Duterte and Robredo


President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo

President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo

We are all aware why President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo had separate venues for their inaugural rites, but wasn’t it simply poignant that at the end of the day the latter was not present during the first Cabinet meeting held in Malacañang?

This must have been the lamentable sentiment of many upon seeing that, indeed, it seems that in the Duterte administration the vice presidency is positioned to be just a spare tire, as we have all been made to believe.

But if one listened closely to the inaugural speeches of both officials, one could immediately notice how similar they are in their determination and commitment to serve the best interest of the country and the Filipinos.

While they may be glaringly poles apart in character, language and behavior, one could right away discern that both are not traditional politicians who are comfortable having people to serve them instead of them serving the people.

There is no mistaking that, unlike many leaders before them and the numerous political sycophants now basking in glory with the new president and the party he belongs to, both Duterte and Robredo can truly be considered as servant leaders.

They are exemplars of what a public official should be, having opted to enter government. They know whereof they speak. They have become a role model in their own rights, whether in a conventional way or out-of-the-box leadership.

Servant leadership varies in style, as one notice with Duterte’s and Robredo’s, but just the same their peculiarities and techniques become the foundation for leading others effectively for greater interest of country and people.

Servant leaders know that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistake –including themselves. Yet, they push for high standards and service quality for what they have promised to do while holding themselves and those working for them in government accountable for their performance.

Hopefully, now that Duterte and Robredo have finally met, that friendship will ensue and trust between one another will develop such that the former will consider his vice president an asset rather than a liability in pursuing reforms in government and for him to welcome Robredo to his administration.

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