Oratio imperata or exorcism

(This is another version but closely similar to the preceding blog: Cardinal Tagle’s oratio imperata for Duterte – Quierosaber)

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

It looks like president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership eccentricity is rubbing off not only on his appointees and existing government officials but, unbelievably, also on  the Catholic Church hierarchy.

How else could you describe Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle’s appeal to the parishes, shrines, chapels, religious communities and Catholic schools, following a recommendation from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), that an oration imperata or obligatory prayer be recited before a new set of government officials assume office on June 30?

As we understand it, and as was done a few times in the past, the invocation of the special prayer is done by high officials of the church so that the collective supplication of the faithful will be loud enough to be answered with mercy and deliverance from calamities.

In fact it was reported that in the Philippine context, Catholic bishops release an oratio imperata usually to address natural and man-made calamities, such as droughts and typhoons. All these are definitely deleterious to the country and the lives of people, if and when prolonged.

So, if that is the case, why would Tagle then be heeding the call of the bishops in requesting the faithful to say an obligatory prayer for the incoming government officials?

Why, is Duterte and company, as well as the rest of the elected officials who sided with the president-elect, going to cause havoc upon the country thereby making the lives of the Filipinos miserable for the next six years?

Does vice president-elect Leni Robredo and some of the aging but competent and upright Cabinet appointees of Duterte need this particular type of prayer?

But why this kind of prayer for government officials now? Yes, we had always been implored to pray and to wish new elected officials success, but not asked to supplicate as if they are going to make our lives chaotic and woeful.

Frankly I haven’t read the contents of the obligatory prayer composed by the the members of CBCP, but I bet it is one that is reflective of the misdeeds of Duterte.

We all know that Duterte had cursed the pope before and has been heatedly at odds with some bishops who can’t do anything against the implacable president-elect, but why invoke the oratio imperata for the incoming government officials?

Is it really oratio imperata that the church hierarchy wants invoked or are the bishops just coy in admitting and declaring that what they truly want is to have Duterte and his Cabinet appointees exorcised?

Just asking.


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