The universe and us

There is really nothing much of interest that I haven’t written happening in this country and if there are some that I missed or left out it is simply because it is not worth writing – lacking in significance as it is or hackneyed as they call it and corny and stale. Besides who would want to write about love affairs of politicians? So people will get titillated? C’mon!

But what I am sharing with you here is definitely interesting, as it is educational, and mind boggling as well.

The title and the video you are about to see is enough to make you ponder the significance (or insignificance) of our existence.

The scale of the universe is almost beyond our imagination.

The universe keeps expanding (at 42.5 miles per second per megapersec), and we constantly form new hypotheses about how it was created and what will happen next. Our farthest space probe from Earth, the Voyager 1, is traveling a million miles a day, and after nearly 40 years, has barely left our solar system.

It was only late last month that scientists peered 50 million light-years away to find an extremely rare globular cluster, with far more mass than the Sun, that could birth stars and help explain how galaxies form. There are so many secrets waiting to be unlocked out there in the vastness of space.

Here are some shocking comparisons about the size and scope of the universe that help put it in perspective. Beware: this video will shock you! (Source:


2 comments on “The universe and us

  1. Rex says:

    Man thinks he is specially “designed” and that everything around him is made to suit his existence. A perfectly designed planet to hold life of which he is a part of. The sun, the moon, etc.

    However, the earth is full of diseases, inhospitable places, predators, waters, etc that can easily kill a man. Your article should make the people open their eyes and realize how insignificant we are and that we are here without a purpose. It is up you now to make a purpose of your life since your entry into the world happened purely by chance and when you go, the world goes on as if you never existed. The solar system continues its travel in space without you, the entire universe doesn’t even remotely acknowledge your existence.

    We are here for a while. Enjoy the most out of it. and yes, god did not make the universe and there is no hell. Light up and live life to the fullest. You won;t get another chance like this.

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