Prepared speeches will make Duterte presidential


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

From the way Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won overwhelmingly the presidency and by the manner he has sustained his popularity to this day one can undeniably say that he has, indeed,   what it takes to be the leader of this country.

He always reminds people that he was just a small town mayor from Mindanao who has been elected President of the country.

The truth is that Duterte got elected because the people found in him the true blue character of a non-traditional politician who uses an out-of-the-box solution to problems, a truly servant-leader who is sincere, as he is strong-willed, incorruptible and a no-nonsense politician.

But what really has endeared him to the people is the way he carries himself – unpretentious and humble – and the way he relates to the ordinary folks, especially during times when he incorporates expletives in his speeches, for one reason or another.

Duterte never fails to excite the audience no matter who they are for spewing cuss words come very natural to him as when he needs to drink water when his throat dries up.

Unfortunately, now that Duterte is president he still goes on making profanity-laced extemporaneous speeches which most of the time, at this stage of his presidency, no longer sounds presidential but rather platitudinous that borders on haughtiness especially for international audience.

Some may say who cares, but in reality the world cares and every decent Filipino here and abroad cares for Duterte is our president and we wish nothing but acceptance, recognition and respect from leaders of other countries for his intelligence, leadership ability and, yes, decency, too.

Duterte despises at those who suggest that he should act statesmanlike because he says he never took a course of statesmanship and does not intend to be one but all he knows is serving the greater interest of the Filipino people.

That is a fair statement, but I think statesmanship comes naturally as it behooves upon all leaders of the free world worthy of their mandates to act as one to earn the admiration and respect of their peers.

Thus, it is only advisable and right that Duterte be reminded that in lieu of his extemporaneous speeches which, without fail, always veer towards unleashing his unsavory tirades that are lumped into a colorful language against those who might have earned his ire at the moment, that he should now mend his ways and be persuaded to read every prepared speech for the occasion at hand so he could be accorded the honor and recognition he so deserves and be the shining example for all Filipino leader that will come after him.

The nation needs Duterte to be presidential now for there is more at stake in his presidency that will make a whole lot of positive difference for the country and its people.


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