“Daang matuwid” (straight path) and Leni Robredo


Roxas and Robredo

Roxas and Robredo

The reason why I am writing about this is simply to negate, like many people otherwise believe, that the Liberal Party’s (LP) advocacy and chanting of “daang matuwid” was key to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo’s winning the vice presidential race.

LP’s presidential bet Mar Roxas was so transfixed about the “daang matuwid” mantra that he never failed to mention it when he was campaigning believing that it was the best and convincing vehicle that will catapult him to the presidency.

But why did Roxas failed to capture the imagination of the voting public as being an effective leader with his “daang matuwid” incantation, while Robredo succeeded in capturing the vice presidential plum?

I suppose Robredo knew from the very start that the party’s abracadabra, which Roxas often crooned for recall purposes, was not magical enough to translate to votes that she herself seldom intoned it.

What Robredo did instead was try to sell herself, her skills and competence while baring that her heart was for public service, especially for the marginalized sector. It helped being the widow wife of the late and beloved former DILG secretary Jesse Robredo, but she stood head and shoulder over the rest of the vice presidential with her honesty, sincerity, calmness under pressure, intelligence and incorruptibility. What endeared her even more to the public was when she showed spunk in attacking her closest rival, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., when the latter arrogantly said that there was nothing to apologize over the odious deeds of his father when martial law was imposed.

“Daang matuwid” did not come as a holistic advocacy. It would have made a whole lot of difference if the Aquino administration, which Roxas was trying to praise to high heavens and promise to continue, has not disappointed and dismayed many Filipinos for the fiascos committed, which includes, to mention a few, the state of the mass transportation system, the Mamasapano massacre, and the Yolanda tragedy.

Robredo understood that advocating “daang matuwid” is relative and will not work especially if parlayed into votes.

I am not saying that Filipinos are getting to be wise and intelligent voters now.

We may have voted for DU30 and Robredo to be our leaders because both can bring about change in the next 12 years, but how idiotic can we be to have made Manny Pacquiao senator of the realm?


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