Robredo disavows being puppet of the LP


Vice President Leni Robredo with President Rodrigo Duterte and some Cabinet members.

Vice President Leni Robredo with President Rodrigo Duterte and some Cabinet members.

Truth to tell is that I have nothing but admiration and support for Vice President Leni Robredo as a person and as a politician.

I expressed this opinion and you can find it at :

But truth to tell also now is that, whether or not she resigned or got booted out from the Duterte Cabinet, I would have preferred that she remained independent rather accepting and taking the helm of the Liberal Party (LP) as urged by the existing members of the party.

It is not too late though and she can still change her mind, notwithstanding that the LP has been her husband’s party, for the truth also is that the LP now is no longer the same while her husband was still alive.

In fact it was Robredo herself who said that when she ran for congress in Camarines Sur she was able to prove that she could work independently, without any influence from her party.

The reason why those opposing the Duterte administration in the LP want Robredo to lead is simply because, unlike many of them, she continues to be credible and has always been portrayed as a decent, intelligent and a charismatic political leader.

It is only understandable that many perceives Robredo to be a lap dog or a puppet of the LP because in reality those behind that are propping her up do not have the integrity or reliability and much less the competence to rally a forceful opposition.

What has the LP done anyway that is constructive enough to sway the sentiments of the people to support them?

Nothing! Nada!

Majority of the people are still supporting President Rodrigo Duterte because many things, in so short a time of his administration, have happened that augurs well for the country and the Filipino people.

I am not saying that Robredo should not oppose Duterte’s ways of governance if what he does and says do not conform with her principles and values, for then she will only appear to be hypocritical.

But if Robredo has the interest of the country and the welfare of the people foremost in her agenda too, just like Duterte’s, why would she still have to lead the LP when she knows very well now the difference between how it was during the heydays of the LP in Aquino’s time and how hopeful the people are today under the leadership of Duterte and hers, for that matter?

I am sure that because Robredo is now disavowing being a puppet of the LP that she knows she is just being used.

What is encouraging is that Robredo has not lost her respect for Duterte’s leadership as she still wants to assure Duterte of her support for the good things the president is doing.

That she is out of the Cabinet does not mean that she will be confrontational for every move and statement Duterte makes.

Robredo simply has to learn to live with Duterte for who he is because he has proven to be an effective leader.

Duterte never minded Robredo’s opposition to some contentious issues the latter has been expressing and defending. Duterte respected that.

If only Robredo would start learning how to disassociate herself from the LP and its ‘yellowtards’ and be just independent in her criticisms of the administration, what positive difference it would be making for the country with her working harmoniously with Duterte in their quest for peace, stability and progress.


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