Good Samaritans uplifts old popsicle vendor’s life


Anybody who sees this still photo of an elderly man struggling to push his paleta cart (popsicle cart) will surely be moved with pity and compassion.

Apparently the vendor, 89-year-old Fidencio Sanchez, went on retirement a couple of months ago but had to get back to work when he and his wife, Eladia, lost their only daughter who left behind two sons to be taken care of.

Eladia also used to sell paletas but now sells Mexican candies because pushing the heavy cart became too physically demanding and hurt her arm, according to the Sanchez’ granddaughter, Dulce Perez. Fidencio Sanchez has been pushing his cart in the area about 23 years, Perez said.

The kind soul of Joel Cervantes Macias posted Sanchez’s photo on FB. This in turn got the attention of Joe Loera who started an online GoFundMe campaign which resulted to more good Samaritans donating that Sanchez need not have to work anymore.

To complete the story I am also posting a video of this inspiring man that went viral.


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