Roxas’ call for united front against DU30 was wishful thinking


Roxas, Duterte, Poe

Roxas, Duterte, Poe

Now it can be said that president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s thrashing of Mar Roxas and Grace Poe in the polls was not only indicative of his popularity and leadership-acceptance by the Filipino people, but also a testimony that even if they have joined forces and any one of them favored the other to defeat Duterte it would have been nothing but an exercise in futility.

In fact it would have shamed anyone of them even more had the invitation of Roxas to Poe was accepted by the latter so they could agree on a common candidate and pull together their resources, including LP’s political machinery, to trounce Duterte.

The thought that their joining of forces would gain anyone the votes needed to catch up with Duterte’s increasing lead in the surveys was all wishful thinking.

Such ridiculous and desperate idea concocted by Roxas would have left him even more behind Duterte in votes garnered because I am sure many of those supporting Poe would have gone to Duterte and not to the unexciting Roxas.

Roxas thought that the equation would change resulting to his victory.

This is the problem that Roxas has been having with the Filipino people all along. Not feeling correctly and understanding the pulse of the Filipinos towards the quality of leader they want and they need after the bungling Aquino administration, he continued advocating the same path that did not address well the aspirations of the Filipinos.

Had Roxas disassociated himself from the Aquino Administration after he was intentionally and disrespectfully kept out of the loop during the Mamasapano massacre and fought relentlessly against the corruptive ways of the administration, the way he was ferociously attacking his presidential rivals during debates and campaign sorties, he would have had the chance to make a difference for the country and the people would have supported him in his run for the presidency. Unfortunately, Roxas has never been his own man under the Aquino administration.

But that is water under the bridge now.

Hail to the new chief, DU30!


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