Lasting new dawn for Philippines with Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Every president the Filipinos elected in the past always were described as ushering a new dawn for the country.

With great dismay every one of them ended their term with so much still to be desired in terms of growth and development for the country and improving the quality of life of the people.

Needless to say that the same promises were made to stump corruption in government, fight criminality, stop illegal drug trade, work for peace and stability specifically in Mindanao, improve services, create jobs, solve the traffic problem, etc., only to fall flat at the end.

We are known to be resilient as people and despite being victims of our own folly by electing presidents that have done us more injustice than good deeds we never failed to pray, hurdle the hardships and patiently waited for something providential to happen.

What else could the election of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to the presidency in 2016 be than Divine intervention?

Duterte had only to utter the phrase “Change is coming” and with his promise to lead the fight against corruption, criminality and the drug trade scourge afflicting the country and end the same in 3 to 6 months, the Filipinos gave him an overwhelming mandate to be the country’s leader.

Change is what the people wanted and desired most and knowing the determined, no-nonsense, iron-fist and the unconventional leadership of Duterte, the way he transformed Davao City into a peaceful and livable place that has been the envy of many cities in the country, he simply became the people’s favorite for the presidency.

We were never wrong in choosing Duterte, for as much as we wanted change in the way government is run, Duterte himself showed more disgust and revulsion over how elected and appointed government officials performed.

Duterte knew the pulse of the people which is that if he does what he promised to do that he will get their continued support and much, much more for that is what they had been longing for.

There is no wonder therefore that the events unfolding today in the country, from the government’s relentless drive against illegal drugs and criminality that has precipitated in a lot of killings to the maritime dispute in the West Philippine Sea with China, are not being criticized by most of the citizenry, but rather welcomed with great anticipation. The Filipinos trust his resolve.

Duterte’s leadership style is interestingly rubbing off on his Cabinet members and heads of various government agencies and this is what brings thrill and hope for many Filipinos that indeed change is coming.

One can safely say now that Duterte’s leadership is ushering competently and conclusively a lasting new dawn for the Philippines.

We can only pray that the president stays healthy and safe all the time.


2 comments on “Lasting new dawn for Philippines with Duterte

  1. penpowersong says:

    all true!….great blog, idol!…keep them coming!

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