De Lima’s fate


Sen. Leila de Lima

Sen. Leila de Lima

The way events unfolded during the House investigation on the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), surely, it did not look good for Sen. Leila de Lima as practically all the witnesses presented gave damning testimonies against her.

In fact as a last resort de Lima plans to run to the Supreme Court to challenge President Rodrigo Duterte’s immunity from suit since she has run out of options in her quest for justice regarding the allegations hurled against her.

Note that she is blaming Duterte, and only Duterte, as the root of all her woes now, thus, this could probably be her last window of opportunity to get out from where she is being squeezed between the rock and a hard place. Most certainly she finds herself between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Expressing it differently de Lima thinks she is seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel, but, woe still, this little light happens to be that of train coming her way.

Why de Lima will try to debunk the immunity privilege of the president while in office is beyond the grasp of many people, but like the masses held for her and the prayers chanted by her nun friends and other religious supporters to save her woes, all are just exercises in futility.

Indeed, how wrong I was about de Lima.

Everything she was as Justice Secretary during the Aquino administration made her credible and gutsy and these were the qualities that got her the respect of the Filipino people.

It was in this light in fact that out of appreciation I wrote favorable articles, among others, about de Lima which you can read at these links: and

Little did I know then that, like me, most Filipinos also were taken for a ride by her seemingly tenacious yet friendly and accommodating appearance when confronting and solving problems in her department.

Political events have surfaced now that what we were all seeing then was actually de Lima in sheep’s clothing.

It took an unorthodox former mayor from Davao City and now president to ferret out the truth and declare de Lima was a wolf all along and a devious one at that.

What a fate de Lima has created only to be shamed!

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