Andanar’s wrong choice of words


Communications Secretary Martin Andanar

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar

It is very unfortunate that while the imminent burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani remains contentious, even after the Supreme Court favored it, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar has to commit a faux pas that only disconcerted and further inflamed the sentiments of those against it, most especially the aggrieved ones.

Andanar should realize that in his position whatever he says or writes is not for his own consumption, but for the people he is saying or writing it to.

Needless to say that the words he chooses to use are not meant to please his own ears but rather to convey good feelings or to ease the sensibilities of others.

If Andanar has to call a spade a spade because that is what it is, then so be it.

Ad-libbing is another thing, however, because Andanar can be biased for the interest of his client, which in this case is President Rodrigo Duterte, and he is bound to say something that may be agreeable to the president but, definitely, unpleasant and offensive to those concerned.

Andanar’s description of “temperamental brats” and “self-righteous” when referring to the Marcos critics who are harping against the hero’s burial for Marcos and urging at the same time for Duterte to change his mind is not only wrong but inappropriate and unwarranted, too.

They are simply wrong choices of words that smacks of an uncaring and an unfeeling person.

How could one be a temperamental brat when he or she is simply crying for understanding and justice for the atrocities done and the misery inflicted by a president who has been sworn to serve his people yet ended up being a monster instead during the dark, agonizing years of martial law?

How can one be labeled as self-righteous when he or she simply wants to be heard for the sufferings being endured to this day just in case Duterte will change his mind and emphathize with him or her?

Indeed, I could never agree more with Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III when he issued the following statements denouncing Andanar:  “I dont think they are brats. This is a very emotional issue but they are not brats. Actually, a lot of protesters are coming from the poorer sectors of society. They are not brats, they are principled positions, principled stand. So, Martin Andanar should review his history.”


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