Marcos defeat a Divine intervention


Robredo and Marcos

Robredo and Marcos

How else could one describe Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s defeat in the vice presidential race if not that it was done by Divine intervention.

Imagine the political expediency the son of the dictator was enjoying when almost all of the presidential candidates didn’t mind at all if he was being paired with them by their respective supporters and adulators.

Certainly no one heard from any of the presidential bets their discomfort or displeasure about being associated with the Marcos name for they knew that they would also benefit by the votes of the young people who were agog by the Marcos persona.

All these promotion and publicity not only bolstered Marcos’ morale, but also seemingly give him the assurance that defeat would be impossible against any of his rivals.

It is for this reason that even if over 95% of the votes have already been counted still Marcos won’t concede his defeat to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

For sure many were praying, especially the older generation of Filipinos, for Divine intervention that never should a member of the immediate Marcos family be elected to the presidency, and not even the vice presidency for the position could only be a heartbeat away from the highest office of the land.

More so that Divine intervention was implored by many Filipinos knowing that the younger generation of voters didn’t seem to know any better about who this family is and didn’t seem to care at all about what is in the mind of the Marcoses. Their intentions are dubious at best considering that they feel they have a score to settle with the government for what it took away from them – their hidden wealth.

The older Filipinos can’t seem to enlighten the minds of the younger generation nor history been successful enough in convincing that the Marcoses are far from being our leaders again. Relying on social media alone don’t paint the true picture about the evil deeds of this despicable family. Give them power and control again and it will be to the nation’s detriment.

For those who were blinded and ignored the admonition of the elders, the all-seeing eye in heaven made others, and many more Filipinos, realize that Robredo is a much competent leader to take after President Duterte’s reign six years from now and a much better person to work with the president-elect in solving the nation’s problems and assuring the citizenry of the sustainability of the positive change everyone wants to happen under the Duterte administration.  Both are honest and selfless.

Let not the villainous ones, like the Marcoses, underestimate the power of prayers, especially if done sincerely, profoundly and collectively for the nation and the greater number of Filipinos.

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