Cabinet post for Robredo is immaterial


Duterte and Robredo

Duterte and Robredo

For the nation and people, what matters most is that Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo has been elected vice president under the Duterte administration.

That Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would win the presidential race was a given considering the clamor for him to run and the immediate acceptance by Filipinos of his style of leadership that would bring peace, order, stability and progress to the country.

There is no doubt that as we see the events unfold, both Duterte and Robredo, with their own distinct characteristic, skills and competence that compliments one another, are deliverance from heaven for the people.

Thus, as Duterte is starting to complete the Cabinet positions of his administration to assist him in running government the way he sees fit, let us not be so concern whether or not the vice president-elect will be given one.

That Duterte does not know Robredo well personally is a valid claim. What is even more irrefutable is that he owes it to the people who trusted him and, with their faith in him, made it possible for him to win the presidency overwhelmingly.

These are the people that are described now as belonging to KKK, which stands for Kababayan or Davao-based friends, Kaklase or classmates, Kasama or election supporters.

As Duterte admitted, it is only common sense not to appoint somebody “you do not trust… you have to know the person – know his character and his capacity…and his honesty.”

That is how candid Duterte can be and for a good reason.

That Robredo will pay a courtesy visit to Duterte in Davao is a gesture of respect and cooperation that is laudably appreciated. Certainly it is not about capitulation as many of her party-mates have done already.

Hopefully the meeting between Duterte and Robredo will create good rapport with both having the interest of the country and people foremost in their minds and will further enhance the growth and development needed.

Hopefully also, trust and confidence will be fostered in their relationship, all for the benefit of the country.

A Cabinet position is therefore immaterial.

As vice president, Robredo will also have her hands full with the advocacy she has been espousing all these years.

I am sure in due time Duterte will realize Robredo’s worth.



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