Much ado about no joint inauguration for Duterte and Robredo


Duterte ad Robredo

Duterte and Robredo

We have all seen the queerness of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte even now that he has not assumed office yet, so why would we be making a lot of fuss if he decides to have his own inaugural rite separate and apart from vice president-elect Leni Robredo’s?

Duterte will always carry with him his unconventional behavior and no amount of prodding will ever change the man of his oddity, even as president.

For all we know each already had his or her distinct idea on how to go about it, if only their respective wishes are to be followed, but since traditionally a joint inauguration always happens, nothing unusual was expected – until the weirdness of one individual made the difference.

In fact, I will not be surprised if, henceforth, a separate inauguration rites for president and vice president-elects will be the new normal or new accepted tradition. Quirino Grandstand in Luneta will not necessarily be the usual venue anymore.

It is interesting to note how Duterte and Robredo want their respective inaugural ceremonies to be conducted. But from the looks of it there is really nothing similar or congruent about each others plan and so it is just as well that the historic affair is not done jointly.

While we do not know yet, as of this writing, the person who is going to administer the oath of office for Duterte, we, however, are aware that Robredo has chosen Brgy. Capt. Ronaldo D. Coner of Punta Tarawal, Calabanga, the smallest, farthest and poorest barangay in Camarines Sur. The ceremony is reportedly to be done some place in Metro Manila. Duterte on the other hand will take his oath at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall in Malacañan Palace.

Known for their austere way of life, Duterte wants a ‘simple diplomatic reception’ after the mass oath-taking of Duterte’s Cabinet with only ‘light finger food’ such as pritong saging (fried bananas), biko (sticky rice) and bibingka (rice cakes), to be served together with tablea (hot chocolate) exclusively coming from Malagos Chocolate in Davao City.

This is probably enough reason for Robredo and company to be thankful that they have their own separate arrangement. Duterte’s menu may not be Robredo’s cup of tea for her Bicolana palate – and vice versa, perhaps.

So, it is much ado for nothing really.

On the contrary it is another thought-provoking episode unfolding before our very eyes coming from an oddball and a very likable lady whom we have elected to be our leaders for the next six years.


4 comments on “Much ado about no joint inauguration for Duterte and Robredo

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    Yes, so much drama over inauguration. Mukhang masarap ang planong finger food ni digong lalo na yung sikwati..

  2. Greten says:

    Sana nga tama ka kabayan. Hope it all ends well and our two highest officials will work together for a better Philippines. When Duterte said he is not committal to appoint Robredo, that is understandable when he said he does not know her yet and they need to build rapport first, but when he said “does not want to hurt Bongbong”, it was like “what the heck?” Now, cannot help thinking that this separate inauguration is sending message of divisiveness within our new government, so I really hope you are correct that this is just a new tradition and nothing more.

    • quierosaber says:

      We will know how it would be the next 6 years if and when both of them finally meet. It is even more interesting to know what it is for Robredo after Duterte’s 6 years is over. With the stage already being prepared for federalism by an absolute majority, this could be as high as Robredo could go in her nascent political career. Thanks.

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