Duterte owe Filipinos more than the Marcoses


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

Every time president-elect Rodrigo Duterte does something or makes a statement that does not sit well with some people or sector of our society, who in turn criticizes him, he always defends himself by saying that the over 16 million Filipinos that voted for him have given him the license to do so.

Well, Duterte may be right, but not in all cases.

There is no denying that Filipinos have long been victims of unscrupulous and predatory politicians who lack the fortitude in exercising the political will to stop   corruption in government, fight criminality and control the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

Given the chance now that there was a Duterte running for president, he who was famous for making Davao City a safe and livable place because of his unorthodox and unconventional leadership, Filipinos embraced him and made him what he is today for the sake of the country and the struggling populace.

We wanted a firebrand as president and, as expected we are seeing changes in the way he wants this nation to go, which seems acceptable to most politicians and tolerable to many Filipinos.

Unfortunately, however, Duterte is failing to understand the past and seems calloused to the sufferings of Filipinos during the dark years of the Marcos regime.

While justice is being done to the lives of Filipinos with Duterte at the helm in battling corruption, criminality and illegal drugs, sad to say that we also see a disappointing and disturbing injustice to the lives of many who suffered the atrocities committed by the dictator during the martial law years.

That Duterte is giving more importance to his relationship with the Marcoses, especially to the losing presidential candidate, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. , rather than being sympathetic and considerate to the feelings of the many Filipinos, who to this day carry the scars of brutality inflicted by the dictatorial regime, is painful and disheartening.

Duterte may not know it, but he will have more success and pleasant relationship with the people, if he decides to unburden himself from the Marcos yoke around his neck.

Duterte owe everything to the Filipinos and they deserve more profound respect than what he is according the Marcoses now.


One comment on “Duterte owe Filipinos more than the Marcoses

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    The marcos should have the decency to decline the offer given by duterte and have their patriarch buried in their town where people loved them. I heard that even mahatma ghandi was buried in a simple place but no, they want more.. tsk tsk..

    Duterte already admitted that sometimes his mouth ran amok and unfortunately, he already spoken about allowing the burial so his hands is tied by his own tongue…. if marcos values his friendship with duterte as much as duterte does, they should cancel the whole luna idea to lessen duterte’s headache…

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