Victims of our own folly


election1As the May 9 national election draws near one can’t help feeling anxious about how it would be for the country and the Filipino people for the next six years.

Lately I had been voicing my opinion that the vice presidential race is more important /significant than the presidential race.

I had been very vocal about my support for Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo. As vice president she embodies the competence and character of one who can be relied upon to protect the interest of the people, whether or not she gets along well whoever the president-elect is

It has been encouraging and reassuring lately that Vice President Jejomar Binay is now lagging behind in the surveys among the preferred presidential candidates.

What seems to be appearing is a three- cornered fight between Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Grace Poe and LP standard bearer Mar Roxas, with the balance tilting in favor of Duterte.

There does not seem to be a negative issue that could derail Duterte’s steady rise in popularity even when he keeps spewing profanities that makes him less presidential in words and deeds, not to mention that he is being accused now of not truthfully declaring his wealth and in fact branded as another Binay – a corrupt public official.

It behooves upon us all to make the right choice in electing a president, but if the die is cast for Duterte, as it appears it is, and because of him the country will go once more to the dogs, then we, the people, have only ourselves to blame.

It is only in voting for Robredo that we can be assured of a saving grace.

If Duterte it is, then at least Robredo is there to allay fears of uncertainty that the country and its people may be facing.

One thing sure is that this country can never rise again if and when, God forbids, it is mired by Duterte’s leadership and especially if the people have chosen Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr to be the vice president.

Like electing boxing champion Manny Pacquiao senator of the realm to craft laws for the country, we, the people have only ourselves to blame for putting the country in mess again if we elect the wrong candidates to be our leaders.

At the end we become victims of our own folly.


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