greenhills and the manager there is part of her payroll. Janet also needs to pay the inspectors from COA and whoever is involved in the DA.

    This is their workflow. This is what they have been doing for more than a decade. This is how the senators and congressmen make money. This is why theses politicians have so much and working class Filipinos have almost nothing. This is not only Janet’s fault. The greediness of the senators and congressmen are the driving point that keeps this system operating. It is also amazing that if Janet’s family and her company goes into trial, the people who will try them – judges, senators, congressmen, are also part of this. I fear for the life of whistle blowers Benhur and Merlina. Soon enough they will be killed. The people of the Philippines should protect them. The NBI or the witness protection program cannot do anything about it because they are keeping the whistle blowers alive for their own use only. Once Janet pays off the NBI and once Revilla, Honasan, Arroyo, Pichay, Ducut, Pineda, Lim, Estrada, Soto, Lapid, Bolante and almost all the congressmen who were in office for the past decade step in – there’s nothing Benhur or Merlina can do. They are as good as dead.

  84. Good day!
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