Honeymoon over for Duterte and netizens


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Whether the heading is made as a statement or a question I think the response of many will still be either negating it or disagreeing with it.

I still would like to think that President Rodrigo Duterte is leading this nation in the right direction and many are still behind him.

If Duterte’s attack on Sen. Leila de Lima as an ‘immoral’ person and an illegal drug cartel beneficiary drew the ire of a number of individuals or groups of people, especially those against sexism, then I would like to believe that they are simply expressing their rights on that particular issue and does not mean that they are now turning their backs on Duterte’s overall program and aspirations for the country.

One should understand by now who Duterte is and if he seems to go overboard on some issues I think it is simply because he is a bullheaded advocate of unrestrained candor, transparency and bluntness the way he has been known for and got respected as mayor of Davao City.

Duterte is one scrupulous dude who is fearless, who is his own boss, who is beholden to nobody but the Filipino people and who calls spade a spade regardless of who you are for as long as it serves the interest of the country.

That is who Duterte is and the realization of the enormity of the country’s problem in terms of drugs, corruption and criminality is what makes him passionately engaged to the extent that it does not matter to him anymore if he is up against a public official, an oligarch, a scum or the head of the UN.

Either you are with him or you are against him.

That is the long and short of it.

One thing going for Duterte is that he is a lawyer and he knows his law and because of this factor it makes the people all the more confident that he knows whereof he speaks.

Duterte may have his own issues of transgressions as a married man but people turned a blind eye about it anyway and made him an overwhelming choice for the presidency, so why the unnecessary furor about his attacks on de Lima?

Not because Duterte is now president that he is prohibited already from exacting revenge at de Lima for what she did to him when she accused the then Davao City mayor as being connected the DDS, Davao Death Squad, which to this day remains unproven.

Payback time and more is all there is to it!


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