Awaiting the Duterte administration with bated breath


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

Everyone who has been following Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential run, his winning it and the controversies that followed thereafter because of his quirks, his uncouth manners and his propensity of spewing expletives directed at whoever catches his fancy regardless of who his audience are can’t help but await with bated breath at how his administration is going to perform and where he is taking us.

But from the looks of the initial composition of Duterte’s Cabinet appointees, and we have seen and heard some of them, there is a mixed feelings of impatience, excitement and enthusiasm because it appears that all are equally as passionate and determined in their words as the president-elect in steering this country free from corruption, criminality and illegal drugs, as well as improving the performance of their respective departments.

It is very encouraging that Duterte selected members of his Cabinet whom he trusts would do what he has envisioned for the country and its people, and who in turn believes in him and his unorthodox leadership.

It mattered most that Duterte has Davao City as an example of his leadership which has become the envy of many other cities in the country.

If nefarious individuals are getting killed or giving up and capitulating even before Duterte’s administration has taken over the reins of government, then it shows that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel for this country and the Filipinos.

For sure Duterte can’t do it alone. But his exemplary leadership, and in some ways his quirks, seem to have rub off easily on his trusted men that they all somehow do and say things like him, which for all intents and purposes are all acceptable to many who are tired of traditional politicians.

We the citizens who have given Duterte an overwhelming mandate to run the country should do our share in supporting his policies and programs. In the same manner that most of the legislators in Congress are shifting their political allegiance to Duterte because of his strong political will to impose what is best for the country and its people, what we can do is recommend or caution those against the out-of-the-box solutions of Duterte for the ills of the country, like the Catholic Church and the Human Rights Commission, to give the incoming president the slack and the chance to run government the way he sees fit.

The country needs to turn around, grow and develop to improve the quality of life for the long suffering Filipinos and we have never been closer doing that than we are with Duterte at the helm today.

Letting this pass is making all Filipinos deserving of a hole in their heads.




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