Weeding out the Senate “trapos”

Senators Drilon, Pangilinan, Aquino and Hontiveros

Senators Drilon, Pangilinan, Aquino and Hontiveros

How else would one describe the senators from the Liberal Party (LP) that were ousted from their committee chairmanships and booted out of the majority but “trapos”?

As everybody knows the word “trapo” stands for traditional politician.

A traditional politician is normally described as one who runs for public office with the interest of serving the country and its people as primordial concerns only to sacrifice public good along the way in pursuit to his or her own selfish interest.

But in the context of today’s political exercise under the Duterte administration, a traditional politician is one who continues to adopt and adhere to the conventional or established ways of doing things in government.

Needless to say that a “trapo” lacks the the ability and the competence to do out of the box decisions to make a difference in how things are done politically.

To a “trapo” his/her comfort zone is always the status quo and if the status quo or current state of affairs calls for corruption to exist so that they could benefit from it, then so be it.

It is for this reason that the country never progressed as Filipinos were always taken for a ride by corrupt politicians who made politics a business enterprise that allowed them the impunity to create their own political dynasty.

Until President Rodrigo Duterte came into the picture, we never thought that change will happen.

Indeed, change has come, thanks to Duterte’s out-of-the-box style of leadership that has ruffled the feathers of politicians the likes of Senators Drilon, Pangilinan, Aquino and Hontiveros.

Waging war against illegal drugs, corruption and criminality is not easy tasks especially if, individually, it has become scourge of an imaginable proportions.

That Senators de Lima and Trillanes have become vocal critics of Duterte, who has shown the political will and ironfisted leadership to eliminate the serious problems afflicting the country, only shows that both of them, like their ilks in the LP, also wants the way things were in the past to prevail.

I am sure many Filipinos are still approving and trusting Duterte’s leadership.

But what I am certain about is that weeding out the Senate “trapos” is the way to go if only to expedite the passage of legislative agenda that will move the country forward and benefit the greater number of Filipinos.

This is what I describe as selfless interest.


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