Higher expectations awaits PNP’s dela Rosa


Incoming PNP chief Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa

Incoming PNP chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa

The Filipino people after overwhelmingly giving Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte the vote of confidence to be the next president of the country certainly have high expectations of him.

I think Duterte has not let the people down because his words and deeds speak for itself, from the promise he made to fight corruption, criminality and illegal drugs to the individuals he chose to compose his Cabinet who are mostly his classmates, trusted friends and acquaintances who believe in his leadership.

Like Duterte all seem to agree and are, likewise, determined to stop corruption in their respective departments so they could help the nation grow and develop faster and make a difference in the lives of its citizens, especially the poor.

Incredibly, some of Duterte’s appointees in the Cabinet do not only agree with him, but they even sound like him now when emphatically talking about stopping corruption in their departments.

But nobody really comes so close in comparison to Duterte than Chief Supt. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, who the incoming president has hand-picked to lead the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Both Duterte and dela Rosa have not assumed office yet, but the public are already aware that the fight against illegal drugs and criminality has started already. Not only are drug pushers and users dying, but many are giving and reporting to authorities scared that their death would just add up to the statistics.

Dela Rosa who has served as Davao City police chief from Jan.30, 2012 to Oct. 18, 2013 has been echoing Duterte’s call to all involve in illegal drugs, including rogue policemen and local government officials, to stop their criminal practices or else ….

No doubt higher expectations awaits dela Rosa upon his assumption as PNP chief for he himself has vowed to end the illegal drugs problems and other crimes by three to six months.

From the looks of it dela Rosa appears to be on top of the situation as he has been talking about a top to bottom revamp in the PNP organization. This could only mean how corrupted, perverted and inept the organization has become that illegal drugs and criminality has turned into a national scourge.

Dela Rosa also vowed to implement a massive reshuffle to purge scalawag members from the 160,000-strong police force.

“All policemen from top to bottom must work. We will not allow policemen who will just stay in the offices. They will be deployed outside,” said dela Rosa.

Indeed this will be an interesting times to see a challenged PNP under de la Rosa.


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