The Duterte phenomenon


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

As if winning the presidency was not phenomenal enough for one coming from Mindanao and a former mayor of Davao City, what is adding more to Rodrigo Duterte’s wonder in the country’s political world today are the dimensions by which he has been able to captivate the trust of the Filipinos and sustain his popularity in what he does for the country and its people.

What I am simply saying is that Duterte and his men cannot seem to do any wrong even as drug scum are dying in the government’s pursuit to stop or at least minimize the proliferation of illegal drugs.

There are a few calls for investigation from some people who think human rights have been violated, but compared to those who are at awe at how widespread illegal drugs have been pushed and pervasively used based on what is being reported daily, there is just no way that one can stop the majority of Filipinos from supporting the determined effort of the government to fight drugs – regardless of who and how many are killed.

This is the kind of leader we had been waiting for who, despite his uncouth manners and disgracious language before, is effecting change that he promised and giving hope to many struggling Filipinos.

Even those seemingly cultured and influential people in the financial and business sector of society who were skeptical of Duterte and strongly dissuaded others, orally and in writing, not to vote for him are now singing hosannas for him.

That every political party in the country today are coalescing with Duterte’s PDP-Laban giving it the power and making it a super-majority in both Houses of Congress only proves of their recognition, high esteem and unconditional support of the president’s leadership.

I do not know if there will ever be a credible minority in both Houses. If this is not a phenomenon, I don’t know what is for this bizarre situation never existed before. Imagine the leaders in the executive and legislative branches of government are all coming from Mindanao.

Suddenly the southern part of the country is thrust into the limelight as an exhibit for implementing reforms and development. Indeed, this is a welcome occurrence for if positive change can happen in a war torn region, how easily could progress come to pass in Luzon and the Visayas islands!

Needless to say that this phenomenon does not only apply to mainstream political leaders but even strikingly to those with different religious and ideological beliefs.

But the most phenomenal of all is the transformation that one has seen in Duterte as a person, now that he is president. The metamorphosis he promised will happen once he starts serving as president has indeed happen and this is what has endeared him to the people. What you see is what you get. Not only does he talks the talk but also walks the talk. What a proficient and polished politician he has become although the urge to kill is still very much in his blood!

This is the Duterte phenomenon that is getting to be noticed not only by ASEAN but also by the western world.

Indeed, Duterte is one president to be reckoned with by world leaders as the phenomenon he is creating continues and endures.


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