Restoring death penalty under Duterte


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

Not in office yet but president-elect Rodrigo Duterte seems to be readying his administration’s initial plans in effecting positive change in the country, as promised, so that once installed in their respective appointed positions everyone in the Cabinet will hit the ground running and working in sync with one another.

It was reported that during a press conference in Davao City, Duterte disclosed his basic plans for the country as follows:

  • Control drugs and crime
  • Suppress crime in his first 100 days
  • Increase compensation of workforce by way of allowances
  • No more licensing of heavy firearms, only rifles, shotguns and short firearms will be allowed
  • Restore death penalty for heinous crimes (rape with death of victim, kidnapping with ransom, robbery with homicide)
  • Issuance of clearances by government agencies within 72 hours
  • No more “lakbay-aral”
  • No more deploying of barangay “tanods”
  • Mandatory curfew for minors, arrest parents due to neglect of duties
  • No drinking alcoholic beverages in public places
  • Create a Department of Overseas Workers
  • Order arrest of illegal recruiters
  • No collections of any kind for students in public schools
  • Taxi drivers must have loose change at all times
  • Call for truce and consider release of all political prisoners as part of confidence-building

These ideas are very encouraging to start with if only to curve immediately the rampaging criminality, drug abuse and corruption while instilling discipline and social conscience among Filipinos.

What I see, however, that will generate a lot of uproar from some sectors, but most especially from the Catholic Church officials, is the plan to restore the death penalty for heinous crimes.

Many will argue that putting heinous criminals to death is not and will never be a deterrent in solving crimes.

Well, let us put it this way. More and more influential criminals find their way to the calaboose but how do you see them really? Are they repentant or they continue to be great menace to society? With outrageous crimes being committed in any manner shape and form that goes sometimes unsolved, are you going to wait that a member of your family becomes a victim? You don’t even have to go far. Look where the supply of drugs is coming from? Under the corrupt noses of jail officials these criminal don’t simply continue to be drug lords but they lord it over them while pretending to be oblivious of what is happening under their watch.

What I am just saying is that Duterte is a different animal who does things that goes against the thread of social fabric at times and exhibits political will to do things that other leaders shy away from or, to put it bluntly are scared, just so people can live their lives peacefully.

Scared especially of the Church, that is, for political reasons!

We voted for Duterte because we want change.

Let him do the job he promised the people he would do to improve their lives and let the Church stay away from some of the plans the State has for the people.

That is all there is to it.

Let me know what you think

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