Philippines turning over new leaf with Duterte as president


President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

There is no doubt in the minds of Filipinos here and abroad that the country is turning over new leaf with President Rodrigo Duterte at the helm.

This is the kind of favorable transformation that I had been waiting for since I came back to this country some fifty years ago.

I thought the metamorphosis would be sooner because then we were only second to Japan with the potential of highly succeeding in growing economically strong with seemingly impressive politicians and economists in government.

The country was really moving gradually forward even when government was concerned with the same problems it is still facing today – ideological and territorial, like the Mindanao issue. Corruption and illegal drugs, if there were then, were not fodder for the media, so that is how insignificant it was.

But then the nation got enamored with a brilliant Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and made him president.

It started well but power and greed got the better of him and it became worse when his covetous wife, Imelda, got into the picture.

The rest is history.

Needless to say the country got mired in a hole dug by politicians themselves who could never take it out from its predicament because most of them were weighing heavily the country and its people down with their corrupt practices, incompetency and or lack of resolve.

In the meantime neighboring countries in southeast Asia started doing better and passing us in growth and development while we stagnated.

The political leaders were not only to blame, but blame has also to be shared by the Filipino people who, time and again, elected if not corrupt, inutile leaders.

Not only are overly corrupt and inutile leaders persisted all these years but criminality surged and illegal drugs proliferated so much so that the drug lords could run and control their illegal business even while being detained. But what is incredibly dismaying is that these unscrupulous people are allowed to be detained in luxury.

Exasperated, the Filipino people has finally decided that enough is enough and by divine providence strongly bonded and overwhelmingly supported the candidacy of a fearless unorthodox mayor from Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte, who promised to fight corruption, criminality and illegal drugs the unconventional way so the country can move forward and develop while alleviating the lives of people.

Even before Duterte was proclaimed president the people have been noticing change in the way people reacted to his policies and programs against the ills plaguing the country.

Now that Duterte is president the more hopeful the Filipinos have become that we have elected a president who could turn the fate of this nation and its people for the better the way many have been wishing and praying for.

With Duterte’s leadership coupled with the passionate support he is getting from the people we can now see the Philippines slowly turning over new leaf.

We can only pray for his good health and safety.

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