Cebu’s controversial Peter Lim


dut-limCebu’s Peter Lim is not new to controversy.

Neither is Cebu’s Peter Lim an exemplary figure because of his illegal drug related activities which resulted to his being investigated by a House committee on drugs ten years ago.

It is no wonder therefore that when President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned the name Peter Lim as one of the three top drug lords in the country based in the Visayas, the latter must have spent sleepless nights.

Although there may be over 4,000 bearing the name Peter Lim in the country, as reported, and though his presence in Cebu contradicts Duterte’s statement that he was out of the country, Lim’s controversial past, however, started haunting him again and the more he became scared of his life, especially when Duterte promised to kill the drug lord once he returns and deplanes.

It was just as well that Cebu’s Peter Lim asked for an audience with Duterte because right then and there the latter told Lim in his face that he was the one and the same Peter Lim whom he would kill once he returns and stepped on airport tarmac.

It is simply unbelievable that ten years after, Cebu’s Peter Lim continues to be in the radar of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) when searching for drug lords in the country.

Lim reportedly denied his links to the illegal drug trade but verbal negation won’t get him anywhere.

There is more to it than meets the eye, like why does he continue to blip as drug lord on PDEA’s radar ten years after a congressional inquiry was conducted over his nefarious drug activities?

Duterte apparently warn Cebu’s Peter Lim with this tall order: “DON’T lie to me. I called all the agents: PDEA, military, police, NBI. You know you’ve been suspected as a drug lord… Call your lawyer to prove that you’re innocent.”

What was missing is the phrase, “or else!”

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