Duterte presidency has no opposition


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

This is how the Rodrigo Duterte presidency is starting to appear.

It looks like every politician worth his salt regardless of his political affiliation seems to embrace the changes going to be made by the incoming president that they are not hesitating in joining Duterte’s brand of politics.

After having governments administered by traditional politicians all these years, or at least during the post-martial law regime, the people, most especially the politicians have come to realize that it takes Duterte’s style of iron-hand, no-nonsense leadership needed to fight corruption, drugs and criminality – all evils that that have plagued the political, economic and social life of the nation – which made the country poorer and the lives of people miserable.

Many have been impressed by the way Duterte transformed Davao City from a lawless city to one who many attest is very clean, peaceful and livable place

It is for this reason, among many other out-of- the-box solutions to the country’s problem that Duterte has declared he would do, that the incoming president won overwhelmingly in the presidential race.

His determined and fearless stand on issues that matter most to the nation and the Filipinos, which translates to political will, is what has endeared him to the citizenry who are supporting his every move.

Even the Catholic Church has been warned this early not to interfere in the affairs of the State, but rather both the Church and State must respect its separate existence and functions or power.

So, since everybody seems to be for Duterte, who or what political party will stand up against him?

Although opportunists from the once formidable Liberal Party (LP) have been flocking and joining with Duterte’s PDP-Laban political bandwagon some, like vice presidential hopeful (canvassing of votes still going on as I write, thus, the word hopeful) Leni Robredo and perhaps Sen. Frank Drilon and a few others loyal to the party will remain as members of the minority party.

But what can they really do as members of the opposition against the muscle of the ruling party?


2 comments on “Duterte presidency has no opposition

  1. Maricel says:

    It scares me to even think we are a month away from taking the brunt of this revolutionary government. Not that I’ve something to be scared of but the bone-chilling gut feel tells me I should prepare myself for something.

    • quierosaber says:

      I understand your concern, but I try to look at it differently and in the context of how history will judge the man if he does another Marcos. I would like to believe that he is more sensible and less power hungry than the despot was during his time. My apprehensions lie more on what kind of relationship we will have with the outside world.

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