Malacañang disinvite did not sit well with Robredo


Vice President Leni Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo

I am talking of course about Malacañang’s invitation for Vice President Leni Robredo to attend the New Year’s Day Vin d’Honneur scheduled for Jan. 11 only to be informed later that she was disinvited.

“Our Office received an invitation to the Vin d’Honneur via email last December 28. On January 4, Malacañang called the Office to retract the invitation, stating that the guest list was limited,” vice presidential spokesperson Georgina Hernandez said.

While traditionally the vice president also graces the occasion hosted by the president, who this time happens to be Rodrigo Duterte, the soured relationship between the two top officials of the land got the better over goodwill and respect for the annual event.

In fact respect was the very issue raised by Robredo – not necessarily for her but for the Office of the Vice President.

But this is not about the OVP. This is about Robredo herself who has fallen out of grace with Duterte and who is perceived to be among the group hatching a plot to oust him from the presidency.

Yes, Robredo is denying all along that she has nothing to do with the sinister plot, but between Dec. 28 and Jan. 11 this particular issue gained prominence that it has been the topic most talked about in the media.

It is sad, indeed, that the rift in the personal relationship between the two high officials of the land is getting wider and deeper. But it does not mean to say that it is beyond repair.

Both Duterte and Robredo have the same aspirations for the country and the Filipino people. Both are servant-leaders in the truest sense of the words. But what is unfortunate is that Robredo can’t seem to disassociate herself from the Liberal Party (LP) and be her own person when expressing her personal and political views that may run counter to Duterte’s policies.

For as long as Robredo continues to be identified with the LP, despite knowing how ineffective the LP has been compared to what Duterte is doing for the country now, she will feel disrespected always because her pronouncements and actions will always be viewed by the Duterte administration as supportive of the LP and its members and therefore antagonistic towards Duterte.

What I am saying here is that if Robredo stands as an independent opposition I think she will earn better and more the respect of the Duterte administration, enough to respect also her office.

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