Time to rally behind Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

At no other time, since Cory Aquino’s presidency, are we seeing once again the need for trust, confidence and total support of the Filipino people for a president.

Never had this country experienced electing a president with overwhelming votes against his opponents and in so short a time of his presidency has done so much for so many.

And to think that we chose a man coming from far flung Mindanao, which is about time for one coming from that place, but most importantly one who is a darn good lawyer who made a name with his fearless, unconventional and unorthodox manner in making untamed Davao City into a safe and livable place which has become the envy of most cities in the country.

But what makes President Rodrigo Duterte head and shoulders above the rest of past leaders is his uncompromising love for his country, his strong faith in the Filipino people and his resoluteness to do everything in his power to move the country forward and improve the lives of its citizens.

Thus, Duterte’s mission and vision for the country entails that, if necessary, he has to wage a bloody war against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption which are the scourges ever present in our society and which have grown to monstrous proportions.

It was providential for the nation that Duterte won the presidency because the magnitude and extent of these problems, especially the one on drugs, are simply mind boggling and the only person competent and capable of battling it head on is Duterte.

Likewise, it is only Duterte who has the fortitude to initiate peace with the communists and the Moro rebels in Mindanao.

I could not imagine a Roxas, a Poe or a Binay leading the kind of fight Duterte is doing for the country and its people. With them we would surely have awaken one day with nothing more to hope for the best as the country will be overrun by evil people.

Duterte may be described as shooting his mouth often or as loose cannon only to retract and make amends but that does not make him less of leader.

For what he has said and done, either controversial or unquestionable, Duterte has become a fodder for news here and abroad.

He may have ruffled the feathers of some politicians here for declaring a ‘state of lawlessness’ in the whole country but it is an act that is not politically motivated, as to put the country under martial law, but rather a move that will hasten the restoration of peace, order and security of the country following the recent terrorist act by the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Davao City.

Duterte may have also disconcerted the feelings of some noted international officials or head of state and organizations but this is for all and sundry to know that the Philippines is a sovereign country and that he as leader will no longer tolerate any foreign leader to meddle and bully his way into the internal affairs of the country and/or infringe into what rightfully belongs to the state.

For all these and for the hope and expectations that Duterte is projecting for the country and its people to attain, it is only fitting that Filipinos should rally behind him now.



2 comments on “Time to rally behind Duterte

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    For what its worth, duterte makes me proud to be a filipino for having his own mind. Calling someone a son of a whore is nothing new for duterte. He even cursed the pope so what makes obama special? Instead of making a drama over this name calling, the other message is far more important: duterte need not explain to anyone other than the filipinos, we are no longer a colony of america, and we have a right to carve our own path in this world. Duterte, duterte, duterte…….

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