The reality of Duterte’s war on drugs


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has just completed his 100 days in office but the way controversial events have transpired relative to his bloody war on drugs that has impacted here and abroad leading to his enraging attitude towards the US, the EU and the UN, and openly declaring that he was going to establish ties with China and Russia, it gives one the impression that he has been in office for over a year or more, perhaps.

But what is more important really than how Duterte is being perceived by the outside world is the reality that not only is the country awash with depraved and incarcerated characters called drug lords making/importing into/hoarding illegal drugs for distribution by equally degenerate drug pushers to the derelicts and often times lowly users, but dirty drug money is already used to fund the elections of some of our local and national officials.

Not only that. Dirty drug money is also the source influencing the misdeeds of government officials like the police, the judges, etc.

What has appalled the nation, however, is the fact that illegal drug distribution emanates from the very institution that people thought can securely confine and rehabilitate prisoners.

Alas, these criminals are living it inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) like kings!

And what is equally alarming, if not dismaying, is that those tasked to manage the NBP are aware of what is going on inside but opts to not listen, hear, and talk about it until the shit hits the fan, as what has happened now with the whole scandalous mess being investigated by the House of Representatives.

What I just want to point out here is that had it not been for the guts of Duterte we would never have known the extent, the magnitude of illegal drugs circulating and how it is being proliferated in the whole country.

The only downside that I think is happening in Duterte’s war on drugs is that the latter is now feuding with the US and is cozying up instead with China and Russia to the trepidation of many.

Somehow I could understand Duterte’s feelings for his show of animosity towards the US for criticizing his hardnosed approach in fighting drugs, but being president now of a sovereign country that he has promised so many times to serve and die for if necessary, would it not be appropriate for him to show more restraint without being cavalier and act more nationalistic without being vituperative and disrespectful for our own good?

This is the only way to act and position ourselves in this ever changing geopolitical order of world affairs for our own advantage.

Let me know what you think

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