Marcos in perspective following Miriam’s passing


miriam-santiagoThe nation today mourns the passing of former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago – she of the fiery temper and the blazing tongue.

She was many things to many people and, undeniably to some, she was the best of friends and the worst of enemies.

I don’t know if we will ever see again the likes of Miriam in public service – brilliant, dedicated, reliable, forceful, excitable, incorruptible, passionate for her love of country, defender of the Constitution and stickler for the rule of law.

What I see now, however, is the male version of Miriam in the realm of politics and he is no other than President Rodrigo Duterte himself, sans the brilliance and eloquence of Miriam.

No wonder both are excellent blogging material.

I have posted around 20 blogs about Miriam, notable of which are:

Frankly, I was for Miriam in the last presidential race but I knew deep inside me that she was racing against her unmerciful illness, too, and I found her to be losing the battle. Besides I was very disappointed that she opted to have the son and namesake of the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., as her running mate.

It was bad enough then that she was seriously sick, but it could have even been worse if Marcos would have been elected vice president and succeeded Miriam had she won.

Indeed, Miriam was the best president the country never had, but we had been fortunate to have her serve the country and the interest of the Filipino people in some other important capacities in government.

Thank you and may you rest in peace, Miriam.

It is in this same vein that I am reprinting this entry from Peter Dupont’s FB if only to put the Marcos son in perspective had he been elected vice president.


2 comments on “Marcos in perspective following Miriam’s passing

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks again, sir. On a different subject, an interesting comment made by Diding on Quiboloy, Duterte’s good friend.

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