Duterte exposes de Lima


Sen. Leila de Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte

Sen. Leila de Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte

Could Sen. Leila de Lima be the lady government official President Rodrigo Duterte promised to name and destroy for one reason or another?

A few days ago I blogged about Sen. De Lima’s deafening silence after she attacked Duterte’s list of individuals which included some judges who were linked to illegal drug business calling it inaccurate or that it needed a thorough validation and revalidation especially that the president included an already deceased judge.

“A deceased person naturally cannot defend himself,” de Lima said sarcastically.

I don’t think this criticism sat well with Duterte because right after de Lima’s remarks he came back with his promise to destroy a lady government official one of these days.

Well, I think the day came too soon because now Duterte is exposing de Lima as the lady senator who, not only has been having an affair with her driver, but also had had links with drug lords operating at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa.

“Here is a senator complaining when one day I will tell you on how her driver himself who was her lover was the one collecting money for her during the campaign,” Duterte said.

Indeed, these are damning accusations which de Lima could only lamentably describe as “very foul”.

More than the alleged affair de Lima has been having with her driver, what is really incriminating and ruinous to her career as senator is her alleged involvement in and beneficiary of drug money being used for election purposes.

What is also very scandalously damaging about this allegation is that prior to her senatorial candidacy de Lima was the Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary and seemingly very visible conducting raids in the drug lord’s den at the NBP.

Ironically, despite the raids and supposed discovery and confiscation of illegal items found inside the luxurious rooms of the drug lords, complete with photo ops, still illegal drug business continued to flourish inside the NBP until Duterte’s presidency took over and dismantled it for good with the help of police Special Action Force that ended up guarding the NBP now.

The bad blood between Duterte and de Lima seems to have reached a climax already.

Duterte said he has not forgotten how de Lima, former chair of the Commission on Human Rights, went to Davao and linked him to the Davao Death Squad.

Perhaps Duterte was just biding his time and waiting for an opportunity to exact revenge.

And what an opportune time and place Duterte has found himself now!

With all the intelligence agencies at Duterte’s disposal, surely de Lima is now caught in dire dilemma (no pun intended).

De Lima may not want to dignify Duterte’s assassination of her character, as she describes the accusations against her, but she has to get out, somehow, from this hole full of muck she is mired in.

Else, instead of smelling like a rose, she will continue smelling like shit!



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