Duterte’s 50 days in office


50 daysI have seen Philippine presidents come and go and got a little excited in two, namely, Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino as prospects who could make a difference and propel this country to greatness.

Alas, what we saw and witness in their presidency is that one was successful in destroying democracy and the other was hailed as having triumphantly restored the same.

The others after Cory, well, I don’t think they really had the interest of the country and the welfare of the Filipinos in mind for one can only see where we are until today. Recent history will surely tell that not only had we been electing the wrong people, but corruption, drugs and criminality were allowed to flourish because of lack of political will.

Thus as the nation observes President Rodrigo Duterte’s 50 days in office one cannot help but feel encouraged, cheerful and optimistic that this time the Filipinos have finally elected a leader who is showing the character  and the supremacy that could make this country turn around towards growth, progress and respectability.

One can only feel admiration and awe that so much have been done in so short a time that is no doubt benefitting the larger number of Filipinos.

The world is watching us after Duterte declared war against drugs, criminality and corruption and while some human rights advocates here and abroad are complaining about the drug related killings, many are, however, applauding it for it was on this promise to end the ills of society that Duterte was given the overwhelming mandate to lead the country and he has walked the talk.

Duterte even came out with the name-and-shame list of government officials linked to illegal drugs, the latest casualty of which is former justice secretary and now senator, Leila de Lima.

It takes one to have real balls to do this and thank goodness Duterte has them!

One can only wonder if the Roxases, the Poes and the Binays could have generated the same excitement, comfort and upbeat feeling for the country and its people in just 50, if any of them were elected president.

To Duterte’s credit he has also been able to appoint leftists in his Cabinet, establish the much needed one-stop shop for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), implement the freedom of information (FOI) in the executive branch that has been badly sought by the people, put into use the RH law for good, resume peace talks with the communist  and Muslim rebel groups, sustain a robust economy, initiate salary increase for the police and military personnel, clean up and administer new guards at the New Bilibid Prison, etc.

All these and more in just 50 days!


You bet it is and we will just wait with greater expectations what the next 50 days will bring.



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