Quiboloy and Duterte


Duterte and Quiboloy

Duterte and Quiboloy

Many would probably believe that because Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has been ridiculously declaring himself the “Appointed Son of God’ before the members of the church he founded called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, which numbers around six million worldwide  –  four million in the Philippines and two million from various countries abroad  –  that he was singularly instrumental in making his close friend Davao Mayor and president-elect Rodrigo Duterte win the presidency.

Whatever connection Quiboloy has with the All-Seeing Eye in Heaven is simply a product of his own fertile imagination, thus, one can’t say therefore that Duterte has become the ‘Appointed President of the Philippines’ because of Quiboloy’s intercession.

It is the cry and collective prayers of many Filipinos, rich, middle class and poor, here and abroad that interceded to God to stop prolonging the miserable life of most of the citizenry and the uncertain future of the country brought about by the straight path advocacy of the Aquino administration, and to effect instead a constructive and sustainable change that will see the country move forward to progress with majority of Filipinos living better lives while reducing the number of oversea workers.

Merciful as we know God to be and woeful as Filipinos are in God’s eyes, He finally granted us our wish and gave the country Duterte as our leader. Not only that. God also made sure that Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo would prevail in the vice presidential race to compliment Duterte’s character.

That Quiboloy was able to convince his followers/citizens of the Kingdom Nation to vote for Duterte, while providing the latter the amenities of aerial services to bring him around in his election sorties has been a big help in Duterte’s victory. For this the nation will be forever grateful.

That Duterte’s winning margin against his closest rival is over six million votes, and counting, speaks volume of the power of prayers implored by Filipinos of all denominations who want tangible change and relief from the yoke of despair they had been carrying all these godforsaken years.

Deliverance at last – well, hopefully!


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