Duterte’s vitriolic attacks


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to complete his 100 days in office, but even in that short span of time he does not have to prove anything anymore.

Starting from his relentless war on drugs that continue to extract an unimaginable number of surrenderers that include drug lords, pushers and users, but which also is producing a large number of dead bodies on the streets attributed to resisting arrest and choosing to shoot it out with the police and down to the human rights advocates claiming that some death appears to be more as extrajudicial killings, still most Filipinos agree that Duterte is doing the right thing for country.

Duterte’s uncompromising approach on his war on drugs has been the object of adverse commentaries by foreign heads of organizations and some world leaders, but what makes it more unfavorable for them is Duterte’s off the cuff and seemingly acrimonious statements.

But that is who Duterte is. What you see is what you get and much, much more especially that he is the president of the country now.

Like I said before presidents have come and gone but never had we elected one in recent times that truly understands what our country has gone through, why peace and stability cannot be attained, why we continue in depravity and how to get this country moving towards sustained growth and development.

It is in this context that because Duterte was given the overwhelming mandate to cure whatever ills this country and because the Filipino people trust his wisdom and political acumen, we and the whole world see him doing what he does best – fighting drugs, criminality and corruption.

In his determined effort to win over the evils afflicting the moral and social fiber of the Filipino society blood is being spelt, but in doing so the sensibilities of those in developed countries of the Western world who characterize an attitude of moral superiority have been pricked forcing them to disparage at Duterte.

Fortunately, the Philippines has now a leader in Duterte who is very outspoken, who knows where he stands and who knows his law very well, he being a lawyer.

Filipinos are no stranger, therefore, to Duterte’s vitriolic attacks against those who try to meddle in the internal affairs of the country.

It is simply Duterte’s way of saying that the Philippines may be a third world country, but a sovereign state no less, that no longer deserves to be dictated and cowed as we start charting our own destiny.

In this day and age what matters most for a country is how well you play the geopolitical game that is transforming the landscape of developing nations.

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