Dismaying Duterte’s pro-Marcos decisions


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

If president-elect Rodrigo Duterte was given a land-slide victory by the Filipinos it is simply because they were convinced that it is only the cuss word spewing and fearless Davao City mayor who could get rid of corrupt government officials, bring down criminality and root out the proliferating evils of drugs thereby giving hope to better lives for the people under a promising peaceful, stable and progressive country.

Even if Duterte has not assumed office at the moment, yet the wind of change, as promised, is already palpable in the air, what with the iron-hand leadership and political will decisions he has been showing and exercising.

Unfortunately, however, some of Duterte’s pronouncements lately have been unpopular, at best, and very dismaying, at worst.

One does not have to wonder now why Duterte is not giving vice president-elect Leni Robredo a position in his Cabinet. Not only did he reasoned out that Robredo belongs to the opposite side of the political fence, but the political reality is that Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr,, whom Robredo defeated in the vice presidential race, is Duterte’s friend and he does not want to hurt his friend’s feeling by making Robredo a Cabinet member.

Apparently, to the consternation of many, not only has Duterte promised the young Marcos to allow the burial of his father, the dictator, at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (heroes’ cemetery), but even more dismaying is the big possibility that Marcos will be given a Cabinet post in the Duterte administration in the near future.

Nobody is questioning Duterte’s prerogative in making such statements and/or decisions, which in both cases Marcos have already expressed his gratitude, but certainly Duterte should also have considered the sensibilities of those aggrieved during the dark years of the despot’s regime.

Both Duterte and Marcos are talking about closure of hurt feelings and moving forward, but sad to say that anything stated or decided that favors the disreputable Marcos family cannot bring closure. The cry for justice is simply overwhelming!

For as long as the nation continues commemorating Ninoy Aquino’s death anniversary and the EDSA Revolution, there will be no closure.

For as long as the living half of the conjugal dictatorship and her offspring continue to walk like peacocks in the corridors of power without ever apologizing for the atrocities committed by the despot, there could never be closure.

Duterte’s dismaying pro-Marcos decisions have only fan the flames of hate against him and the Marcoses.



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