Marcos daughter should teach forgiveness lesson first to mother and brother


Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos

Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos

Imee Marcos, the eldest daughter of the despot, Ferdinand Marcos Sr., seemed to have realized now that her father was no hero to the Filipino people.

It finally sunk in on her the reality that, indeed, her father was an evil man to many Filipinos, especially to some of the victims who are still agonizingly alive and to those whose relatives suffered and died from persecution during the dark and despicable days of Martial Law which he imposed all over the country.

For why else would she be apologizing, pleading and hoping that the Filipino people would find mercy and compassion so the cold body of the dictator could finally be interred under the warmth and hallowed grounds of the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ cemetery) befitting a hero who has served and has done our country proud?

If Imee thinks what she is doing is as easy as going to confession to have her sins absolved, she is dead wrong.

Her father’s sins were utterly different. Her father’s lust for more power and greed made him vilely oppressive, persecuting the very people he was sworn to serve and shamelessly plundered the nation dirt-poor.

What makes Imee’s pleading even more deplorable, if not regrettable, is that during the authoritarian rule of his father she was already in her late teens and therefore aware of what was going on around her and before here.

“I hope that whatever the sins of my father were – because he never said that he is not a mere human who errs and commits sins… they can find forgiveness for him. In forgiving us, my father, I wish that their anger will be assuaged do they can have peace and tranquility.”

All are wishful thinking!

Forgiving is not a problem, but how sincere Imee really is?

bongbongWhy would it matter to the Filipino people to forget and forgive when the son and namesake of the dictator himself, former Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who was also in his teens already and fully aware of what was happening by the way he donned fatigue uniform of the military in one of the photo ops of the former dictator addressing the crowd of supporters from the balcony in Malacañang, would not even admit, much less apologize for the evil deeds of his father, but rather chose to exalt the dictator?

We even have to hear yet from the Marcos matriarch, Imelda herself, how contrite she is really as she is very much part and parcel of the scandalous and infamous conjugal dictatorship.

What I am just pointing out here is that before Imee starts pouring out her heart and apologizing to the Filipino people, that she has to convince her brother and more importantly her shameless mother to admit and acknowledge that brutality, killings, corruption and plunder indeed happened during the dictatorial regime and for it, individually and collectively, they are expressing their remorse and begging for forgiveness.

Still it is not a guarantee that an inch of the hallowed grounds at the Heroes’ cemetery will be ceded to them for the dictator’s grave site.


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