The privilege of voting

National election is always a day of reckoning for the country.

There is one coming up fast in 2019 and already we have seen a number of candidates who are aspiring to become a senator.

There will only be 12 senatorial seats to be contested and hopefully the Filipinos will find unity in electing the best and the brightest among them who will not only represent the voice of the people but will fight for them as well in all manner, shape and form.

Voting is a privilege, but it is also our responsibility to ensure that out of this right we are able to      choose the candidates who can best serve the interests of the country and its people more than his own – that he can truly be called a servant leader.

Who should, therefore, qualify to become a worthy senator?

Understanding that the senate is where important laws of the land are deliberated and crafted, it immediately signals the brain that we ought to elect candidates who have the capacity, capability and the competence to perform the job that is highly expected of them.

Electing candidates because of their celebrity status or household name, as we had been wont to doing, should no longer be the norm. Almost always it does not translate to worthiness.

It cannot be denied that some political parties nudge the famous and the wealthy to run because it wants to take advantage of their popularity for political gain, but in so doing does a big disservice to the country for it belies the real intention of putting the interest of the country first.

It does not serve the country well either if we keep on “recycling” past senators or what is aptly called the has-beens that we are in the habit of doing, as if they are the best we have ever had.

This is especially true when sometime in the past their names have been linked to some outrageous and shameful activity, the likes of the scandalous proportion of the P10-billion pork barrel scam.

There never is a dearth of senatorial candidates worthy of our trust and confidence because of their qualification, but, alas, we always go for the mediocre as if their main job is to grandstand and amuse the electorate.

Perhaps it is wise to remember that whoever we elect senators is a reflection of who we are as people and how serious and determined we are in attaining prosperity for the country and making a positive difference in the lives of the Filipinos.


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