De Lima resorting to psywar against Espinosa


Sen. de Lima with Kerwin Espinosa, but the senator denies knowing the Espinosas.

Sen. de Lima with Kerwin Espinosa, but the senator denies knowing the Espinosas.

With alleged drug lord Kerwin Espinosa now under the custody of the Philippine National Police (PNP), the very one person that is feeling upset and maybe freaking out is Sen. Leila de Lima.

The death of Kerwin’s father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa may have been a thorn removed from her side especially after he accused de Lima of coddling his son in the latter’s drug operations in Eastern and Central Visayas. This also after the late mayor showed photos of De Lima and Espinosa in Baguio City in February 2016 to establish their links.

However, de Lima has probably come to realize now that Kerwin is becoming a far bigger and painful thorn on her side and a more terrifying enemy than his father because his arrest and detention, his possession of a “blue book” validating the names mentioned by his late father in the latter’s “pink book” and the assurance by the PNP that Kerwin has to stay alive for him tell his tale is making her do everything possible, including the use of psywar, to save her skin.

For one whom I described as grasping at straws (, there could not be a better weapon than the use of psywar at his new formidable enemy.

For how else would one describe de Lima’s action targeting and influencing Kerwin’s emotions and reasoning when she supposedly advise Kerwin, saying: “This is my advice to Kerwin. Don’t ever think that your ‘cooperation’ will spare you your life. Sooner or later this government is going to make sure you end up like your father. I make the same prediction for Jaybee Sebastian.”

Jaybee Sebastian is of course the high-profile inmate highly regarded as the top drug lord inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) who has also accused De Lima of getting bribes from convicted drug lords during her term as Justice Secretary.

No doubt de Lima is hoping against hope that Kerwin will sing a different tune by absolving her, or by keeping mum, or by having amnesia, but the writing on the wall does not favor her and the die is cast of her deep involvement with so many witnesses already swearing on it.

Kerwin now seems to be the be-all and end-all witness when he appears at the senate probe on his father’s death on November 23.

Likewise, it will be the day of reckoning for Sen. Leila de Lima and her psywar tactic.


3 comments on “De Lima resorting to psywar against Espinosa

  1. Arthur E, Paredes says:

    i have always been a loyal reader and admirer of your blogs and as a subscriber I haven not miss any of you serious, funny, informative and I don’t know if you have seen this youtube public discourse or admission or even public pronouncement how DU30 cheated his mandatory and compulsory military training during his academic days by submitting a fraudulent medical certificate to exempt him from military training PMT and ROTC (that obliged me to undergo inspite of my frail physical features). I don’t know if this can have bearing on his fight against injustice, honesty and rule of law. Publicly admitting what he did, how can he now expect people from government, applicants for government positions and even those applying for military service to be honest unlike him? Can he now say (or now command) “Do what I tell you to do but don’t follow what I do (or did)”?

    • quierosaber says:

      Thank you for allowing yourself time to follow my blogs. As much as I want it to be varied, recent events in the country, however, make for an interesting subjects to deal with. President Duterte, for one, is an appealing and stimulating person to talk about. It looks like our aspirations as Filipinos revolves around him, watching what he does next, where he is taking this country and how the world is looking upon us. Frankly, and I think I have mentioned this already that I have not been as hopeful and optimistic as I am today for the country under the leadership of Duterte. The reason why I am saying this is because I have seen leaders come and go in my lifetime and this is the first time I have experienced seeing one that walks the talk and truly care for the country and have the interest in the welfare of the Filipino people, first and foremost. His guts, knowledge of the law and political will is no myth and he is showing it to the world that he is at par with other world leaders, he being a president of a sovereign state. It is not about the size of our country. It is about competency and how to gain the respect of other leaders. Thus, I understand what you meant about Duterte’s craziness, escapades or perverseness, if you may, during his college days. But who can predict one’s future? Besides, I don’t think the past bothers Duterte and it should not bother the rest of us because who Duterte was in the past is still the Duterte of today. He still says crazy things that many criticize as non-presidential, but he is who he is and he is being true to himself and if that is what it takes to move this country forward progress and improve the quality of life of most Filipinos, then so be it. Hopefully, Federalism, after Duterte, will sustain the country’s search for nirvana.

  2. Arthur E, Paredes says:

    sorry i forgot the youtube link…..….it is somewhere in the mddle portion of the coverage. Thank you.

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