Poe defeated by her inflated ego


Sen. Grace Poe

Sen. Grace Poe

Sometimes our misfortunes happen because of our own self-glorification or inflated ego as it is often described.

Take the case of Sen. Grace Poe, who, long before election time started to be coy and unpretentious. Many were wooed to her side for her simplicity and intelligence was indeed captivating.

Had she accepted the offer from the Aquino administration to run for vice president under the LP there wouldn’t have been any Leni Robredo emerging as the country’s successor of the corrupt one – Vice President Jejomar Binay. Good that the latter was left eating the dust of the other presidential bets.

Sensing perhaps that she was getting more popular than LP’s presidential candidate Mar Roxas and Binay was having problems fixing his rotten image as corrupt public official, Poe, fueled now with conceit and pride, decided to run for president instead.

While Poe may have thought of her name as the silver bullet that would help her win the presidency, where her adoptive father, the famous action star Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ), have failed, what really added to her chutzpah, which inflated more her ego, was the nudge and support she got from Sen. Francis Escudero, who at the end Poe chose to be her running mate.

The problem with Poe is that she was not perceptive enough nor she had the foresight that Roxas, despite the enormous political machinery of the LP, could never win the presidency, but she could have easily won the vice presidency had she run in tandem with Roxas. Robredo only came into the picture when Poe rejected the offer to run with Roxas.

Poe’s inflated ego even thought the entry of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won’t make a dent in her popularity among the voters, having overtaken Binay and had been ahead since in the early presidential opinion surveys of preferred candidates.

How wrong she has been!

Not only had she lost the chance to become the vice president, but she also lost in the presidential derby, all because of her inflated ego, and thanks also to the Supreme Court decision allowing her to run despite the slew of protests against her citizenship and her being a foundling.

That Roxas even garnered more votes than Poe, when the election dust settled, was not only an insult but more as a slapped on her face for her presumptuousness.

That Duterte came out more to the Filipino electorate’s liking is forever disgraceful for Poe (pun intended).


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