Road rage executioner nabbed

PNP chief dela Rosa presenting to the public nabbed road rage killer Tanto.

PNP chief dela Rosa presenting to the public nabbed road rage killer Tanto.

The name Vhon Martin Tanto had every one watching the national news on TV that night wishing and praying that he be caught immediately after he killed in cold blood cyclist Mark Vincent Garalde.

Before Tanto ended up cowardly shooting Garalde and seriously injuring a young female college student who was hit by a stray bullet while putting away garbage, it was reported that an altercation first ensued after Tanto’s car and Garalde’s bike nearly collided.

Tanto, who was found out to be a reservist of the Philippine Army with the rank of private, must have been unreasonably upset with what happened or his pricked ego got the better of him that he followed Galarde who was then walking ahead with his bike until his car was closely alongside the latter who was forced to stop.

Tanto then got out of his car and confronted Galarde, which argument resulted into a fist fight.

From the looks of it Galarde had the upper hand as he was able to deliver a blow that gave Tanto a black eye – as seen after he was already arrested.

After having vented their anger at one another all seemed well, when Galarde picked up his bike and started walking again, while Tanto went inside his car.

Just a few seconds after, however, Tanto got out of his car again but this time he had a gun and was walking fast towards Garalde. Before Garalde could react, Tanto pumped a bullet on the cyclist head and when the latter was down Tanto again fired at his head. (At least this is how everyone saw it on TV).

This particular revolting incident viewed by many and perpetrated by someone who is arrogant and feels superior when having a gun and could not accept defeat in a fair fight that he thought he would win but was instead clobbered and humiliated, is what made many yearn that Tanto be caught immediately, especially after a manhunt was ordered.

In fact many also wished that, because he was considered ‘armed and extremely dangerous’, he would have the bluster to fight it out against the police, just like he had the rabidity to kill Galarde in cold blood.

Tanto is said to own a licensed caliber .45 pistol and a caliber .40 Glock pistol.

In reality Tanto is nothing but hot air.

Take the gun out and he is a wimp!

Hope he rots in jail.


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