De Lima’s remarks against Duterte only underscore her inadequacies

Sen. Leila de Lima

Sen. Leila de Lima

This is just a reaction on newly elected Sen. Leila de Lima’s misgivings on the shame campaign launched by President Rodrigo Duterte against five police generals allegedly linked to illegal drugs. (

“There is still presumption of innocence and therefore, they are entitled to be heard. They should not be put and subjected to trial by publicity,” de Lima said.

De Lima may be right, but she should not forget that because of Duterte’s determination and resolve to fight head on the illegal drug menace that is destroying lives and future of people in this country, Duterte, as president, has now access to all intelligence needed that will connect the dots leading to personalities in the top tier that are involved in illegal drugs.

Knowing Duterte, who has placed the presidency, his reputation and honor at stake when he promised the Filipino people to rid the country of corrupt officials, criminals and illegal drugs in three to six months time, I don’t think he is so naïve as to simply name names without the necessary smoking guns to show.

But that is not the reason why I am writing this article.

This article is about de Lima, whom I had high regards before as justice secretary and have written praising her. In fact I called her the woman with balls, especially when she was conducting raids in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). (

I just find de Lima’s critical comment of Duterte’s method of directly spilling the beans in public and calling a spade a spade somewhat hypocritical.

At least Duterte now, just a few weeks in the presidency, is already doing and commenting as expected of him of the drug lords inside the NBP. People are at awe at the ominous warning he has given to these Chinese scum who have managed to run their shady business even while in detention.

What has de Lima done during her time against these heinous drug lords? Yes, she conducted raids, twice I think, but for what? Photo-ops? (https://quierosaber

What difference it makes now that Duterte is president!

Not only was de Lima playing games, but her inaction against these same drugs lords who continued to control the drug business for the duration of her stint as justice secretary only underscores her inadequacy to deal with them head on.

One comment on “De Lima’s remarks against Duterte only underscore her inadequacies

  1. […] Calling for an investigation on this issue this early will not do de Lima any good nor will it benefit the country. On the contrary, it will only highlight more her inadequacies, like I mentioned in my blog a few days ago. (…). […]

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