Cayetano alienating himself from peers


Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

It is bad enough that Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano lost badly in his bid for the vice presidency, but it is even worse now that most of his colleagues in the Senate are turning against him.

How else would one describe his predicament when, even as he was feeling high and mighty about his impending take-over of the Senate presidency in the 17th Congress, it appears that Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel is the likely choice of the majority.

Too much political ambition and power seems to be getting the better of Cayetano who is rubbing his peers the wrong way while alienating himself from them.

Cayetano probably thought that, as a consolation for losing the vice presidency, president-elect Rodrigo Duterte would hand him the Senate leadership in a silver platter especially that Duterte has already been assured of a super majority in both Houses of Congress.

Since PDP-Laban is the party to be reckoned with these days, with other political parties, including  Cayetano’s Nacionalista Party merely serving as coalition partners for political accommodation, it was simply fitting and proper for Duterte to have his PDP-Laban party mate, Pimentel, head the Senate.

Instead of being gracious in defeat, Cayetano instead took potshots at Pimentel and the other opposition senators, who may be getting chairmanships of powerful Senate committees, labeling them as ‘obstructionists’ as they may not be supportive of Duterte’s policies and programs of government.

This should be the least of Cayetano’s worries because Duterte trusts Pimentel and the latter is competent and skillful enough to work with the leadership of the lower House and pass laws that will be beneficial for the country and the Filipinos.

Cayetano’s comments and actions did not sit well with most Senators, most especially with Ping Lacson and Tito Sotto. Sotto, the clown, has been a known obstructionist in the Aquino administration, most notably during the passage of the RH bill, but I don’t think he has the balls to go against Duterte this time.

Beside why would Cayetano meddle so much in the affairs of the Senate when he was promised by Duterte the Foreign Affairs portfolio a year after his failed vice presidential run?

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