The revival of the death penalty

death-penaltyThe revival of the death penalty whether by the use of the electric chair, hanging, firing squad or lethal injection, under the Duterte administration is now as sure as night follows day.

It is getting to be controversial again since human rights advocates, the Catholic Church, and even politicians who believe that death penalty is not a deterrent to commission of crime, are opposing its restoration.

But the die is cast, knowing how much support President Rodrigo Duterte has in both Houses of Congress.

This time Duterte and his supporters believe, as I do, too, that the re-imposition of the death penalty will become an effective means against carrying out heinous crimes. Drug related offenses could very well fall now under this category.

The reason why we seem to be gasping for breath every time we see photos of overcrowded jails is because the inmates have been committing crimes with impunity thinking that they are still able to live and see their families even if they will be in prison for life or in reclusion perpetua.

I tend to believe in Duterte’s wisdom that the death penalty before did not have much of an impact to the psyche of the perpetrators as it was done sporadically because of political consequences.

Now the country has Duterte who, not only oozes with political will, but does not really give a hoot about human rights, much less having qualms at disrespecting God by killing His own creation.

But what will really help make the revival of death penalty successful and sustainable this time is the fact that it will be imposed as retribution and not simply as a deterrent.

Indeed there is a whole lot of difference between retribution and deterrence.

What is filling up the prison cells are people who have committed heinous crimes thinking and believing that their life will still be spared no matter what and at the expense of someone brutally killed by their bloody hands. To them the end still justifies the means.

But not anymore.

The wicked that plan to commit a heinous crime have to think many times over now whether or not he has to proceed with his evil thoughts because the law of retaliation is back in place and no less than an unflinching president of the republic vehemently asking for its restoration.

The day of reckoning for criminals and would-be criminals has come – an eye for an eye.

And if this will not still work for the benefit of the country under Duterte, who has been overwhelmingly voted president under his cornerstone policies of declaring war against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption, then we are doomed for it is only Duterte, among past presidents, who has shown passion, determination and the political will to make sure this country moves forward while improving the quality of life for Filipinos even as his rhetoric and out-of-the-box decisions have ruffled the feathers of some of our allies in the Western world, most notably the US, and other international organizations concerned with human rights.



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