The cat finally out of the bag – Duterte name names

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

What has been kept a secret for quite some time by President Rodrigo Duterte has now been divulged straight from the horse’s mouth.

This has reference of course to the much anticipated announcement everyone has been waiting for about the personalities who are allegedly involved in protecting and tolerating the proliferation of illegal drug trade in the country, other than the five PNP generals earlier mentioned.

The list of names of police and military official, judges and ranking local government officials can be found at this link:

It appears like these are just the first batch of government officials involved in illegal drugs and that there will be more names to be mentioned later, but initially the names revealed early Sunday of Aug. 7th have been ordered by the Duterte to report to their mother units within 24 hours. This means that the police and military officials should report to the Philippine National Police (PNP) chief and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff, respectively, the judges to the Supreme Court and the local government official to the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

President Duterte specifically warned the police and military officials, retired and otherwise, to report as instructed to the authorities concerned or else he will order the entire AFP to conduct a manhunt on them.

Not only that. Duterte also ordered the cancellation of “any and all” firearm licenses issued to those whom he named.

These are forceful words and instructions indeed coming from a determined president who wants to save this country from becoming a narco-political one.

Needless to say that every department concerned now will conduct an investigation as to the culpability of those mentioned, but what a shame if found to be true!

This woeful disclosure by Duterte resulted in his equally dolorous question he posed upon everybody: “Bakit tayo umabot sa ganitong magnitude? (Why did we get to this magnitude?)”, and which he himself answered: “Kasi (Because) the government is into it.”

“I am sorry for my country,” he said further, lamenting the 600,000 estimated numbers of drug addicts, pushers, and users nationwide.

Even if this is just an estimated figure, just the same the number is staggering and the more distressing questions actually are: How many more will be exploited by these sons-of-bitches? How many more kids will be robbed of their future? How many more families will be ruined? How many more unscrupulous people will get into politics supported by equally unscrupulous police and military personnel buying their way into the realm using drug money and making the lives of most Filipinos more miserable than already is?

That we have a Duterte leading the fight against illegal drugs and boldly naming influential personalities who are involved in its trading and proliferation, where no previous presidents ever dared to declare war against this nefarious business in our society, is surely enough reason to rejoice for it gives hope and optimism for the country and people.

If illegal drugs can be curtailed, so, too, can corruption and other crimes detrimental to growth and development of a country be stop.

Yes, we are all seeing that the high price in Duterte’s government fight against drug trade is the lives lost. Many human rights advocates, and especially the high officials of the Catholic Church, are feeling and acting melodramatic about the whole relentless offensive against the proliferation of this evil in our society.

But I think we just have to trust Duterte’s leadership for he has declared war against drugs, criminality and corruption not for personal glorification but for the noble purpose of ensuring that the generation of Filipinos after us will have a country that they could be proud of – peaceful, stable and developed with the minimum of social ills.



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